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Full Version: Word of Hashut # 12
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Click here to download The Word of Hashut No.12! Note this is around 6.2 MBs in size for download.)

Alas, we have waited for far too long to get this issue out, but thanks to a sterling effort by Thommy H to get this put together in a short period of time – it’s finally here! As Willmark mentioned with the introduction to issue #11, it is slimmer than before. To combat that happening in the future, let’s quit the WoH diet and get loads more articles in!
As always, the content provided is off a fantastically good standard and all great stuff to peruse. As a result, without further ado, I present to you: Word of Hashut #12 the Spring edition! Now all that’s needed is for you to download it and read...
Yay! Happy
very cool Ive been waiting for the next issue
Ooooh, finally! Happy
Great job! Will be a pleasure reading this again Happy

I tend to agree with JMR on the reference in the Slave Pen. Not that I find it offending or anything, I just don't think politics and wargaming are related in any way Tongue Wink
Again, sorry for it taking a while to get out, thanks for your patience and, honestly, the artiles and Thommy H's efforts were the hard work - I simply got it all in one place, lol. Regardless, glad you're all enjoying it!

Regarding the reference, I was unaware of any real life relation to anybody and, had I known of the reference, I would have changed this to avoid offence being caused. Alas, as much as I like to think I know a lot, it's one of those thigns I didn't know and it is too late for me to change it. Hopefully, in the future, people will avoid direct political references and I always endeavour to avoid causing scandals if possible.
Great to see the WoH back on it's feet Happy

And the cover art is amazing!

The idea was that the Taurus' wings and horns line up like the Rune of Hashut (in that 'V' shape) but I don't think anyone would actually be crazy enough to notice something like that Wink

I consciously avoiding doing any of the proofing - I think I corrected, like, one really obvious mistake as I pasted an article and that's it - so I missed the political thing in the Slave Pen. I don't think it's that a big deal, although we do try to keep the controversy off CDO.
Now you know how much fun it truly is getting this all together eh HB? Wink

In all seriousness great job, the first one is never easy so just getting it done is quite an accomplishment. I'll have to download and look it over.

Correction: The 4th ed Chaos Dwarf White Dwarf articles were published in 1993, not 1996. The WD Presents book was released in 1994.
Bluntly put, happy to see people reading it. Even better that the majority are enjoying it. As for reprimanding, it's been mentioned and won't be happening again - that being said, I can't check everything for a political reference on the offchance there is one, searching for other countries politics: it took me long enough this time around to even collate it and I don't know who Fuckendedy is either to give some scope.

Again, thank you for all the hard work guys and gals, much appreciated. Now, we just need some more stuff!

Obsidian Muse: It will have been because I have no record of it, I'm afraid Tongue

Willmark: If only I knew how much effort it was for you - I told people to do stuff, got it, decided where it'd go, wrote my own article and made someone else (Thommy H) do all the hard work Big Grin
WoH back in style. I loved reading through it, x3mely good job guys.
Actually I have a couple of comments (not critics):

Baggronor & Thommy H: Shadow and Flame??? Are we going to see an end? 'Cause I LOVE that comic.

Thommy H: I terribly enjoyed reading the short novel about the Sorcerer and the Lammasu, but what happened to Gozzadini? Why he's in the tent of the great Khan? And where is Khazarn? Without forgetting of Andreas Jaeger and the Hobgoblins of Azagh Khan.

Shadow and Flame??? Are we going to see an end? 'Cause I LOVE that comic.

One day, my friend, one day. Sad Time is so difficult at the moment.

Haha - it's so long since I wrote that last Gozzadini and Khazharn piece that I completely forgot where I was going with it. I think I have some ideas though. I didn't know anyone was interested! I guess I'll revisit it for the next WoH now though.

Oh, and I have nothing whatsoever to do with Shadow & Flame, though I'll happily take credit for it.
Any PDF reader. Adobe Acrobat Reader is the one almost everyone uses.
Plus points of not having been around much is that there are so many cool things to catch up on! Another great read and much appreciate the effort you guys put in! Takes Hat off

Now one question though; I am listed as a contributor but just what did I do? Question
I really liked them, I can tell you that.
He didn't do one this time, the lazy bum.
I have other comic commitments now, for a publisher - which is nice but it takes up all my time that isn't already spent on Titan Wargames Sad
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