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Full Version: Liber Chaotica:  Hashut (early draft)
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As I originally stated here I'm planning on writing something similar to the GW Liber Chaotica.

Note that the attached file is only an early draft and is incomplete.

What I have decided however is that rather than just have this on it's own I will eventually incorporate it into a massive CD tome of everything I've written and a few new things.  I've spent quite a lot of time this last week scouring CDO for things I've written that seem interesting and checking HoH as well.

So basically it will have the following (for those who would remember such things).

1.  Liber chaotica (as below but completed)
2.  Background material (not stories) more or less unchanged from my old book.
3.  The Slaughterers background story
4.  Bestiary and list of units* more or less unchanged from my old book.
5.  All the other stories that have not been used.

* I am reluctant to call this an 'army list', although for all intents and purposes it is, because it will not really be balanced unto itself.  That is, I'm basically throwing in any units I plan on actually making from Tamurkhan, bolted onto my original list.  So the special units will probably be near 11, the rares maybe 8 etc. It's not going to be written to be balanced/ playable really, just for the sense of completeness.

Number 3.  My army story will have each unit, character and warmachine named, with a half page of fluff etc about their glorious achievements in the defence of their fortress.

In 5.  I will be including some of the Nemesis campaign fluff, but at this stage I am only planning to include the parts I wrote and not the parts I edited.

As a conservative guess I think this will all come out at around 125-140 pages

Open PDF Link

Nice! Big thumbs up Grim.
Really good read so far, first time i've read into the history of hashut and how the dwarfs got into the east, has cleared up a lot of details. Well done sir Takes Hat off
This is only my view on things.  I've made probably 99% of it up. Wink

I have had some fun with some of this though, for example the origins story the author's squire bought from a sinister mutant Dwarf living in the Empire.  Which we all know is a Chaos Dwarf but he for some reason does not.

The bit I've just been writing he got a snippet of information about daemon binding out of him when he was drunk.  But still does not know he's a chaos dwarf (and questions why their occasional Dwarf allies would be interested in such things).

I have to do things like this all the way through though to explain how he's coming across his information.  Well, most of it anyway, some of it he could not know without talking to many CD, but I'll leave that unexplained.
Yours is the best version of the origins of Hashut I have ever heard Grim hands down. I really hate the idea that the CD are being manipulated by one of the 4 greater ruinous powers as I despise tzeentch which IMHO is the only really logical choice for the "Hashut is a greater god of chaos in disguise" school of thought.

I tried to put a lot of thought into it, especially with the fall of hashut from his perspective which I wrote many years afterwards.
Out of curiosity, are you intent on keeping this an exclusively fan enterprise, or are you hoping to keep pushing at Games Workshop or Forgeworld with this?

I have to confess, given how apparently erratic GW's relationship with fans is, I am not sure whether developing it to their publication preferences would help with their adopting it, or ensure that it is banished forever...
I stopped attempting to contact GW with my ideas in 2009 I think, so this will be fan only.

Now that I'm past my exam I will have a lot more time to carry on writing this.
Just started reading this and it's certainly very interesting. Great stuff Grim!
Very cool stuff and kudos for taking the time to write it up Takes Hat off

I was thinking of making something like this, but would tie Malal to Hashut, anyway [/i]looking forward to further drafts.
I do actually have a very Malal themed CD character.  The story for him is here.  I wrote that specifically to be representative of Malal.

I plan to bring together all the 'story' parts like this in another volume, the things that are not actually part of my army story.

I need to take another look at this guy as I wrote that long before writing all the Hashut/ aethyr things.
I had not even heard of this before, I'd say this thread deserves a sticky.

I know it's an old project etc. but if you ever take it up again you could reshape some parts to fit with information from novels and the tamurkhan?

I'm divided about Hashut being a dwarf with his own domain in the realm of chaos, part of me really love the idea and I actually looked on Black Dwarf models to represent Hashut just now. However part of me subscribe to the banished lieutenant of khorne version,perhaps for using magic? (which tie together with the 3rd ed. range of models) and that Hashut is enslaving the old world to establish the world as his very own domain and still part of me believes it's Tzeentch as is sometimes suggested. Even the Grimnir theory is there, I love how you keep it open for speculation!

About the Bull, I don't like it being a matter of accident or mistake, I would personally ascribe a deeper reasoning value behind the why's.

I'd like to know more about the why's of the Ziggurat. Was it the design of Hashut and in that case why does that shape reason with him? Is it physically representative for the cast and hierarchy system of races and individuals in Dawi'Zharr culture?

About Bullcentaurs in Tamurkhan they are cut from their mothers wombs and bred.

Being a language-nerd, this is such a fantastic part, best part in the whole Liber Chaotica: Hashut and I'll add ut to our dwarfified DToC!

Page 9:

Knowing his own limitations, Hashut created 8
lesser gods and assigned each of them a specific
type of magic to destroy. Hysh'ut (Hashut) was
one of these gods. Hysh meaning "Light magic"
and "ut" considered to mean the opposite.
Which would translate to "anti-light" or "Father
of Darkness".

However Hashut in the first sentence should be changed to Khorne as otherwise Hashut creates himself Happy

I had to stop my reading there for today, again I believe this should be stickied wether it's an abandoned project or not. Amazing job, truly amazing!

Hail Hysh'ut Khaoz!
Id love to see this finished and printed among CDO members! Happy
Thanks for such praise!

That bit on Hysh'ut I can't take the praise for that though, someone on here wrote it when I was delving deeply for ideas. I should be able to track it down eventually.

The Ziggurat thing I would basically phrase a lot of this in my own words:

However, it would be an interesting challenge to work Hashut into this.
Grimstonefire, if you were to restart work on Liber Chaotica: Hashut I'll give you 50 more slaves just for that alone. Wink

As already said, this is a gold mine, whether or not you agree with all of the fine points presented. A critical and fluff-eating friend of mine certainly don't (I do much more), but he nevertheless praised the well-written work for its quality.

Since we're about to start Scribe's Contest to amass a wealth of CD background material for a future package release, it would be fantastic to have this tome in there as well. Wink

Admiral Wrote:
Since we're about to start Scribe's Contest to amass a wealth of CD background material for a future package release, it would be fantastic to have this tome in there as well. Wink

Why not incorporate Scribe's Contest stuff into Liber: Hashut? Wink

Really good work, fully enjoyed it! Two thumbs up.
@Wolf: Indeed! Cheers!

Dînadan Wrote:
Why not incorporate Scribe's Contest stuff into Liber: Hashut? Wink

That'd depend entirely on what, if anything, which Grimstonefire finds useful or inspiring. Liber Chaotica: Hashut is his work after all. But yes, we'll certainly explore the esoteric nature of Hashut in the future contests. Happy

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