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Full Version: Golden Hat #17
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The Hellsmith prize is unpainted and unassembled. Wink

I will have about a week to paint this after my exam.  So I may be in.

I think Nicodemus already answered which monsters would be allowed, ones which are 'GW approved' (the ass cannon and hellcannon).  Aside from those two (which are more recognisable as war machines), this is not a monster/mount contest.

Just my unmodly opinion though.
Am I the only one who finds it easy to judge the merits of a miniature and ignore the base?

Maybe not completely, but enough that it doesn't effect my favourites.
The rules are simple - the inability to accept those rules is what is taking the fun out of the competition. It's not a new requirement and is fully expected. We're not saying "Make the base as bland as possible", just that it shouldn't overwhelm the miniature being judged. It is an aid to the model - think of a 20mm based character: a textured paint with drybrush, a couple of rocks and a tuft and turf would be fine without detracting and the same principle is due here, just with larger numbers of tuft/turfs/stones or whatever you choose...

End of the day, we produce the competition, place rules to create a level playing field, all competitions (not just ours) have boundaries, it's not a difficult one to stick to and it's not one that's appeared suddenly. I've had a long day and apologise if I seem a bit short of temper, but it's tiring seeing the same complaints come up every time when it's nothing to complain about Sad

Ghrask: I'd say probably not, but I'll wait for another staffer to comment. They're not warmachines as such and don't use crew is my thinking is all.
As I said - long day and at a guess. If it's a mech-golem and has a handler it is a machine of war, so it depends on the style as well, I guess! Best to get another staffer to comment though Wink
Most fanlists these days have a Troop Type listed don't they?

I can't imagine there should be problems figuring out if something is a warmachine or monster (mount) based on a specific list.

Not that I care much about how others base their warmachines, but purely as a point of conversation, the Golden Daemon rules for the vehicle category:

Although most of these models tend not to be supplied with a base, it is quite acceptable for you to mount the vehicle on a modest base (no more than 20mm larger than the vehicle itself).

To be honest Imo this should purely be for units that are described in their unit type as warmachines.  Takes out the hellcannon, ass cannon and any sort of monster people want to create.

Put everything on a base no larger than 20mm bigger than the machine on all 4 sides as per the GD rules for vehicles.  Perhaps allow 50mm on one side for crew.    

Obviously with some abstract ruling for people doing flying war machines or those that would be unbalanced any other way etc.

Anything else, if people don't like it, paint it up anyway and put in in your blogs!  Simples.
Why is it a bad thing???

If people want to start a contest for monsters right now they can??  Feel free.

I never understood that really.

Staff decided this is for warmachines.  Not monsters.  End of as far as I am concerned.

The hellcannon is just an annoying technicality.  We had this problem last time actually, with things that should just have been monsters.
Woo! A redux of my favourite Golden Hat (and the only one in which I have won a medal).

I should start planning something. Big Grin
To avoid an unnecessary waste of time typing, there is some history of this sort of thing that I am all too aware of here on CDO I'm sad to say.

I was not surprised, but disappointed as ever.  Some people never learn (the same few people over and over). Mad

nilbog Wrote:
Can I submit my entry by email?

This is a sure fire way to get overlooked or missed when the entries are being collected. Please PM them to the Golden Hat member in the usual way.

Cheers! Cheers!

@GRNDL and Clam

Whatever.  Read about a third of each of your posts I'm afraid.

No interest and beyond caring about what you two think.

I care enough about this community to leave this discussion here.
Before we continue with the theme, regardless of others' comments since my last post in this thread, I want to apologise. I may have mentioned it, but had had a long and not brilliant day and I feel I may have misdirected negative enegies at the wrong people (I.E. members of CDO). On top of that, there is no such thing as a senior member on CDO in terms of status (- excluding the rulings given by staff to run the website/forums/competitions more smoothly, obviously) - the ranks system just determines how many posts have been made, not how much weight someone's statements carry: sometimes we all forget that (I try not to and believe I'm successful, but a different matter for a different time).

Regarding Nico's involvement in running the contests: he is the messenger and organiser, but rules are reached by consensus - that said, please don't blame Nico for rulings (you like/dislike) because they're not JUST his (sometimes the opposite of his!). That being said, all credit to him for the hard work he's been doing. I won't be able to take over with the collating entrants/votes, but I can take over for future contest notices and organisation (I don't have the software/skills to do more than that), but have stepped back from them because people found it difficult to see the purpose of AC (run by me to start with and my suggestion).

All that said, let's try to forget the problems as they should be resolved in a ay that is amicable if the heated comments are forgotten. On my part - I doubt I'll get mine in because of a tournament in 2 weekends' time using my Undead Dwarfs and changing jobs, but I'll try to get mine done as I recently picked one up!
The staff and I have talked things over and decided to encourage creativity in this Golden Hat! We've removed some of the restrictions.

update Wrote:
EDIT: Restrictions on basing have been lifted. Any kind of base will be permitted. Additionally, while a war machine typically will have crew, this is not a requirement any longer (nor is there a limitation on the maximum number of crew). Ogre slaves and other beasts used in the service of the Machine of War are permitted, and this can include monsters of any size or description. The war machine itself ought to be the focus , however. We want to see the coolest Chaos Dwarf war machines ever constructed in the depths of Zharr Naggrund!

Herby Wrote:

What about the deadline? Please clear that up. There are two dates mentioned:

"The due Date: 11:59 PM June 30th, 2012 EST (Eastern Standard Timezone)"

"send all entries to the Golden Hat account no later 11:59 PM May 31st, 2012 EST (Eastern Standard Timezone)."

June 30th is the new due date. Happy

Fixed on the first post.

Skink Wrote:
...I've been working days on this thing. Sculpting is taking more than expected. At least I'm going to have a new piece for my armyHappy

Sounds awesome! You have plenty of time, in any case.

I need to form a solid idea. I have a lot of half-ideas floating around in my head.

June 30th... that's still a lot of time left! I hope I'm not to optimistic when I say "count me in!" Happy. Time to finally paint my rocket launcher. This thing lies i a box for years now and I never finished it. Nothing really spectacular but worth to be finished.

vulcanologist Wrote:
...but then again I say that everytime and I never place anywhere!

Who cares? You have another warmachine, a custom made chaos dwarf awesomeness warmachine, which none of the quadrillion mindless I-buy-only-the-crap-GW-releases-Warhammer-gamers will ever have. SO be happy with it, it is a unique artifact...

Unfortunately, as has been said there's a lot going on with us all at the moment. Believe it or not, I'm here the most often right now, but not able to do anything really because my fiancee split up with, I've moved house, am trying to move house again, have twice had the type of house to look for changed by sommebody else and am looking at potentially having to change cities just to keep some form of sanity. We appreciate you're all very eager, but we politely request your immense patience to hold on a little longer, please.

As DAGabriel has said, it could be good to only check the thread once you have completed a unit or character/monster (/other long-term piece). Then, maybe everyone could post their pics in a new thread to show their completed stuff?
If I didn;t say it before, I'll say it now - we appreciate that it's due to eagerness and excitement rather than demands Wink But thank you again for understanding and setting up a cool side project to keep yourselves going!
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