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Looking forward to this... Happy
It is certainly looking train like mate , cant wait to see it finished
I like it a lot, looks great!
Inventive convertion. The chassis is 100% win!!!
Love the beard! And sorry, no self respecting Big Hat statute can do without a nice pointy mustache!

Is it going to be a quadrupedal monster (like some sort of wing-less Lammasu) or standing on his feet? (perhaps holding a HUGE axe?)
Thumbs up!
Fantabulous job on these!!! Why don't you post pics of the 30 men unit???

Also, what's the current status of the Destroyer?
Wow, thats alot of minis! The shield idea looks great as well... Happy
Agree with Tjub, the shields are amazing! You said they are magnetized right? How you did that? I mean, they are too small to hold a magnet aren't they?
I'm sure you know well Ishkur's shatterer beast and all his war machines. Why don't you sculpt a "beaten iron surface" like he does? Looks great and suits CDs. Otherwise peek at the CSM's Maulerfined or Helldrake. You can cover your monster's belly/back with overlapping plates of armor (each of which will have a golden rim full of nails & spikes).

I'd drop the boiler if I were you. It looks a bit out of place and the tubing gives me the idea of something clumsy, that cannot move freely (at least not at M9). I'd sculpt a lighting bolt or an open gash dripping lava... Or hanging chains, or wrap the whole thing in chains. Or sculpt the "cracked" lava skin effect like Tjub. Check this Destroyer out.

And then, seriously, with such big surfaces you can go to town with details! Spikes, nails, CD faces, skulls, the CD skull (with forked tongue and horns), broken anvils, kneeling slaves, flames, lighting bolts, bull heads, chaos stars, Hashut's runes, CD runes (the ones on Tamurkhan). You can even leave blank surfaces and paint a freehand (like daemon faces or check this out). I mean... If you want details just pick up the old blunderbuss minis and copy the ornaments on their guns/hats!!!
Hey what do you think of the freehand I linked a couple of posts above? Man I'd love to paint CD banners like that! Can you imagine your Destroyer's body painted with that fire effect?
Brunch and Battle? That's a really good idea. Happy

Compliments, victory well deserved!
I'm not sold as well... Something is missing. A couple of thoughts:

1) As said previously there should be some sort of protection for the pilot.

2) It is too tall and lean. What is it, an Eldar War Walker or a Dwarven bot of Doom?Wink Make it shorter and bulkier. Especially because as the prototype stands right now ranking a unit of 6 is going to be a a serious pain in the a**.

3) On the top of my mind check out this, this, this, and this for inspiration.

4) Are you going to represent the "burning bright" rule somehow?

Can't wait to see what you and Mr.Plasticard can come up withHappy.
The arms might be a bit too long, but other than that I love it! Wonderful concept... Happy
Bas, right now he is standing like a gentle butler inviting people in at a party ("please come in and may I take your coat/hat")...

If you want to go for a more manacing look you should at least try to bend his legs at the knees, standing up straight is not a very warlike pose.

I would be nice to have him smash the ground in front of him with one or both of his fists (you could crack the grounds there and show some lava coming through)...

I dont mind the long arms but then he should use them in a not "inviting people to party" kind of way.

I love all the individual parts of the mini as it stands right now you just have to figure out a way to make it work all to together.
The pose is much better, although the model still looks too "Eldarish" to me. Maybe you can add some bulk with knees protections, bigger boots and shoulder pads? How about flames to add some CD flavor?
Looks ace!
Great work! I love the hobgoblin loader. I'm longing to see the destroyer!!
The looks great!
Love it!
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