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Full Version: For Hashut! As the Prophet wills it!
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I'm glad someone has done the black with red highlights on the IG. I've been wanting to see how effective it would look for distinguishing them as Immortals (using my list).

It's certainly a striking colour scheme.  Are you planning to base the other warmachines?

I saw this over at warseer but I'm not sure I commented on it.

I think the Lamassu would look better with darker wing membrane, like the Bale Taurus.
What I really like about your color scheme is the massive use of neutral tones balanced by reds. It really gives the CDs a unique feeling.

Myself I'm not a big fan of gray skin but your models are really lovely painted. Great army so far.
Hi Dezmord welcome to the site. I was one of the people from warseer that wanted you to post your spectacular army over here.
I like it, interesting choice of colors! Happy
Wow, cool stuff

Like the effect on the dragonwings, a very sweet army you are amassing here, how many points so far? possibly a medal winging its way to you.

Loads of forgeworld, wish I had your money Big Grin
Aehm.... To all the mods out there??? I reckon that this well deserves a showcase gallery. It definitely shows the new Warhammer Forge CDs in full swing!
Thats a good looking army you have! Happy
Gorgeous. I'm using the same models for my Khans!

Once again, am I the only one here that thinks this army deserves a showcase section?
Very nice looking army i like the mix of old and new and all topped off with an excellent paint job , cant wait to see more Happy
Nice take on these models dude. Inventive conversion. Love them.
Woah! That is truly an inspiring army! I love the red taurus, that's such a nice homage to the old big hat-incarnation ^^

You should send FW a pic of your warpfire dragon. Maybe you'll find it posted on their website... (I heard that happened to someone by chance)

I hadn't noticed the bull head made from the robot arm, excellent!
Cool conversions!
TBH I'm not a big fan of the last two minis. But that's just because 1) I don't like the old sorcerer and 2) your Castellan looks a little bit too High Tech for Warhammer standards IMO. Anyway, nice painting as alwaysCheers!
Shouldn't they have beards? Big Grin
Lovely frogs! As always your painting style proves to be solid
Don't know why I haven't spotted this thread before. Awesome painting and conversions!

Your GH entry looked very nice as well, I find the colourscheme of your army very striking!

Looking forward to the next update
Your entry ALMOST had my vote. I really dig your color scheme, but what I didn't like is the way you glued the model together. You could have spent a couple of minutes to bend the wheels straight...
You got my vote as well. Very cool paint job. The sorcerer a page back with the cool backpack is a great job at modernizing an old mini.
Ha, I remember this army and this blog! A classic Happy

That´s not all of his force though, if I am not mistaken he had a Hellcannon too (perharps some Hobgoblins)? I remember the Hellcannon because it was entered in a Golden Hat.
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