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Full Version: Artisan's Contest XII
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Nice idea for the contest. Sent my piece of word mangling.
I entered also.

Nicodemus Wrote:
If English is not your first language then why not write it from the perspective of a slave? They don't have great language/communication skills

Not sure how good of an idea that is...
---Found note on the body of a hobgoblin (partly devoured)---

-][\-0] -\][0[-\-]j \]  [\][=v ./ /.,/ `'\ ][ \` \  [\`] / / . .re  o  --@# $%^&*| }{ ;:>?,> 1 ....

---end note, and it is said, the musings of Hobgocrates---

Wow... Entries pouring in already! Have to put on my artistic big thinking hat for this one!
Have entered. I put my entry thru a spell checker before hand but have just realised i spelled 'Matter" as "Mater" so if an admin can fix that before they get posted would be awesome... thanks to the wifey for pointing that out to me...Takes Hat off
Entered this morning!
Ah, I do love the art of writing. Thanks to my social skills, or lack there-off, it's the best way for me to explain what goes through my head. I still have some miniatures to paint, but as soon as that is done I will write something interesting for this contest.
Having trouble with this one now.  Gotta find a starting point somehow
The "Pint" or two did wonders!!  Have now found not one starting point but three or so.
Hey Herby...sounds like you have now entered into the writers zone.  Save it and expand it into a full blown story.

Oh and for artisans, you've got two weeks, try something else like say a limerick, I'm sure no one else will do one.
I'm in.  Sent PM but forgot message.  Don't dump it just because it says "no subject", please.  Thanks.

Hardware Wrote:
something else like say a limerick, I'm sure no one else will do one.

Don't be too sure about that Shock

I take it back, Limericks are harder than I thought but will keep trying though.
There once was a dragon-like rabbit
A limerick he couldn't quite write it
A story about
A weapon, no doubt
But he has no hands, dagnabit!

Aaah!! RTM Got me.    And I have managed to write one, No Hands and All.

   The Hobgoblins Lot!!
The Dawi Zharr was grinning
His gait almost a skipping
The Hobgoblins all cringed
They thought him unhinged
And knew they'd be getting a whipping.

And also my entry is in.
I had a frustrating case of writer's block, but now I've finally finished my story and entered it.
Any news on when the entries are being put up for voting?
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