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Full Version: Golden Hat #16 - Winners!
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Golden Hat #16 1-3 K'daai Fireborn

Thank-you to everyone who entered GHXVI, and thanks to all of you that cast votes!

Without further ado (and there may be some surprises as to who created what) here are the winners:

1st and Golden Hat winner - ryanamandaanna
2nd and Silver Hat winner - Ishkur Cinderhat
3rd and Bronze Hat winner - tjub (tie)
3rd and Bronze Hat winner - Herby (tie)



3rd (tie)

3rd (tie)

Medals will be awarded shortly along with 15 slaves to all participants.

Voting Key for entries:
Entry #1 theforgefather
Entry #2 Herby
Entry #3 baggronor
Entry #4 BeeZharr
Entry #5 zanko
Entry #6 Lord Aldades
Entry #7 ryanamandaanna
Entry #8 tjub
Entry #9 vulcanologist
Entry #10 Abecedar
Entry #11 AllEvil
Entry #12 Alfract
Entry #13 Ishkur Cinderhat
Entry #14 warh
Entry #15 aka_mythos

If this contest put you over entries 5 for the bronze Veterans Medal then please send me a PM with the contests you have entered.  Similarly, for those of you that have entered more than 5 competitions then you may be approaching Silver or Gold, so send in which competitions you have entered. Like the law of hotdogs and sausages, you don't want to know how we work our magic behind the scenes - so the goal posts for Silver and Gold Vet medals are kept under wraps Wink

Thanks again to the community for making yet another competition another great success!
Medals and slaves awarded - please send me a PM if you spot any errors or mistakes with the medals, etc... I'm still getting used to my new-found powers as a member of the inner circle within Hashut's Temple of the Chosen Wink

Congrats everybody to another awesome Golden Hat! A lot of great entrys and concepts, I wasn't sure how accepted my vision of lava golems would be but at least somebody liked the idea as well... Happy

Im already looking forward to the next GH!
Congratulations to all the medalists and well done everyone who entered I know how hard it was finding the time at this busy time of year! Big thanks to Nico too for your super work and speedy results!
Congratulations to the winners, I`m glad to see my taste is shared by many, as all my votes are on the podium Big Grin

Is there any chance we get the full results posted, just wondering how many people I have to refund doctor`s expenses for eye damage?

Herby Wrote:
Hello everybody!

Yes! I'm so proud and happy. My first Golden Hat medal.
Thank you.

Yours was my favourite entry - but they're all fantastic. Very worthy winners, well done guys.

Holy Cow!  Thanks, Everyone!  I never thought I'd ever even place in one of these!  Shock

I really enjoyed everyone's submissions, and I'm very humbled.  Cheers to all the entrants!  Cheers!
congrats to all!!!
Well done all...once again a fantastic display of talent!

Congrats to all winners! Takes Hat off

Very well done! Cheers!

No way! Big Grin Second place! Thank you all, this has been great fun yet again. Such a shame a lot of other great entries didn't make it. I'm sure if this had taken place in mid of summer, we would have had dozens of entries. Now my K'daii is going to take his rightful place as a towering unit filler. ^^ Nice to see that my favourite got 1st place and that yet again Tjub got my vote to further his glory. Wink
Haha, this was entirely a ploy to get ideas for my own army Wink

My favourite is the Juggernauts for sheer simplicity and good looks. If my personal sculptor (my wife) doesn't pull through then I'll do something very similar.
Really great to see a new winner for the Golden Hat contest, rather than one of the usual suspects! Even though I voted for all the usual suspects personally...
Congrats to all the winners.  Really enjoyed doing this one and loved all the entries
Congrats Happy so much creativity, imagination and great paintings was put into this. Been a pleasure following.

Now, just don't us wait that long for the next GH, please Happy
well done to all of the winners. I knew that i would never stand a chance, but it gave me a small side project to do. Congrats!
Ha! Once again I guessed 3/3 for the winners.

Wait, that isn't how voting is supposed to work is it?  
Nice work everyone and congradulations to the winners! I wish I could be on here more, but I am so busy working my painting job and running the store.
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