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Skink Wrote:
I'm sure you know well Ishkur's shatterer beast and all his war machines. Why don't you sculpt a "beaten iron surface" like he does? Looks great and suits CDs. Otherwise peek at the CSM's Maulerfined or Helldrake. You can cover your monster's belly/back with overlapping plates of armor (each of which will have a golden rim full of nails & spikes).

I'd drop the boiler if I were you. It looks a bit out of place and the tubing give me the idea of something clumsy, that cannot move freely (at least not at M9). I'd sculpt a lighting bolt or an open gash dripping lava... Or hanging chains, or wrap the whole thing in chains. Or sculpt the "cracked" lava skin effect like Tjub. Check this Destroyer out.

And then, seriously, with such big surfaces you can go to town with details! Spikes, nails, CD faces, skulls, the CD skull (with forked tongue and horns), broken anvils, kneeling slaves, flames, lighting bolts, bull heads, chaos stars, Hashut's runes, CD runes (the ones on Tamurkhan). You can even leave blank surfaces and paint a freehand (like daemon faces or check this out). I mean... If you want details just pick up the old blunderbuss minis and copy the ornaments on their guns/hats!!!

Thanks Skink! I like your ideas! The boiler and tubing idea was inspired by Astragoth and his suit, but I really like your suggestion of the open gash on his back so I might have to rethink the body.

Kera foehunter Wrote:
I can bug you every day till you get tied of me bugging you. Then you're get it done just to shut me up ??
what about that Bas_2312

A slavedriver? Well.. That is very Chaos Dwarfy ;p

Skink Wrote:
Hey what do you think at the freehand I linked a couple of posts above? Man I'd love to pay CD standards like that! Can you Imagine your Destroyer's body painted with that fire effect?

Yeah it's beautiful. My banners usually turn out more cartoony.. but I might try something like that.

Well, the Wolfriders weren't enough fun to keep me interested ;p But I've been hard at work. In two weeks I'm participating in a tournament with this army, and so far the only this of my list that's finished are my Hobgoblins... So there's a lot of hard work ahead. I've got a lot of WIP projects on my desk at the moment, but due to the various Golden Hats and Brush Slaves I can't really show them off... But hopefully you can expect to see a finished army in a couple of weeks Happy

So sorry, don't have much to show, but I'm trying to keep myself motivated this way.
Update time!

Yesterday I played a tournament, so I had to get the base of my army finished. The banners are still empty because I want to take my time on them for another upcoming tournament in two weeks, where my army really needs to look good. But although my army really wasn't finished, I still managed to win best painted! So that's a boost to really try and paint my army the best I can.

Enough text, here are some pics.

Thanks guys! The fortification is just an obstable that was part of the table I played at Happy

No painting update for today, but a cry for help ;p

My army is mostly standard mini's (I love the Big Hats), and although there's nothing wrong with that, I'd like to make some more conversions to make my army pop to get a better chance at a best painted award. Hopefully I will finish my K'daii Destroyer in time so that should be a good start, but to tie the Destroyer and my army together a little more I wanted to make some Fireborn. So here's my first try, let's call it Fireborn 1.0:

I like the way it turned out, and it matches my concept drawings, but I doesn't really feel Chaos Dwarfy yet. I know the pose is a little wonky, but it's also lacking something else. The paintjob might help, but I'm not really sure. What do you guys think?
Yeah, the arms are really big, but that kinda was the idea. I wanted to give them the silhouette/look of an Orc/gorilla, but I agree that it's not working at the moment. So what if I shorten him up a little bit? The arms will still be big, but the overall physique will be more hunched/Orcish than human hopefully?

Here's a skillfully edited pic ;p

Is this any better?
Thanks for your thought guys! I agree the first model really didn't work, but since it was a testpiece it was great to get some advice. I've been working on the idea a little more and this is what I came up with:

Fireborn Mk. 2. This time with shorter upper legs and a bend back and legs for a more hunched over look. I think this does a lot for a less human look. Pose is still a bit silly though..

So here's Fireborn Mk. 3. Shorter legs like the Mk. 2, but also shorter upper arms. And this time I went for a really agressive animallistic pose... And to me it looks a lot better! Only problem is making a dynamic unic like this would be a hell to rank up. The plus side is since it will be a unit of 8 at most, I should be able to work around that. Also, the fists look way better than the open hands..

