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Full Version: Little something for our community, Lore of Hashut Cards! (Revised 5/30/12)
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first off all Thanks for the cards.
Second I'm not sure if its allowed to post these cards here, GW ip and all.
very nice work.

another member here also did some cards very similar to these. I cant think of who it was though.
Coolio, they are fantastic - Thanks
Love these!

Time of Madness
Thank you very much. No more wasting time to open the Tamurkhan book looking for spells!!
Those are very nicely done.
Right click, copy, paste into your preferred image editing program, do what you like with it.
Outstanding work Cheers!
Thanks a lot, really appreciated!
Very well done, have some slaves! Takes Hat off
If you want them to look very professional, do a pretty cheap (compared to everywhere else I have seen) service for printing custom cards.
If printed that size, would they fit inside card protectors, the kind used for CCG games like MTG?
Thanks Veshnakar for the design, and thanks cornixt for the printing website! I just provided my gaming group with Chaos Dwarf magic cards Happy

They look a little dark in these pics, but in person they're awesome! Big Grin
I plan to use Artscow for printing my own, how did they turn out? They look pretty good in the photos, are the words in high enough definition?

and even had to pay for the exact font that GW uses on their cards

Really? The standard GW font is Caslon Antique which is freely available. They also use Fritz Quadrata a lot.

CopperPot Wrote:
How much did they charge for these I want some they look great.

Incl. shipping it was 17 dollars.

I haven't used them for these cards, but the cards I had printed through them came out with almost nothing taken off the edges. The "safe" area is pretty confusing. Now is a good time to do it because they have 25% off with no postage if you use a special code.
Ash is just awesome everyone needs to support his youtube channel, he was the main draw for mini wargaming and I want ash to earn enough so he can give me batreps all the time.
Moving this to Rules Dev!
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