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Full Version: New W40K war locomotor ??
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Hi guys !
While I was looking for Chaos Dwarves news (the rumour about fantasy contingent or the eventually release of some new mini)
I found this in a great moment of hazard :

Am I misstaken, did you already saw this awesome warmachine? Apparently, it came from an Apocalypse book.

Your opinion?


WOW!! That looks amazing!

EDIT: ...and I just saw the price. Nutzo.
Ah ah ah isn't it ?
Really cheap...
Even if it is a awesome hand converted job, the price is killing Shock


If one can earn that much money with one converted model, I'll stop working 42hrs a week in a regular job immediately.
i thought it was scratch built? i saw it quite a few times in one of the many 40k books (might have been apoc)
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