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Agreed, the kilt is fantastic!
Love the kilt!  Well played, sir, well played.

<get it?  Scots pronounce it like that>
What an awesome idea!  Your Nuns are well done.  Great attention to detail, especially how some of the bases have the white lines on them from the field.  They look great!
ahahah! Happy Vulcanologist you really made me laughing! Cheers!
Nuns for bloodbowl is a fantastic idea! very funny and high dettail level (like the adidas logo on the shirt)
Lovely Highlanders, great painting and basing. Now some smoke coming out of those rifles and it would be THE show.
Those Skaven and nuns are good, but the highlanders are outright impressive. Also, it's a clever use of static grass clumps as blood splatter on that shot soldier.

However, I can spot some grass straws and even a small piece of gravel on the command stand miniatures.
Hi V., no news here?
Hope you got some new toys today so we can look at them, Happy BDay!
As I said on the other thread of yours, great stuff, hehe Happy
Thanks Yodrin glad you liked them!
Those of you who have read my Flames of War posts on my blog (link at the bottom of this post) will know my love for the Durham Light Infantry (DLI)

If you haven't looked at those posts, please do...there is some great history and personal accounts from members of the Regiment.

When I started painting Napoleonics, the first regiment I painted was my Gordon Highlanders. This was purely because they were the only models that my local games store had in stock! My plan quickly evolved though to try and re-create the 7th Division from the Peninsular War (specifically the Battle of Vittoria) because they included the Durham Light Infantry.

The 7th Division is actually very interesting . It was known as 'the Mongrel Division' because it contained such a mix of troops from different nationalities.

Here is my eventual planned units:

1st Brigade: Major General Barnes:            

1/6th Foot Regiment

3rd Provisional Battalion

2/24th Foot Regiment

2/58th Foot Regiment

Brunswick Oels (9 coys)

2nd Brigade: Major General Grant:

1/51st Foot Regiment

1/68th Foot Regiment

1/82nd Foot Regiment

Chasseurs Britanniques(French)

3rd Brigade:Major General Le Cor

7th Portuguese Regiment

19th Portuguese Regiment

2nd Cacadores

plus some supporting units of cavalry and artillery.

Well, that's enough of my plan, here is my finished 68th Foot (DLI)

Check out my new blog:
Wow, thats a cool looking regiment!!! Great job!!!
Thanks Yodrin, glad you like them! Haven't painted much Chaos Dwarf stuff lately but I have managed to enter this Golden Hat and I've got a Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl team in my painting queue... Another regiment of Napoleonics first though!
Oh lord, stop making my fingers itch. They look great, but I think I`ll abstain and remain true to my CDs and Steampunk.
Haha...thanks DaG...Happy I have to stop myself being lured by the next new shiney toy too!
Thanks a lot Thommy! Not really my favourite period either! I was just getting a bit bored of painting fantasy stuff and thought I'd try my hand at some historical miniatures! Picked up a box of Victrix stuff really cheap then some Perry brothers plastics. Excellent value for money I must say... paid £10 for each box containing nearly 50 figures with loads of options, painting guides, historical fluff, simple rules and paper banners...fantastic!!
Finished my first unit of British Napoleonic artillery. The 3 nine pounder guns and crew are from the Victrix box set with the addition of a couple of mounted Perry artillery captains.

              I enjoyed the change of painting blue rather than red! A few more units of Infantry are planned next and maybe another unit of cavalry.

              Comments and criticisms are most welcome as always....

Great stuff as always Wink
Thanks very much guys (and girl Happy! )
This Napoleonic bug is biting hard... nearly finished another unit of infantry and started my next unit of cavalry.... almost time to bring on Old Boney and give his Froggies a damn good thrashing... what.  (No offence intended to all my French (or Corsican!) friends here!
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