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  Silver Demon won by Ravenswood with Magma Cannon!
Posted by: Admiral - 10-03-2018 10:35 AM - Replies (7)

Ravenswood Has Won A Silver Demon!

Hip hip hooray for Ravenswood! Many of us have followed his brilliant painting progress through the realm of Hashut over the years, and now he is reaping renown in the Golden Demon painting competition. Behold the silver winning entry, an exquisite Magma Cannon!

Find out more here about this miniature paintjob which earned him silver.

Stellar work, Ravenswood! Takes Hat off

The Staff

Also on CDO: GH XXXI

  Golden Hat XXXI
Posted by: Nicodemus - 09-22-2018 12:17 AM - Replies (19)

Warcolours presents...

We did it first, we still do it best: The Flaming Taurus!

Subject Matter: The Flaming Taurus (what ever you imagine that to be)

As with past Golden Hat competitions, this is a modeling and painting competition.

The entry an be anything you like.  It may be a single model of any size, it may be two models locked in a duel, it may be a unit, multiple units, a warmachine, or perhaps your vision of "The Flaming Taurus" is the local pub in old Zharr Naggrund where filthy hard-working folk gather to drink and trade tall tales of their slave hordes and latest exploits at the forge!

You can convert or model your own figure(s), or use any existing model(s) from any miniatures range (maybe the recently released Blazing Taurus for that other army should be shown its new home in your army? Just make sure it is fully painted and hasn't been shown in its completed state before (although WIP shots of any conversion or modeling work are welcome in the submission photos).

The choice is unrestricted, so you may choose to go with a diorama style, a plinth, or any other sort of base - or no base at all.

Please read the full rules that apply to the Golden Hat competition before submitting your entry.


The gold winner will receive a €30 store coupon from Warcolours! Courtesy of Poison...

...and likewise the gold winner will receive a kit of Pantry Produce Set - Twisting Catacombs from Zealot Miniatures:

The silver winner will win 10 Sons of Adramelech with hand weapon and shields plus command group, courtesy of Werewoolf Miniatures and shipped by Bloodbeard!


While the bronze winner will get to pick something from Thingiverse or a suchlike source and have it printed for them by Kamphre, as long as it's not too big for his 3D-printer!

And finally, one random entrant will get to claim a Tjubling Skull Mask Command Group!

When is the deadline?
We are going with the same deadline as previous Golden Hats; send all entries to the Golden Hat account no later 11:59 PM Nov 16th, 2018 EST (Eastern Standard Timezone). Entries will not be accepted after that date and time regardless of how cool your submission is. (You have around 8 weeks to complete your entry)

If for some reason you are having trouble with your submission, contact one of the Staff before the deadline. In order to avoid problems, we strongly advise entrants not wait until the very last minute to submit their entries... As things can and do go wrong. Please do not send entries to individual Admin or Staff members to submit on your behalf as they may not check their PMs!

How to Enter
Upload up to 4 photos of your entries to the internet.  Next, send a PM to Golden Hat (a special user that all Staff have access to) containing the links where the pictures can be found. (Note: This is the same as previous Golden Hats).

If you win:
- Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals will be awarded.
- Take your place in the Golden Hat Hall of Fame.
- Receive the Golden Hat medal for your online persona *
- Stay tuned over the first few days of the competition too for news of prizes for this GH! More news to come.
- Everyone who enters gets a number of slaves equal to the number of entries. If 10 people enter we award 10 slaves to each person who entered.

Entries will count towards a veteran medal.

As usual once all entries are received a voting thread will be created. If there are any questions please PM me, another Staff member or post them here.

Subject Matter:  The Flaming Taurus
Due Date: 11:59 PM Nov 16th, 2018 EST (Eastern Standard Timezone)


  Artisan's Contest XXV - Winners!
Posted by: Admiral - 09-14-2018 04:09 AM - Replies (11)

Harder! Harder!

Zanko Presents: Winners of Artisan's Contest XXV!

Slave Flesh

We had a whole bunch of great entries this time around, with submissions spanning from slave labour camps, through monster slaves to rock concerts! Voting was even. It was very nice to see all these weird and wonderful slavery creations! Takes Hat off

And the winners are:




1st Place: Entry #7 - Zanthrax!
2nd Place: Entry #5 - Kamphre!
3rd Place: Entry #3 - Abecedar!

And an honourable mention to Uther the Unhinged, who trailed bronze by two votes!

The entry key!
You can share your love for each entry by donating slaves to the owners of the entries!

01 - Uther the Unhinged
02 - Zanko
03 - Abecedar
04 - tjub
05 - Kamphre
06 - Will Liam
07 - Zanthrax

Slaves and medals are coming! Should you have earned a new Veteran's Medal (gained at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 main contests entered), please contact us and link us all your entries in all previous Golden Hat and Artisan's Contest competitions (note: Scribe's Contest does not count towards this purpose, but have its own Veteran Scribe's Medal).

