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Full Version: Golden Hat #16 Voting Thread
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Golden Hat #16 1-3 K'daai Fireborn

Please submit 3 numbers as votes by sending a PM to Golden Hat. We had 15 entries this time, which means each entrant will receive 15 slaves once the winners have been announced. Also, because there was more than 10 entries there will be Gold, Silver and Bronze Golden Hat medals up for grabs!

Timing for many of us (*ahem*) was difficult, but everyone was in fine forum (pun intended) with some amazing and creative entries.

How to vote
PM Golden Hat with the three numbers of the entries you like best!

And remember!

Rules Wrote:
Additionally, when you cast votes you must vote for your 3 favorite entries.  Each (more or less) anonymous entry below is numbered ranging from 1 to 14. After one week, we will post the results. All staff will have access to the votes if you have a problem with the voting or have questions as to how to vote, likewise, contact one of us.

There is no need to specify which one you think is 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Simply list the three that you like we will do the rest.

Voting will close January 11th, 2012, at 11:59pm EST

  <1    <2     <3    <4
  <5    <6    <7    <8
  <9    <10    <11    <12    <13    <14    <15


Wow, amazing stuff everyone! Big Grin

Time to think hard!
So there was an additional entry that was inadvertently omitted.  Without naming any names it has been subtly added in to the list of entries.

At the time of updating the GH Voting thread the only person to have submitted their votes was the person with the missing entry, so I don't think there's been any harm caused Wink

Sorry for the mixup!
Amazing what everyone managed to do, regarding christmas and the other holidays and all that!

Curious to see which one is made by whom.

Going to be hard to vote!
Wow, I'm quite astonished at how many people still managed to finish a whole unit. Happy Lots of impressive conversion work there, Forgeworld sure should look at this for inspiration! ^^
Nice to see that so many did more than one! Some great ideas in there.
I really like how they're all so wildly different!  tons of variety here!
Tjub, where's the hat!!? Tongue

warh Wrote:
Tjub, where's the hat!!? Tongue

I have to admit, couldn't fit hats to them... Takes Hat off

Lots of beautiful designs Big Grin
This time it is very hard for me to make my votes! Shock

I'm not sure what the reason is - there are many cool entries imo ... but all of them are quite equivalent!

This time there are no outstanding entries like in the GH 8 to 10!

However this makes this GH much more interesting! Wink

I have done my vote!

Like mentioned before for me it was very hard to find the 3 candidates!

By the way I'm curious if Bolg and ne have the same favourite! Wink

Coming down to the end on this; only 2 days to go!
It was easy to pick up my favourite 2 as I really liked them and think they suits my idea of a Fireborn but the third one was really difficult, there are sono many great entries.

My compliments to everybody, now I'm curious to see who is going to triumph with the eternal glory of Golden Hat! Big Grin

meaning at least one person besides its creator liked it

People vote for themselves? Tacky.

Nicodemus Wrote:

Thommy H Wrote:

meaning at least one person besides its creator liked it

People vote for themselves? Tacky.

Like it or not. Nothing in the rules say they can't, and if they honestly think thier entry should be one of the top 3, then why not?

Hmm, I guess its one of those things you just don't do...

It's morally wrong Tongue Wink

I'll cast my votes in a second! Big Grin
If it's supposed to be fun, you shouldn't be voting for yourself! Sorry, I think it's unsportsmanlike and ungentlemanly. I'm honestly surprised that people even consider doing it - to me, it's always been second nature to discount my own entry in any contest I've entered, even (especially, in fact) when I believed it to be the best.

I'd be more inclined to vote for myself in something that did matter rather than something like GH - if I was running for office, I'd be doing so because I believed I was the best person for the job, so I'd vote for me too. But this is just toys.

Sorry, I don't want a debate about this either; we've had enough daft arguments sparked by contests around here. It's just when you mentioned it like it was a completely normal thing to vote for yourself I kind of went "buh?"

Thommy H Wrote:
If it's supposed to be fun, you shouldn't be voting for yourself! Sorry, I think it's unsportsmanlike and ungentlemanly.

I totally agee with you! Takes Hat off


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