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Full Version: JMR's other stuff - 23 Oct - Airbrush fun - Flamesphyre Phoenix
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Love the skinwalker,its one of my someday miniatures great job
Next in line: Mantic Revenants used as Grave Guard.

I still need to give them some weapons and maybe reposition a head or two.

I tried to give these a slightly more organised feel compared to my skeletons. Their ranks are more closed and they even manage to form sort of a shield wall.

Here they are in horde formation.

I'm thinking of using them 30 strong and in horde formation. I'll probably play them as having Great Weapons, which unfortunately wasn't an option with the models.

I've cramped them together quite a bit to get the tightly-knit look. Here I placed 4 models on 3 bases:

They're all just blue-tacked to the bases, so nothing is set in stone.

As for the models themselves, these were the models I was most sceptical about before buying my Undead army box. There's 3 reasons for this: A) I want to field them using great weapons, and that's not possible with mantics. Cool Some models just look wonky, but this is solved by cutting off and repositioning some heads. C) The gothic look of the GW Wights/Grave Guard with the bat-wings and all is just awesome. I've considered putting GW heads on these guys...

However, while building these guys, I started to appreciate them more and more just like with the skeletons. I think the unit will look great with all the shields facing forwards and I can already imagine all the yellow plumes on their helmets. They should make the unit stand out on the battlefield and make them look like an elite unit.
First five Grave Guard have been basecoated, which means they're practically done.

I've already started on the remaining 5 I have primed. When I get those done, I'll have the first two ranks finished already. That's half the unit! I've never painted units this fast before...

I've also had my first game with Vampire Counts yesterday playing vs. our fellow CDO-member, furrie. We mocked up our 1500 point lists on the fly and it produced pretty simple, yet fun armies. In the end I obliterated furrie and won by an immensely large margin: 1007 victory points vs. 1017 ;p Yeah, a 10 point difference.

Things I've learned from the battle:
1) I gotta take the Master of the Dead upgrade (=raise skeletons beyond starting amount) on a Necromancer if he intends to be around Skeleton units. I didn't do so, because I have no spare skeletons.

2) Units need to be alive long enough to to receive reinforcements through Invocation of Nehek.

3) Skeletons hit like a wet noodle. Especially when facing beastmen who have their toughness buffed through the lore of Beasts...

It was actually very refreshing to play with Vampire Counts. It's quite unlike any other army I've played. I'm looking forward to see what Spirit Hosts and other annoyance units can do.

vulcanologist Wrote:
Really enjoying this blog! Keep the updates coming!

Glad to hear I have a fan! Takes Hat off

I'll try to keep the blog going!

Righty! I finished painting my first 10 Grave Guard!... or have I?

Apart from needing to touch up the yellow.... I'm not so sure I'm happy with them. They look fine I suppose, but I'm not sure they stand out from regular skeletons enough.

I think I might give the armour a black wash, possibly in combination with a metal drybrush to make the armour look more, well, black.

What are your thoughts?
Well, I have darkened the armour with a watered down badab black + chaos black mix and drybrushed a bit after doing so. Here's the result alongside one of my skeleton bases for comparison:

It's an improvement, but I'm still not sure if it's enough to make the difference obvious enough. Maybe the Revenants should've had armoured legs as well...

I am now considering changing their shields by making them black and using an old shield emblem painted in bone colour:

Opinions are much appreciated!
I was afraid the shields would be too "busy" if I left the green/yellow pattern when adding an emblem so I did a quick photoshop... My photoshop-fu isn't the strongest, but I made a mock-up of both options.

Hmm.. maybe your idea isn't so bad, Vulc! Not bad at all. My photoshop skills aren't helping the second option though. When painting, I imagine doing them black with a silver edge-highlight along the edges.

I need more opinions! Big Grin

For completeness sake, here's the banner I intend to use on the Grave Guard.

Thanks for the responses guys. Before buying the Revenants I considered buying Games Workshop Grave Guard heads and possibly shields to spice the models up. I'm quite fond of the look the GW Grave Guard have, especially their old metal characters (Plastic one's poses are a bit boring). Replacing the shields would require some messy work with the dremel, but it should be doable. I did the same for my mantic chaos dwarves. It's a bit of a shame to be doing so when the models are currently "done" though.

