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  Scribe's Contest I
Posted by: Admiral - 10-19-2014 02:49 PM - Replies (30)

Titan Wargames Presents: The 1st Scribe's Contest writing competition on Chaos Dwarfs Online!

We are pleased to announce that this Scribe's Contest has been sponsored by Titan Wargames! There will be one prize of the unpainted character model Baggronor the Mighty for the Gold winner:

"The minds of the mysterious slavers and blacksmiths of the Dark Lands may be glimpsed through their words, be they songs, sayings or everyday speech. Those are glimpses of a world of cruelty, oppression and blind obedience, maniac inventions, toil and a ruthless drive for power where the supernatural is just one resource amongst many to be exploited. They hint of a world of mysticism, terror and devotion. They are witnesses of a world where gods and Daemons are as real as the tools, weapons and whips handled by the Chaos Dwarfs.

These are the words of the Blacksmiths of Chaos."

Subject Matter: Chaos Dwarf Infamous Quotes
The theme for this writing competition is infamous quotes. According to Wikipedia, "quotation is the repetition of someone else's statement or thoughts". We want you to invent and write 1-3 quotes made by, or concerning, Chaos Dwarfs. These could be your army general's speech to his troops; a curse on your favourite enemy; the last words of a Dawi Zharr; a slave, foreigner or Hobgoblin speaking about Chaos Dwarfs; or something else entirely.

Note that infamous quotes by, or concerning Hobgoblins will be a later contest theme. This time, focus on Chaos Dwarfs, though quotes by Hobgoblins speaking about Chaos Dwarfs are of course allowed.

Quotes are not to be confused with popular proverbs (which are a theme for a later contest).

Writing Rules
The word limit for each entry is 10-300 words in total. You may write 1-3 quotes within this boundary.

Quotes are to be written in this format:

"Johnny stole an apple."
- Billy

"Gorhak whipped the wretch and tore the limbs from its body. Then he burnt it atop the Father's pyre in sight of His mighty idols!"
- Barukimbul Thunderskull, following the maiming of Urkak Stuntystompa and the defeat of Da Bloo Waaagh!

All entries are to be written "in-universe", meaning no lines about D6s or green stuff are allowed. See the General Rules & Guidelines.

Please spellcheck your entry before submission. Even so, to help even the field for the non-native English speakers, Admiral may correct grammar and spelling mistakes within the limits of his grasp of the English language.

Inspiration Sources
Anything can be your inspiration, including your latest tabletop game. See the General Rules & Guidelines, and the Chaos Dwarf Quotes list. (You are not allowed to copy someone else's work!)

Please read the full rules and guidelines that apply to the Scribe's Contest competition before submitting your entry!

Deadline: 11:59 PM Nov 9th 2014 EST (Eastern Standard Timezone)
Submit your entry by PM to the Scribe account before the deadline. Entries will not be accepted after that date and time regardless of how cool your submission is. (You have around 3 weeks to complete your entry.)

If for some reason you are having trouble with your submission, contact one of the Staff before the deadline. In order to avoid problems, we strongly advise entrants not wait until the very last minute to submit their entries... As things can and do go wrong at the last minute. Please do not send entries to individual Admin or Staff members to submit on your behalf as they may not check their PMs!

How to Enter
Write one to three Chaos Dwarf quotes, invented by you, and send a PM to Scribe (a special user that all Staff have access to) containing the quotes. The moderator organizing the contest will then check the inbox one or a few days before deadline and verify to each entrant that their submission was received.

If you win
- Take your place in the upcoming Scribe's Contest Hall of Fame (to be created after this competition), where your glory will be remembered for years to come.
- Receive the Scribe's Contest medal for your online persona:
- Everyone who enters gets a number of slaves equal to the number of entries. If 40 people enter we award 40 slaves to each person who entered.
- If you win Gold, you'll win a character model prize, courtesy of Titan Wargames.

Entries will count towards a participation medal, which is the simpler Scribe's Contest equivalent of Artisan's Contest and Golden Hat veteran medals.

As usual once all entries are received a voting thread will be created. If there are any questions please PM me, another Staff member or post them here.

Subject Matter: Infamous quotes by, or concerning, Chaos Dwarfs.
Deadline: 11:59 PM 9th of November 2014 EST (Eastern Standard Timezone)

If any forum members would like to aid Scribe's Contest by donating models or other materials as prizes for future competitions, feel free to contact myself or one of the Staff to help sort out details.

Now, carve your tablet. Sharpen your pen and dip it in fresh slave blood, for Hashut demands words!

