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Full Version: Artisan's Contest XI Winner
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The results of the poll are in - tjub is the undisputed winner for the Gold Artisan's medal (entry 4)!!  Well done tjub!

Entry Key:
Entry 1 - Nicodemus
Entry 2 - Zanko
Entry 3 - Caine
Entry 4 - tjub
Entry 5 - Lord Aldades
Entry 6 - Abecedar
Entry 7 - G.2
Entry 8 - Pagarus
Entry 9 - Alfract

Very well done everyone, congratulations to all who entered, tjub in particular!  Now get out there with your arcane fulcrums and your Chaos Dwarf armies and play some Storm of Magic!!

As there were only 9 entries only a Gold metal is awarded.  Each of the entrants will receive 9 slaves for their effort - all the better to be put to work on the upcoming Golden Hat which is right around the corner!

Stay tuned while we tally up entries for consideration of Veterans Medals...

Thanks all who voted, didnt expect this at all when I entered...  With the new medal Ill look like a true Soviet hero! Takes Hat off

Great entries you guys!
Congrats Tjub! Stunning entry well deserving of the win! You had my vote and admiration!
Good work - care to share how you did the chains?

zobo1942 Wrote:
Good work - care to share how you did the chains?

Sure, Ill add it to my blog tomorrow...

Well done tjub. Nicely done. I must admit I wanted to do some stuff with "stiffened" chains. So I will be curious to see how you did yours.

I did mine with solder, but I only had one chain.

Again, well done on the win.
Well done mate.  from the very first look through the entries it had me.  the rest of the critical eye perusals only confirmed it.
Congratulations to a well deserved winner!

Now off to my blog to finally get the `build` topic rolling hehe
Well deserved....though many excellent entries...great work guys!

congratulations Tjub!

And Nico, congrats on Admin status Happy
Congrats tjub! Takes Hat off

Well done! Cheers!

Many congratulations and sorry I couldn;t get mine in! Still not even started, but I'll show it to you all! (Not that I'd have won, lol.)

Borador Wrote:
congratulations Tjub!

And Nico, congrats on Admin status Happy

Jepp, good to see that you stepped up for the job Nico! Happy

Despite the voting looking very one-sided, the standard of entries was very high - half of them could have had my vote.
Great stuff everyone , there were some very impressive entries as is usual for this site!
Congrats, Tjub. Well deserve Takes Hat off
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