Anyways... since the models are starting to give me headaches now and I don't want to break the nice painting-spree I was in, I figure it's best to let the models rest for now. Maybe I'll just paint the rest up in the same way later and simply use them as either Grave Guard or Skeletons depending on my gaming needs.

I've now put the brush to one of my Revenant cavalry instead. I'll try to put up a picture soonish.
Work has started on my first Black Knight/ Revenant Cavalry. I want to keep these true to their name, so black armour it is. I'm going to invest a little more effort in these compared to the skeletons and regular revenants.

He proved to be hard to photograph right. These pictures seem to come pretty close to reality however:

I've muted the green cloth down a bit by adding some Khaki and Bleached bone for the highlights. The horse itself may prove to be a little tricky to paint. It shows bone, torn skin and exposed muscle tissue. I'm considering going with muted grey tones for the skin. I think I need to be careful about adding to many colours, but at the same time have to be weary of making the horse a blob of black and grey. We'll see!

P.S. Note how the cavalry has bigger shields than the footslogging revenants.
And then suddenly, out of the blue, it hit me.

My Grave Guard need glowing fel green blades! I've been wanting to do an army with lots of black and bright green glowing elements for ages. I can't believe I never realised before that my green undead might be a nice opportunity!

Okay so, I've never done anything like this before, but here's the result of 20-30min of painting:

There's two things I want to change. Firstly, I'm not happy with the blade itself. I think it needs to be more of one bright green with sharp edge highlights.
Secondly, the glow works best when there's a high contrast with the rest of the model, so everything but the weapon needs to be pretty dark.

I've also considered that a cold blue would be a great spot colour in a mainly green army, but I'm going for green blades for now.

Opinions are more than welcome!
Continued work on my Grave Guard. I've chosen to use a brighter colour for the weapons. I still need to change the weapon of the first one.

I'm probably making lots of mistakes with this OSL stuff, but it's fun to do something new! I'm not sure if it translates well on photographs though. I guess I'd need a lightbox.


I've played a second 1500p game with my Vampire Counts vs. furrie's Beastmen. In short:

My army
Level 4 Necromancer
2x 25 Skeletons
31 Zombies with Level 1 Necromancer
9 Black Knights with Vampire Hero
Spirit Host

furrie's army
30 Gors + Level 2 Shaman
28 Bestigors + Battle Standard and Level 4 Shaman
4x 5 Ungor Raiders
2x Razorgor

I'm not going to write a full battle report, but instead just going to pick out a few things.

1) My Black Knights with Vampire charged his gors. Now the thing is I put that Vampire in there mostly to be able to resurrect my knights. Unfortunatly, on his first cast he got irresistible force and blew up half of his own unit and almost got sucked into the warp himself. The exact same thing happened in my first game. It's rather unfortunate. The problem is that I still don't really know how well my Black Knights can perform! I think they can do pretty well, especially vs. Str 3 troops, but not when they get blown up by their own hero!
I still want to experience what it's like to actually safely reach combat and safely resurrect fallen warriors and see what their durability and killing power is like.

2) I've tried zombies for the first time to see how well they can tarpit and also to see how summoning actually works out. I've also taken Master of the Black Arts on my Master Necromancer this time, so there was really quite a bit of summoning going on, in theory anyway.
What happened is that in my first two magic phases I didn't manage to summon anything at all, which was a downer. But when I did manage to cast it, I noticed how things get rather crazy pretty fast. 2D6 + 4 zombies from the Master Necromancer already lead to me not being able to add all of them because there was another unit in the way. (No room to place raised models = wasted models.) Still though, casting Invocation with a level 4 and a level 1 would mean 4D6 + 5 zombies gained. That's a lot.
I'm not sure I want to paint all that stuff Respect to the Mask! Also, I felt adding those extra models was just a bit of a pain with movement trays and whatnot. On top of that, when I got my zombies in combat with furrie's fully buffed Bestigor unit, I got to remove 30+ of them in one turn as casualties! All this model switching gives me headaches! I've grown up using Chaos Warriors who take maybe 2-3 casualties on a bad day. Much simpler.

3) Varghulf is nice. Nothing amazing, but it's a very decent unit for a decent price. I just need to remember to use Thunderstomp!

