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Full Version: For Hashut! As the Prophet wills it!
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These are just simply amazing!!!
Almost completely identical to how I have envisioned my army, paint scheme and all.........
Just a shame they haven't arrived yet and yours are so great !
Gonna have to get to the drawing board again myself Big Grin
Absolutely love your army. Love the paint scheme and colors. Honestly inspired me to do the chaos dwarfs .. Love the black with red highlights and the skin tone Is awesome . I think I might borrow that idea Happy .. Keep up the great work.. Would love to see some bull centaurs .
Best chaos dwarf army I've seen... Hands down
Fantastic army!!! Love the paint scheme and its very well executed!!!!!
Pretty cool if I might say so! I don't know why the light blue in metal crevasses works so well but i like it Happy
Wow gorgeous paint scheme! I especially love the prophet.

does anyone know where to get fanged skulls like those? or are they custom made?
A very striking army indeed! The Prophet is definitely my favourite.

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