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Full Version: JMR's renewed Chaos Dwarf blog - 26 Jun - Altar of Hashut
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Steam-powered Doom Harness? BLASPHEMY.

But seriously: if there's one thing that really inspires me, it's collaboration. That bit in the Doom Harness's fluff was put in as a reference to the Skullcracker and, as recently as today, I questioned its inclusion. But now, seeing that someone has gone to the effort of using that paragraph that I wrote as a jumping-off point to sit down and build and sculpt something that is beyond my abilities to create, that is beyond my conception of what the unit might be...well, it makes it all worthwhile.

So thank you. I'll be watching this blog very closely.
I don't think there was anything wrong with your mantic cd's but i love to see blogs Tongue
Looks awesome so far. You can actually have Whirling Blades on a Hellborn Construct though, btw.
If you use it as a Hellborn Construct, you could use it as a count-as Hellfire Pistol for the Daemonsmith.
Bit of an old thread (was it really that long ago!?).  But I did a computer mock up of a CD doomwheel thing you may find interesting:
Cool. What size base is that?
Chariot base then. It should probably be on an Arachnarok base, but there's loads of 6-Wound things on chariot bases anyway, so I'm not making any hard and fast rulings on that score.

Looks like he's going to be big anyway!

JMR Wrote:
An Infernal Engine! I wanted something stompy, I wanted something mechanical, crewed by a couple of dwarves. I wanted something along the lines of a TK Warsphinx.

Hehe, you can't go wrong with a mechanical cow crewed by a couple of chaos dwarves. Wink

So you plan to cover the whole thing with armour plating? So the Schleich cow is really just an armature for the final model. That's a really nice idea! Look forward to the next updates.

It shouldn't be a surprise that JMR's Infernal Engine follows your prototype, Ishkur, since I used that model as one of the templates for how my Infernal Engine rules should work (i.e. letting them do Impact Hits, have up to eight crew, mount a stone thrower, be massive and armoured) and now JMR is building his model based on those rules!
Yeah the base is pretty large, 120x200mm. But still had material left from GWs modular movement tray set, and I figured I could use a little space around the feet. Happy
Now that is exactly what I need! Obviously I'm going to have to start searching google using Russian words, luckily my dad knows a bit.
I think glowing weapons will be enough to make them stand out - if anything, maybe give them darker armour (almost black). Or wait for Baggranor to release the Royal Guard models, which will look a bit more ornate than the Heavy Infantry.

Yeah the Royal Guard models would probably do the trick as Immortals.

Yeah, it's almost like it was planned that way!

Notice the height of the shoulders in relation to the backside and where the front knees are in relation to the chest (for want of a better word).

I don't think you've got the bovine skeleton right on the back legs.  Something doesn't look right there.
It's very picky I know, but I'd very carefully slice down either side of the arrow points on the detailing at the front to make sharp points.  If they are rounded at all they might look a bit like mushrooms.
It still looks too much like the original Skaven machine for me.
Those bases look very cool! Big Grin
Very cool! I'll keep my eye on this blog, you just keep turning out awesome models!
Those hobgoblins are really fantastic. Perfect execution.

Everything else looks great too. Keep up the fine work.
Very cool idea can't wait to see how it turns out.
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