4) My skeleton units didn't do anything at all. We had a bit of a mexican stand-off. I figured I'd just hang back a bit and expand my units with Invocation while my Varghulf, Spirit Host and Knights picked their targets. After turn 4 or so, my Varghulf had just finished off the remains of his Gor unit, which only left his big bad Bestigor block and some random ungors and a Razorgor to target. The thing is that I couldn't really see my Skeletons doing anything useful to them, and they didn't. I'm not really sure what I am supposed to do with my skeletons.
If I want to hold a unit up, I'm better of using zombies or even Spirit Hosts. Charging into a combat to add static resolution while something beefy does the damage is risky, because the static resolution is usually negated by the extra kills the enemy gets by attacking my skeletons. The third possible role would be to make my Skeleton units more killy. That's something I'll have to look into. Maybe I need to try Ghouls...
Rise! Rise my thread and serve me once again!

I should have updated this thread more often, because I painted up quite a few undead in the meantime, but never posted pictures. Maybe they'll come later, but first...

...time for something completely different.

Ancient Greeks! I've taken the plunge and started an ancient greek mythology army. I've been eyeing the various plastic Hoplite models that are available nowadays for a good while and I just couldn't resist anymore.

So, here we go! This is what the postman delivered yesterday:

It all starts with a big pile of plastic. What you're looking at here is enough sprues to built 96 Victrix Hoplites. I've gone for 48 Theban and 48 Athenian Hoplites to build two hordes.

For this army I'm going for a mix of quality and speed. Simply put, I want this army painted and painting 96 hoplites to a high standard is just not doable for me, so I'm going for a quick paint scheme using almost only washes. I think this technique is called greyscaling or somesuch.
On the other hand, a fully painted army that looks like poop doesn't work either, so I'm using shield transfers (for the first time) along with not-too-special-but-coherent basing techniques to (hopefully) create an overall good looking force.

Here's 9 Theban Hoplites built, primed, washed, drybrushed and ready for further painting.

And I've gone ahead and "finished" one Hoplite:

While I was awaiting the delivery of my Hoplites, I rummaged through my old models and found 4 old metal Minotaurs that I bought ~10 years ago and were just wasting away. They're maybe not the best of models, but they deserve a second life and including them in a Greek Mythology army was a great opportunity.

What do you think?
Yeah, I chose to go with a human skin-colour to play on the "bull-headed man" idea of a Minotaur instead of a chaos monstrosity.
It's funny that you mention the skin, Bolg. The Minotaur's skin is done by highlighting/blending from Tallarn- to Elf Flesh, with washes in between etc. The hoplites on the other hand are simply done with one application of Gryphonne Sepia + Reikland Fleshshade. It's nice how simplicity matches the complex way of painting Happy

The first 10 are "finished". I need to touch up their shields, paint some hair and finish the bases, but I'm going to move on to the next 10 for now.

Those pikemen are gorgeous.
It's aƶways nice to see how much can be accomplished by using simple techniques like washig and drybrushing - makes me happy panda *smile*
@Admiral: Thank you! These are actually Hoplites wielding spears, but if I ever want to do a third horde, it's going to be Macedonian Pikemen.

@Kera: They're nice, aren't they? They make my mediocore painting look good. They're fairly expensive though when you compare them to the price of 1 miniature, but worth it if you'd ask me Happy

@Vulc: Thanks! I haven't seen you update your log much lately. Is there anything in the pipeline?

@Larendard: Yup, I'm pretty pleased with the results considering the simplicity. (I think) I usually tend to overdo things when it comes to painting and it's often not worth it for rank-'n-file, especially if overdoing things means a unit doesn't get finished. Better keep it simple and get things done.

I've "completed" 10 more Thebans, totalling 20 now:

Half-way through my first horde. I hope I can keep up the pace...
mmm.. dusty thread..

I've bought an airbrush set a few weeks ago and having great fun with it. Here's a Phoenix I've painted up as a birthday present for a friend.

I wish I had taken a bit more time when taking pictures, because not a single one is fully in focus, but I wanted to share them anyways!

A very fun and rewarding model to paint. It's just made for airbrushing.

What do you guys think?
Ah yeah, I left the base bare on purpose. Since it's a gift I figured it'd be best to let him do the base himself so it matches the rest of his army. Couldn't resist giving it a bit of texture and colour though Happy
The Theban Hoplites looks good, but the Phoenix is great. It's the best one I've seen so far. You're skilled with that airbrush!
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