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Hi thought I'd start a second blog to showcase some of my other models and to hopefully provide an explanation to why my main blog is so woefully slow at updating! You see the trouble is i'm easily distracted by the next shiny thing (must be the magpie in footie team!) although since Discovering CDO I have become alot more disciplined. Well the thing that first attracted me to this hobby was seeing Andy Rat-Man Chambers Skaven horde in an issue of White Dwarf ( probably about 1992ish i think!?) well over the years i've tried dozens of times to get into Skaven but much as I love their models and fluff I just could never get away with painting them! However I recently treated myself to the Island of Blood boxed set so I've attempted another go at the whiskered ones! Let me know what you think..?

Some more pics of my skaven:

I'll keep an eye out for your next update. I love looking at pics of painted models (and also of painted warhammer models d: )
My first Warmachine/Hordes model.. A Trollblood Impaler:

My attempt at painting tartan! :
Nice. I love the kilt!
A close-up of the scenic base. This was my first attempt at using water effects.
Next up is my Screaming Bell....
Rat Ogre Bell Ringer:
Grey Seer:
And the diabolical Screaming Bell itself:

Thanks everyone for praising my kilt! Was quite a tricky thing to do!
Next up... Tjub inspired me to dig out some old Blood Bowl minis with his superb Dwarf team. Here's my first results... I give you 'St.Cuthbert's HolyIslanders' :
Awesome, cowboys and Nuns playing football!! love the miniatures and the paint job.
You paint exceptionally well Vulcanologist.  I especially like the skaven  I find the sheer number of models to paint can be a deterrent to painting horde armies.  If you could muster the patience to carry you quality level of painting over an entire 2500-3000 point army it would be incredible.
Great work!
Many years ago i got hooked on the "Sharpes" series of books. Every time I go to the races I think "Bloody Hell" if that was ten horses what must've a hundred been like?
Ooooh...lovely stuff. I have no interest in the period whatsoever, but these look really great.
Bravo !!!!!! what a very nice army well painted and based
lovely, and thanx for sharing!
Paint job over all is good but I'm very very impressed by the great paint job of that uninion Jack flag!
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