And now for the prizes!

Zanthrax wins  a unit of Russian Alternative Goblin Wolfriders, courtesy of Zanko!

While Kamphre wins 4 Deathspitter Blunderbusses!

And Abecedar wins 2 15mm Tjubling Blunderbuss Extras!

A big "thanks" to everyone who participated and voted, as well as a big thanks to Zanko for his prize donation!

And that's it for this round of Artisan's Contest, folks. Now let's see the participants' entries in the blogs. Wink

Next up, Golden Hat!

The Staff

  Artisan's Contest XXV - Voting!
Posted by: Admiral - 09-07-2018 03:45 AM - Replies (10)

"Back to work!"

Welcome to the voting thread for the 25th Artisan's Contest!

Slave Flesh

How to vote:
Please submit 3 numbers as votes by sending a PM to the Staff account (a special account all Staff members can access). We had 7 entries this time, which means each entrant will receive 7 slaves once the winners have been announced.

Each (more or less) anonymous entry is numbered ranging from 1 to 7. There is no need to specify which one you think is 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Simply list the three that you like and we will do the rest. You are not allowed to vote for yourself.

Voting will close at 11:59 PM September 13th, 2018 EST (Eastern Standard Timezone).   Once the votes are tallied we will post the results.

Entry 1

Entry 2

Entry 3

Entry 4

Entry 5

Entry 6

Entry 7

Remember, there are quite a lot of prizes up for grabs!

Great job everyone and good luck!
The Staff

  Artisan's Contest  XXV
Posted by: Admiral - 07-24-2018 04:44 AM - Replies (26)

"Break out the whip!"

Zanko Presents: Artisan's Contest XXV!

Slave Flesh

The goal here is to make some slaves for your Chaos Dwarf collection! People can enter with any number of slave models, but note that ordinary Hobgoblins do not count as slaves for the purposes of this contest (they're rather a privileged middlemen slave caste). Slaves can come in virtually any shape and size, be it Gnoblar, Goblins, Orcs, Manlings, Ogres, Giants, bound Asscannons or weirder still: They can be gladiatorial fighters, labourers, sacrificial victims, cannon fodder, sentient beasts of burden, unwilling mutilated body part donators locked up in a Daemonsmith's cage like a bird with clipped wings (a fate especially prone for Elves, due to their flesh's value as alchemical ingredients, see Tamurkhan), or something else entirely. Likewise, you are welcome to include slavedrivers (whether Chaos Dwarf or Hobgoblin, or something else) to keep your slaves attentive.

You are welcome to make a diorama out of your entry, if you wish, e.g. having a monstrous slave or a whole gang of lesser slaves hauling bagage or towing a war machine; or toiling in a mine; or hard at working digging out in the field; or being blasted apart, drowned or crushed in an industrial accident;  or having dozens of slaves carry an oversized throne for a Chaos Dwarf overlord during a parade; or having slaves thrown into molten metal or scorched upon a fire altar; or having living slaves disembowelled for scrying in their intestines; or polishing their master's  vaunted big hat; or rising in revolt against their oppressors; or being auctioned off at the slave market; or sitting in cramped cages or chained up in tight slave barracks; or something else entirely. The sky is the limit!

The CDO Staff won't be picky with what entries are accepted. Instead we expect voters to reward those entries which play to the spirit of the contest theme, as is usually the case.

Still, if you are unsure whether your entry will meet the requirements please PM Admiral.


Zanko will reward the gold a kit of resin Goblin Wolfriders from the Russian Alternative!

While the silver winner will carry home a kit of 4 Deathspitter Blunderbusses of Ancient Times, sculpted by Jon Horsleben:

The bronze winner will get a little kit of 2 Tjubling Blunderbuss Extras, courtesy of Tjub:

Should you wish to donate a prize to the contest, please PM Admiral and he will sort it out with you and the Staff.


The deadline for the submission of entries is September 6th 2018 at 11:59pm EST.

Rules of the Competition

Each member may only enter once.

Model and paint slave models.

Bases or no bases are up to you.

Submissions should include up to four pictures. No overlaid words of explanation or photoshop effects in your submitted photos please.

You may not submit pictures of a model that have been entered into other online competitions or posted in a finished state before.

Don't post your entries in the forum before the contest is over.

See also the General Rules & Guidelines.

How to Enter?

Submit your entry by sending a PM to Staff (a special user that all Staff have access to) with four photos of your entry. Please do not send an e-mail to any of the admin or staff accounts as this is a sure fire way to have your entry missed.

Please note that your entry will benefit if the photos are all clearly composed, since voters will base their judgement upon what they can see in the pictures on their computer screens.

How will this be judged?

Sometime after the due date we will post all entries to a new thread and voting can commence!

Good luck everyone!
The Staff

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