So what do you guys think? Is this an improvement over the Mk. 1? And what else should I change? It's obviously very much a WIP, so there's still a lot of bubbles and the "pilot" also needs some work.
Bulkier shoulderpads might work.. I'll have to think about that.

I was thinking about maybe adding some flames coming from the vents in the legs and upper arms. That would also make them a little beefier. Thought on that?

Soulassassin Wrote:
Holy Smokes Bas-man! You sure know how to design in plasticard Takes Hat off

I think the latest two poses you showed looks ace. While being slightly cartoony, they now look like they are fighting!

It that a Chaos Dwarf inside the head, acting as a crewman? (Couldn`t tell from the picture)

Thanks guys Happy

Yeah, it's a Chaos Dwarf crewman. Think Astragoth on steroids ;p

Here a pic of the update Mk1, so I guess he's a Mk3 now too.. Mk4 should be with some more fire.. (I only call them Mk 1 and Mk 3 and stuff because it makes me feel like Iron Man, working on my iron suits ;p)

Should be an interesting unit to transport... Maybe I should install some magnets...
I'm still hard at work on this army. It has to be finished in two weeks and there's still a lot of work to be done, especially now that I've decided to add a unit of Fireborn. So here a some WIP pics :

Magma Cannon

And the WIP pile of the unit Fireborn

And then there's all the paintwork I've still got to do... Freehands on the banners, add some shields on my Infernal Guard, paint the BSB, finish the Destroyer... EEP Angry
Thanks Happy

The front rank of my Fireborn is almost done. I just need to fill some gaps with Greenstuff and maybe add some flames and they're ready for paint. Let's see if I can finish these guys in time for next weeks tournament...

Hi guys,

Even though I have loads of Warhammer stuff to finish, I spend my Star Wars day playing at an X-wing tournament. You should really check out the game, it's really fun!

But today I had to get back to work, since I need to finish my army in time for a tournament next week! So I build the final four Fireborn:

Ok, so I cheated a little bit by building two unit fillers, but this way I get to make more dynamic models. I mean, who would like to see this flying at them?

So now I only have to spice up the bases a little more, and they're ready for painting!

Still have a lot of stuff to paint for next weeks tournament, but I'm getting there. But I can't complain, one of my friends who's in my team (we're going to play with a Chaos Dwarf team with me, Bolg and him) has to paint his entire army! So check it out and show him some CDO love and support! Wink

Skink Wrote:
I'd certainly LOVE to see one of those Flying at them Happy. The unit looks great as it is.  Actually, the visual feedback is that they are not missing 2 more models...

Bas i need help! Following your example i bought an old Dwarf Flame Cannon to make meself a Magma Cannon. What is that metal thing that you glued at the gun's mouth? Also, I recently got hold of 50+ Hobgoblins (that ain't cheap I tell ya) and I'd like to know how you Painted your Hobbos' skin. Cause I totally dig that color Cheers!

Happy to help Happy

Unfortunatly I have no idea what that metal thing is. I put it in my bitzbox years ago because I thought it could be useful for something like this. It must be some kind of button or something from a coat, but I really don't know.

For the Hobgoblins skin I've used different shades of Bubonic Brown and Snakebite Leather mixed with Bleache Bone. I wouldn't know what the new names for those colors are, but I'm sure you can figure it out Happy

Another update! I've finished my Magma Cannon and I'm really happy with how it turned out Happy

Now I only have to finish this for the tournament. Just a couple of days left...

Hahah yeah, I can't show the Destroyer yet... You'll have to wait until the Golden Hat! Happy
What's this... a painted army? And it's not even midnight yet?! YAY! I finished my army in time for tomorrrows tournament. Time to kick some behind Big Grin

Here are some quick pics. I'll probably get some better ones tomorrow Happy

The Fireborn unit

My new BSB design (it's a reproduction/update of my old BSB) and some cool markers Bolg cast up for me.

Now let's hope I can win some games tomorrow... Wish me luck! Happy
I wouldn't even know how to get those medals ;p

The tournament was fun. Unfortunately we didn't get nominated for best painted so that was a bummer, but I had a fun day Happy I'll make some better pics this week.
Thanks Thommy Happy

I found some pics someone at the tournament made, so here they are Happy

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