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Full Version: For Hashut! As the Prophet wills it!
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Here's an armyshot for your pleasure:

@Karring: Not a bad idea, but it wouldn't fit anymore with the other models.
@Ghrask Dragh: Depending on magic items, it's a little over 3000 points - 3750 in SoM.
@Skink: Thanks for the compliment!
@Admiral: Yeah, unfortunately there's too much flash in the pics.

It wasn't a tournament, though. A friend and I are responsible for a "fantasy-group" in our local youthcenter. We started the group about 11 years ago and currently have 20 kids (10-17) and 15 young adults (18-31) - guess who's the oldest player...
All people in the group meet at least once a month for roleplaying and tabletop games. The pictures are from our meeting last weekend, which was from friday morning 'til sunday noon, were we had a Fantasy-campaign with 10 participants (all ages).
I'm not too proud to say that I'm only second after a 15 years old Lizardmen general.
Time for another update!

I've been busy during the last week working on a Realms of Battle Gamingboard and some terrain-pieces. The last days offered me the opportunity to start to work on two Hobgoblin Khans, which I finished today:

Beautiful army, great job!!  Takes Hat off
@brotsorrow: I completely forgot to take the shot of the Blunderbusses back... here you are:

@Skink: Thanks a lot, I'm quite flattered now!

Nice to see that all of you seem to like the Khans! I had a game vs. Empire today and the Khans performed great, taking out a Great Cannon and harrassing the enemy lines.

There's one model that always looked interesting on paper: a Castellan with a Flying Carpet: Here's my take on it:

Allthough the Castellan is not painted yet, I'm already working on something new: A Sorcerer-Prophet on foot

I got an old Sorcerer from ebay which I had to bring in line with the Warhammerforge minis - hence why I sculpted some shoulderplates, new feet and added some spikes and skulls to his beard. The next step was making him appear like a mighty orcerer, so I sculpted some flames on his base (more to follow) that look like as if he is conjuring them up. hopefully the flames will tie him more closely to my S-P on Bale Tarurus. The last step was making him appear like an engineer, too. Why not add an engineseer-backpack? Some green stuff and a few spike later, and the servoarm looked like the head of a bull.

Thanks a lot for all your interest so far!

Here are some more recent pictures of him:

Thanks again for all the kind words - it's nice to see that I'm able to impress all those more experienced Chaos Dwarfs!

Let me introduce Baal Zhar Nadash, Uncle of Grendal Zhar Nadash and a more "traditional" Sorcerer-Prophet and engineer, who values sorcerous power (and a save place near his warmachines...) higher than combat-prowess.

...though I have to admit that I had a little help painting Baal:

Very,VERY cool Cheers!

I wish I could paint that well though......

I wish I could paint that well though......

Take your time practicing it! I've got twelve years of experience now - my first models looked horrible...

I've finally painted the Jetpack-Castellan:

As you can see, I've cut away the small wings I had added on the lower part of the jetpack, as I found them somewhat out of place. truth be told, I'm not entirely happy with the outcome: I blame the sculpting of the beard - after priming nearly no details could be found on the beard, so I strippe it and gave it a new try, with the same result: the beard isn't as well-sculpted as on the other CD's.

I just love your work, love it!!!!!
Theses make me feel ashamed.....

But otherwise,great work,looking forward to the next project! Takes Hat off[/i]
Thanks again!

@Chico: Allthough these imps are not very helpful when it comes to painting eyes - thanks to Carlo's (the cat) help, I had to paint the Sorcerers eyes at least three times...

@Yoy1zoz2mom3: For new projects: I think there's a competition running here on this side ;-)

@Skink: I was also quite unsure if I should use the old models, as they lack details compared to the WF stuff. On the other hand, several (things like Blunderbusses) are only available as old miniatures, so I had to incorporate some of them. With a more realistic paintjob, even old and goofy models can fit into an army!
Working on my GH entry left me with little time working on an update for this log, so it will have to do with two small minatures I've painted yesterday evening/this morning:

those are both disgusting,and amusing!

Get one as your avatar thing Evil idea
Hmm, a shame that I hadn't thought about adding beards...
A new friend for my Sorcerer arrived today. The Castellan is included in the pic as a size-comparison.

As the voting is over, I might as well share my entry (allthough some people might have guessed it).

No fancy conversion, as I had realised too late, that the deadline was already ahead, so I had only ~5 days for it:

Update on the Preyton has to wait a little, as I'm currently painting two Necron-Flyers...
Awesome painting on that hell cannon , i love the light blue, the flesh tone on engine and the blood effect,
the crew is full of character too Big Grin
@klavier: Good to hear that someone likes the fleshtone - I was completely undecided if it would work...
@DAGabriel: Thanks! So it was the blue that gave a clue about it's owner?

@Admiral: You're right about the gap-filling. I only filled the gap on the furnace with superglue and thought the gaps had vanished - they showed again during painting, which was unfortunately too late...

@ryanamandaanna: Thank you! That means a lot after having he seen all the other entries!

@Borador: Thanks!

@Chico: The imp-kitten was only 5 minutes ago gnawing on my brushes and tried to carry away a Necron-Nightscythe (which was fortunately a bit too big)....

@Grimbold Blackhammer: The cannons victims were also not a big fan of seeing their blood being used as lipstick...

@Skink: You're completely right in pointing out the wheels, though I have to protest against coming along too lazy for bending the wheels. The whole model shows my major concerns about finecast: I bought the box in a GW-store, checked every bit and thought everything was fine. When I was at home and had more time, I found all the minor imperfections which finecast usually has and none of all my Forgeworld-kits ever had (even my Hierophant had absolutely no imperfections!!!). I had to fill several gaps (mostly with superglue, several also with liquid GS). Biggest problem were several of the wheels and the parts between which the cannon is mounted - they were seriously warped! i did what I always did with Forgeworld resin-kits: the parts were heated, bent afterwards cooled down - they re-bent 1-2 days after! I phoned my local GW, as I had some Necron-finecast-models lying around here, which had also some warped parts, and asked why the hell these wheels etc. didn't stay in shape?! Here's the answer: "Well, the resin we use for our finecast-miniatures is way better than the stuff Forgeworld uses, as it shows way more details. We are sorry to hear that some of the parts your model don't stay in shape, but the problem can easily be solved by bending the parts several times over a period of several days in the desired shape." So when I buy a kit from GW, I have to work SEVERAL days on it just to get the parts prepared for assembly? WTF?!

@vulcanologist: Thanks! Good to see that the blue seems to fit with the army.

@Pyro Stick: Thanks! The sorcerer was one of my favourite big-hat minis which I desperately wanted to include in this army.
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