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Full Version: Artisan's Contest XI Voting Thread
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Presented below are the 9 entries we received for Artisan's Contest XI.

How to vote
Choose your favourite entry and select it in the poll above.

This is a 10 day timed poll, after which it will automatically close and we will start a new thread to officially announce the winner.  As there were less than 10 entries there will only be a gold medal awarded.

The entrants will be given 9 slaves each once the winner has been announced.

Do not take into account any Sorcerer model that may be atop the Arcane Fulcrum in the photos (although models that are part of a diorama are technically allowed)!

Each entrant was allowed to submit up to 4 photos. Click an invididual image for a larger 1030x1450 pixel version.










WOW!! Some really interesting entries. Quite a variety of styles. There are too many nice ones to narrow it down. I think I will need to sleep on this one.

Good luck everyone. BTW I wasn't expecting to see 9 entries, I thought there would a lot less than that, but I am glad that there were 9, great effort.
Oh, some very, very nice stuff in there.

It`ll be a hard choice to made to chose between the 8 entries (yes, i know there are 9, but I prefer to not vote for myself)

Add least I am momentarily on the front page of the site now teeheeeheee
Some real cool and interesting stuff to see here! Cheers!

Great work guys! Takes Hat off

I have no favourite so I'm really curious who will win this contest! Shock

It looks like we have an early favorite/favourite.
Fantastic entries everyone! A massive well done to all!
I'd say it's almost no contest at this stage!

.. now I wonder who the creator could have been?? Hmmm!   Tongue

Nicodemus Wrote:
I'd say it's almost no contest at this stage!

... yep, it's a swedish one man show! Wink


I'd be very interested to see what he used for the chains...
I thing just chains glued together but well now later. Oh and this "Landslide" is well deserved I might think.
Good entrants, but those chains made it simpler to vote. The first entry would have got my vote had the exterior matched the high level of the interior.
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