The Staff

  Golden Hat XXI - Winners!
Posted by: Admiral - 10-08-2014 04:08 AM - Replies (24)

Golden Hat XXI - Warmachine Slaves Theme

"By Hashut we will break their backs and crush both will and soul. For the slave there is only horror and torment and toil. Now... Fire!"

We had a great turnout of entries, with submissions spanning whole slave-crewed warmachine parks down to individual slave crew members. It was astounding to see all the excellent results churned out of the Dawi Zharr forges. Undoubtedly the lot of warmachine slaves is a brutal and backbreaking one, as evident in these fantastic entries! Takes Hat off

And the winners are:

    <1       <2       <3

1st Place - Golden Hat Winner: Entry #10 - Fuggit Khan
2nd Place - Silver Hat Winner: Entry #7 - BABIS
3rd Place - Bronze Hat Winner: Entry #1 - Abecedar

And a couple of honourable mentions to Entry #8 - Herby and Entry #9 - Bloodbeard, who both were but 2 votes away from bronze!

The entry key!
You can share your love for each entry by donating slaves to the owners of the entries!

01 - Abecedar
02 - Kamphre
03 - TheHoodedMan
04 - Zanko
05 - torn
06 - MadHatter
07 - BABIS
08 - Herby
09 - Bloodbeard
10 - Fuggit Khan
11 - Sticklander

Slaves and medals are coming! torn has now earned his Bronze Veteran medal!

And now for the prizes!

Congratulations to Fuggit Khan, who wins a flayman of his choice! To be sculpted and posted by Admiral.

And congratulations to MadHatter, who wins the randomly drawn 3rd edition Mortar prize! Donated by Fuggit Khan. Perhaps this is the day to win the lottery as well?

A big "thanks" to everyone who participated and voted, as well as a big thanks to Fuggit Khan for his prize donation!

And that's it for this round of Golden Hat. Now let's see the participants' entries in the blogs. Wink

The Staff

  Golden Hat XXI - Voting!
Posted by: Admiral - 10-01-2014 02:39 AM - Replies (34)

Welcome to the voting thread for the 21st Golden Hat modeling and painting competition!

"The sweat of slaves and blood of thralls will be the lubricant of our warmachinery. To foes, destruction; to slaves, damnation; to Hashut, domination. Unleash hell!"

How to vote:
Please submit 3 numbers as votes by sending a PM to the Golden Hat account (a special account all Staff members can access). We had 11 entries this time, which means each entrant will receive 11 slaves once the winners have been announced. Also, because there were more than 10 entries, there will be Gold, Silver, and Bronze Golden Hat medals to be awarded!

Each (more or less) anonymous entry is numbered ranging from 1 to 11. There is no need to specify which one you think is 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Simply list the three that you like and we will do the rest. Remember that the slave crew is the focus of this contest.

Voting will close at 11:59 PM Oct 7th, 2014 EST (Eastern Standard Timezone).   Once the votes are tallied we will post the results.

    <1     <2     <3     <4     <5     <6
    <7     <8     <9     <10      <11

Remember, the gold winner will receive a free flayman of any Warhammer race up to Orc size chosen by the winner, to be sculpted and posted by Admiral. Also, one random lucky entrant will win a set of 3rd edition Chaos Dwarf mortar with crew, donated by Fuggit Khan!

Great job everyone and good luck!
The Staff

  Golden Hat XXI
Posted by: Admiral - 08-03-2014 03:33 AM - Replies (118)

Welcome to the 21st Golden Hat competition!

"Horns and tusks, unrest 'mongst the thralls! Watch out for slave rebellion and keep on loading that Hellcannon's soulfurnace with Goblins..."

Subject Matter: Slavery and Warmachines
For this Golden Hat contest we want more warmachine slaves! This could range from solitary slave crewmembers, such as Dreadquake Mortar slave Ogres; through Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers; to artillery or Tenderizers crewed entirely by the lowliest of slaves. It is as such a theme with a relatively free scope for your creativity.

Entries will consist of one or more warmachine slave crew members. Optional composition considerations: Inclusion of the associated warmachine for the slave(s) is entirely optional in the entry photos.  Furthermore, although the focus of the entry must be on the slave models, a maximum of one Chaos Dwarf or Bull/Boar Centaur model may also be included in the entry, if desired (see below).  

Aside from slave crew for warmachines there is no limitation on warmachines from a particular army list and entrants may take their queue from any source, including creating and painting crew for a warmachine of their own design.

