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My Nun Blitzers, Sister Mary Wideload and Sister Mary Netty:
My Throwers, Sister Mary Oche and Sister 'Hail' Mary Virginia:
The catchers, Sister Mary Faith, Sister Mary Hope and Sister Mary Charity:
My LineNuns, Sister Hettra Sexual, Sister Hectomy, Sister Sledge, Sister Acttoo and Sister Opheilia Wimple:

My Cheernuns, Novice Mary Milkshake and Mother Superior Bodywork:
And finally a couple of shots of the whole team before they raise the roof of their home stadium 'St.Cuthbert's Park' :

Bought Warhammer-Legends of the Old West years ago but only recently got a few models for it. There are quite a few nice 28mm Old West figures out there but I went for some from Black Scorpion, and very nice they are too. Here's my first cowboy:

Next up will be some more cowboys and also I've just finished some skaven eat ogres.
Mexican Bandito:

My Deputy:

WIP on my marshall:
Glad you like them Bolg, Cowboys and nuns-you make me sound like I've got very strange tastes!
Next up the first pic of my Rat Ogres hopefully I'll get another couple of pics up of them soon...
As promised,a couple more pics of my rat ogres. As you can see two are from the Island of Blood box while the other i found in my bitz box. Hope you like them?

Thanks Speedy glad you like them. I've tried painting skaven a number of times but because I'm a slow detailed painter I could never get away with them. Think I've found a method that suits me now though. It's fairly quick but still gives me the level of finish I strive for whether I can keep it going for 3000pts though is another matter although I have painted an Orc and goblin army in the past!
Sorry my blogs have been so quiet for too long. I've been hooked by Flames of War (Curse you again Tjub!) and also by some historical gaming namely Napoleonics. I picked up a 2nd hand copy of Warhammer Waterloo and thought I'd give them a are my first results:
Well, first up a Gordon Highlander of the 92nd Regiment of Foot:

work has been progressing on my British Napoleonics. Finished 5 companys of my Gordon Highlanders, just got the Grenadier company to do and I will have finished the full battalion. That might have to wait though because I've started painting my KGL 1st Hussars. In the meantime though here are some photos of my highlanders:


The light company come under fire... "Officer Down!!" :

The Colonel and the Colours:

The 92nd Gordon Highlanders:

Cheers guys glad you like them. It made a change to paint something completely different. The tartan was certainly challenging!
Golly gosh didn't realize I Hadn't posted any new stuff for a couple of months!! Thanks for the birthday wishes BTW guys!
Well here are some more Napoleonics I've been busy with, 1st Battalion King's German Legion Hussars. Quite pleased with them especially as I HATE painting horses!! Oh and please check out the new blog I've started, here's the link:
Hope you like the pictures and the blog!?!

Thanks Abecedar! Yes I used to read the Sharpe books too. Yes I know what you mean... I bet a full cavalry charge was pretty spectacular...and pretty terrifying too!
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