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Takes Hat off  nice army protrait.  I recgonize most of the pieces, some I don't.  Could ya list what you have there?  It would be interesting.  Looking to see more, I have an old army and want to bring it out also.  Cheers  Takes Hat off
How you made the carriage? Plasticard?
So cool! Why don't you use styrofoam for the filling and wire as a inner reinforcement? Styrofoam would make it ligher and costs nothing.

Said this, go with the moustache! Man, do really think a dwarf could hang around without moustaches?
your paint job is very very great on the wolves and riders Yea..
going to steal the beast-man wall shields
I can bug you every day till you get tied of me bugging you. Then you're get it done just to shut me up ??
what about that Bas_2312
I think the arms are way to big.
Freaking great
Nice use of an old flame canon and blood bowl cds   That thinking Happy
very cute  Happy I might steal this idea
is that a destroyer in the last pic being blured out?
Nice magma cannon, I'm using the same model for my cannons, but unaltered
they look great painted up.. i love the lava boys too
I love the Fireborn concept!

BABIS Wrote:
so... how do you carry your army? usually the converted models are very fragile..

Yeah, I can't believe the Fireborn didn't fall apart during transport, but somehow they made it. I pinned every joint on them, so they're actually quite sturdy.

I just use a Feldherr case, they're really usefull for travelling to tournaments and stuff Happy

And because I love my own mini's and I can't help myself, here's a Chaos Dwarf family picture:

First I planned to also add my slaves to the picture (would be time to give them some love again, they have been in storage for two years...) but they wouldn't fit on the table. So remind me to take some new pics on a bigger table soon so I can fit the whole family. I believe I don't even have pics of my Orc army Angry

Skink Wrote:
Beyond the obvious "OH MY GOD THOSE ARE BEAUTIFUL!" factor I actually have 2 questions for you:

1) I dig the way you paint metal. The Fireborn look ace. What's your recipe?

2) BULL CENTAURS!!! How comes you haven't posted pics yet????

I don't really have a specific recipy for metal. I drybrushed them Boltgun Metal and then added Mithril Silver highlights and random mixes of metal and black and several washes until I thought they looked ok-ish...

And yeah, it seems like I haven't shown my Bull Centaurs before. I didn't want to show them off before I had finished the banner, which I still haven't done. Well, I did enter them in the Brush Slave, so here's that pic:

Hot dang another great Big Hat army I`ll file under inspiration until I start on my own big hat army Big Grin

Wooot. The Golden Hat is over so I can finally show you guys some pics! Happy

I made waaaay too much pictures and I'm going to show them all, so here we go! ;p

And a semi-related pic of me (on the left) looking extremely intelligent at a recent tournament ;p

Very nice !!  Greatly PaintedHappy
Since the Golden Hat is over I can show you guys my entry:

It wasn't the most flashy idea, but to me it's the most Chaos Dwarfy model. I just love it's pose and the arrogant look in his eyes, everything a Chaos Dwarf should be. It's also special to me in another way, since it was the model I started my Chaos Dwarf obsession with. I saw it in the store one day and loved it so much I had to buy him. And you guys all know what happened in the years after that... ;p

So yeah, it was about time this model got an update!

Skink Wrote:
Sweet model Bas! Always like all your updates. You working on anything new?


I just put up a little update on my Halflings.

I've also been spending much of my hobby time playing Star Trek Attack Wing, which can be seen in my Scifi blog.

And currently we're playing a Warhammer campaign with our gaming group, for which I've started a Slaanesh Daemon army. There's not too much to show just yet, since only one mini is painted so far...

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