Any number of slave-crewed warmachines may be part of your entry. If you choose to enter more than one warmachine into the contest, then the maximum amount of Chaos Dwarfs/Centaurs is raised to one extra Chaos Dwarf or Bull/Boar Centaur per warmachine after the first one, though the slaves should still thoroughly outnumber their overlords.

If you are unsure if your entry will fit the subject matter, please contact Admiral and he'll sort it out with the rest of the staff.

Regarding monstrous warmachines: Since monstrous warmachines have been a part of the Chaos Dwarf image since 3rd edition (revived partially with 6th edition's Daemonsmithing and Hellcannon), participants are allowed to make their warmachines into Daemonic monsters should they wish, but for such entries you must ask Admiral if your entry will fit the warmachine theme of the contest. He will sort it out arbitrarily, or with the staff if necessary. This is because the line between monstrous warmachines and plain monsters can be a fine one indeed to tread. Such elements as restraining chains; a monster spitting fire; or a cannon barrel protruding from gut or maw will be viewed favourably. This miniature, being so commonly used for Hellcannons, will be accepted even without conversion work. Regardless of how monstrous you choose to make your warmachine, the focus of the contest is still on the slaves and their plight in life.

Basing is unrestricted and up to your discretion with the following exception: Display bases and plinths are not allowed, though diorama bases are allowed for entries featuring a warmachine.

Subject: Artillery slave(s)
The Due Date: 11:59 PM September 30th, 2014 EST (Eastern Standard Timezone)

Please read the full rules that apply to the Golden Hat competition before submitting your entry.

All entries must be sent to the Golden Hat account no later than the due date. Entries will not be accepted after this. (Entrants have ~8 weeks to complete entries). If for some reason you are having trouble with your submission, contact one of the Staff. In order to avoid problems, entrants should not wait until the last minute to submit their entries.

How to Enter
Upload up to 4 photos of your entries to the Internet. Photos may not have additional text or items/models unrelated to your entry.  Next, send a PM to Golden Hat (a special user that all Staff have access to) containing the links where the pictures can be found. (Note: This is the same as previous Golden Hats).

If you win:
- Walk across the backs of the cowed masses you have scorned and pushed aside, in order to take your place in the vaunted Golden Hat Hall of Fame.
- Receive the Golden Hat medal for your online persona (As with previous Golden Hats; if there are more then 10 entrants the silver and bronze Golden Hat Medals will be awarded as well).
- Everyone who enters gets a number of slaves equal to the number of entries. If 20 people enter we award 20 slaves to each person who entered. Entries will count towards a veteran medal.
- Win a flayman! See below for details.

Once all entries are received a thread will be created for voting and determining the winners!

If there are any questions it is best post them here so that everyone can benefit from any details or clarifications that may arise.

The winner of the contest will have 1 unpainted flayed enemy of the Chaos Dwarfs converted by Admiral after the contest. It will be based on a 20x40 or 25x50 base, and posted on his expense to the winner's address. The base size of the "flayman" is the winner's choice, as is the enemy's race in question, though it may not be larger than an Orc, Gor or Saurus. Also be careful with your choice, since not every man-sized creature will make a good-looking "flayman"! The winner will be contacted about the prize via PM after Artisan's Contest XV is over.

Also, one random entrant will receive a set of 3rd edition Chaos Dwarf mortar with crew from Fuggit Khan!

Should you wish to donate a prize to the contest, please PM Admiral about it and he'll sort it out with you and the Staff.

Good luck everyone!
The Staff

  Artisan's Contest XV - Winners!
Posted by: Admiral - 07-25-2014 02:57 AM - Replies (13)

Congratulations to Fuggit Khan, Abecedar and Bloodbeard, our Gold, Silver and Bronze Artisan's Contest XV winners!

Each entrant will receive a number of slaves equal to the number of entries, in this case 7. Now, get out that whip!

Some of you are likely wondering which was which, so here are the entrants:
Entry #1 Abecedar
Entry #2 torn
Entry #3 Fuggit Khan
Entry #4 Herby
Entry #5 MadHatter
Entry #6 Bloodbeard
Entry #7 Skink

Congratulations to everyone, and well done on the entries! They turned out as varied and rich as the Chaos Dwarf community itself. This was reflected in the voting, which was relatively even across the field. The Gold winner will be contacted regarding the prize.

Medals and slaves have been handed out by Nicodemus.

Stay tuned! As you all know, Golden Hat XXI is around the corner. Hold on to your hats and beard coils, and watch out for slave rebellions!

The Staff

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