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Full Version: Painting Contest at the Chamber of the Everchosen!
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Our friends at the Chamber of the Everchosen are having a painting contest. You can even enter a Chaos Dwarf! The winner gets a free battalion.

Read more here:

Get your paint brushes ready! We’re out to find the best painted Chaos Lord on the web!

Entry period – Nov 1st to Dec 1st 2011

A battalion of your choice from Games Workshop - any at all, even if its not Chaos Tongue

A new title on COTEC as Master Artisan so everyone will know just how good you are!
Must be a single model entry of the Warhammer Chaos background; warrior, beast, daemon, chaos dwarf - as long as its Chaos anything goes; so let your imagination go wild!

A single model is defined as on foot, mounted (chariots, monsters etc.) or in a mini diorama, as long as its not a unit and the one model is the focus of attention - remember you've only got a month to paint up!

Example: A Chaos Lord ripping through imperial troops or accompanied by a set of guards - as long as its the Chaos Lord who is the main attraction - not a regiment of troops.

Photos entered must have a hand written note with COTEC written on it in the background or near the base - somewhere; to validate the entry as your own work

Please submit only one photo as your entry.

WIP and other photos i.e. different angles, of your entry should be posted in the Painting thread - save the best pic for the entry submition.

Open to any and all contesters out there – you just need a valid COTEC account to submit your entry (Check the forum News sections on November 1 to see where you can post your entry!)

The entries will be put on COTEC and the members allowed to vote on their favourite model for a week from Dec 2nd – Dec 9th

The Winner will be announced Dec 10th and notified via PM and email.

Hmmm...might finally paint up my Exalted Hero BSB on jugger...
meh i'll just steal my 1 of my brothers poorly painted dudes that he never looks at, because hes got a chaos terminator lord.

ooor, i could just use mine and not have to take his and suffer his big brother wrath.... yeah i think i'll just use mine....
Great, I'll paint up a CD or a Nurgle Sorcerer for it.
just got a sorcerer lord mounted on a lammasu, I might use that one.
I might try to sculpt a battle standard bearer... Dunno if BC or CD!
hmmm... I do have that dragon Evil idea
Yikes... too open-ended for the likes of me. Best of luck to the CDO crew who get involved!!

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