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Full Version: JMR's other stuff - 23 Oct - Airbrush fun - Flamesphyre Phoenix
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Hello all,

I wanted to show of some of the miniatures I'm working on right now. I find myself working on a zillion different armies at once for some reason, while I used to play just 1 army for years.

I've purchased a box of Privateer Press' Skinwalkers. Ever since I first saw them I knew I had to have them someday. Here's my progress on the first one:

I intend to use these as Dragon Ogres in my WoC army. I have had some (in my humble opinion) awesome ideas for a feral/wolf themed Khorne army in my head for ages. This is the first step in realising said army.

At the same time, I'm painting up some undead. Using Mantic's cheap-o, yet excellent miniatures.

The colour scheme is shamelessly stolen from a plog I saw on Warseer. I normally never use green or yellow and it normally wouldn't be my first choice of colours for skeletons at all, but it's fun to do something different. They're speed-painted and the bases aren't finished yet. I also need to redefine the yellow on some of them.

I'm using combined bases to give me a bit more freedom with positioning of the models. This allows me to disrupt the ranks a bit and create a more ramshackle horde of undead. I intend to have more elite units (Grave Guards/Revenants) look more organised.

A small word on mantic's models. When seeing pictures of the skeletons on the web, I've had mixed feelings about these models, but once I was building and later painting them I started to appreciate them more and more. They simply have a different vibe from GW's skeletons. Mantic's skeletons give me more of a "classic" Dungeons&Dragons skeletal warrior. They're well detailed, fun to paint, very quick to assemble and have a lot of character. Oh, and they're about a third of the price of GW skeletons or so Big Grin Good stuff.

Questions or comments are most welcome!
I like those skellies an awful lot!

One unit of 20 Skeleton Warriors. Movement tray still needs to be done, but I'm not sure how big I want the unit to be yet.

They look great! If I ever do a VC army I'd go that way too. Great unit!
Nice job on the banner and a great color scheme
Really enjoying this blog! Keep the updates coming!
Your graveguard are much improved now! Personally I would leave the shields as they are but add a device to each, maybe the skull& crossbones to make them stand out as more elite.
I do not like Grave Guard shields, I mean the shape. They are too small. I'd prefer some like the two long shields of the guys in the middle:

They need something to "bulk" the miniature to look like an "elite" unit.
Looks good!
Imo the skulls & crossbows are much too big for the shields you use!

If you really want the icons use bigger shields - personally I would skip the icons and just use normal shields, perhaps others like the ones Bassman suggests!

Oooh... I like it! Good idea! That will certainly make the unit stand out!
Looks great!
Looking better and better!
Another interesting report... Keep them coming they're fun and informative to read...cheers!
I love the paint of the Hoplite, looks great, good detail and most defiantly a great table top quality if you field those guys in a horde.

Oh and the same skin tone on the minotaurs is a great detail.
Love the shields
Top,top stuff!
WOW...that Phoenix is fantastic!  You may have convinced me to get an airbrush!


Amazing phoenix!!! Well done!
Likewise great job on the Phoenix. The line of whit sets up the rest of the flames on the wings.
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