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Full Version: For Hashut! As the Prophet wills it!
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Welcome on CDO, as you may have noted I went the other way and started my plog here and than opened up on warseer. Loved your painting there and it is nice to have you here!
Welcome...and great start! Your colour scheme is very different to anything else I've seen here! Looking forward to seeing more!
Very nice! The skullcracker is superb and I love the skintones you've used!
Very cool stuff.... Keep it coming.

I think the blue in the metal portions of your army is very striking and really makes pretty much everything stand out.

Incredibly original and unique, and the Warpstone Dragon looks killer!
Duegars!! Happy
Glad you've come. I like both the Lammasu and Warpfire Dragon. As the army progress I hope you'll post pictures of your various units in the gallery section:

It would be a shame to not have your uniquely painted Chaos Dwarfs included in the photographical collections. Wink
Great Warpfire dragon, the green turned out just fine. I'm too familiar with losing sleep because of a mess of a paintjob demanding correction.
Army shot from a tournament? Tell us how it went!

Even with a lot of flash your Chaos Dwarfs look fantastic. It must be a joy to play against.
First I thought the Blunderbussers' back armour looked fine, than I realized you had pulled off an actually convincing Chaos Dwarf jetpack and then I saw the Sorcerer-Prophet, especially his bull's head servoarm and skulls on fire projectiles. Ingenius. This will be one for the inspirational folder. If you have trouble ranking him up, just convert two Daemon imps, spell effects, gnoblar attendant slaves or the like, carefully positioned on 20 mm bases to rank up with the Sorcerer-Prophet. That worked fine for the huge Grumlok and Gazbag model of a friend of mine.

I like how you succeed to use FW and 5th edition Chaos Dwarfs in your army without any seams. The Khans are great, although it seem strange to me that the older of Khans are not only more dynamic, but probably better sculpted - including the metal wolf mount - than the younger Regiments of Renown Khan.
Wow your CD's are amazing, and i too happen to have help from a cat-imp when painting as well lol
looks awesome! great work!
Heh bearded frogs, now thats an idea Happy
Great toads. I sculpted a smaller frog with beard and a big hat as my sorcerer's frog miniature
Your Hellcannon were amongst my three votes, since that is top notch painting! The only things I miss on this otherwise pretty perfect model is a base for the warmachine (a matter of taste, this) and some gap filling on the rear furnace.
I thought this was an excellent entry.  you had one of my three votes!  Cheers!
I'm still waiting for more pics of your painting Imp-kitten heh, but on a serious note love what im seeing.
I like the blue on the Hellcannon - it's a nice change from the norm.  I wasn't a big fan of the lipstick but overall it's a nice mini!

Grimbold Blackhammer
Great hellcannon! I loved the blue effect!
Dezmord has kindly sent over newly taken pictures to replace the lost images and broken links.

Behold his ashen host!

Ahh. memories
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