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2012: a new year brings new plans. As well as continuing the growth of my beloved Chaos Dwarfs I intend to get back into blood bowl, a game I've loved for a long long time (my first team was the cardboard skaven team).
    Recently I purchased a copy of the game again on ebay and I've finished my first couple of teams.
    My dream is to create my own stadium but I think that project is a bit too ambitious in the short term (probably have to wait til the demands of 2 small children is less!) so expect me to add a couple more teams this year hopefully.
    First up is my Human "Nun" team from Shadowforge miniatures (an Aussie company I think) You may have already seen them on my Blog of Other Stuff Appologies for the crossover but I wanted to create this dedicated Blood Bowl blog!

"St.Cuthbert's HolyIslanders"
My Nun Blitzers... Sister Mary Wideload and Sister Mary Netty:
My Throwers, Sister Mary Oche and Sister "Hail" Mary Virginia:
The Catchers, Sister Mary Faith, Sister Mary Hope and Sister Mary Charity:
My LineNuns, Sister Hettra Sexual, Sister Sledge, Sister Acttoo and Sister Opheilia Wimple:

My CheerNuns, Novice Mary Milkshake and Mother Superior Bodywork:
A couple of pics of "St.Cuthbert's Park's finest:

Ha'way The Lasses!!!
My Volmarian Chaos Dwarf team has arrived! I've started prepping them up, looking forward to painting these but I haven't decided on a uniform colour yet?!

The Bull Centaurs are especially nice:

very nice nun team. I cant wait to see those excellent greebo cds painted they are awesome minis.
Cheers Crusha,
Any ideas for a colour scheme? I'm open to suggestions!
oh Im not good at choosing color schemes. I want to go with classic red for my cds but recently I saw the greebo cd's painted pretty awesome in blue and gold, check it out
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