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I love WIP Shots!! this is starting to look very cool!!!

Is that the base you are going to use?
I'd have said it looks more like a tractor ..... Wink
I'd go with the Iron tractor demon. It rocks but I can't help but think it looks more tractor like.
That work in progress pic is just awesome! you are mad to sick on all those rivets!

painting the chaosy bits flesh tone gives a real creepy (and great) result, to bad the pics aren't that well lit.
I'm liking the idea of extra tall hats....
Oeh updates! Paint at night, less hot (:

I love the new fillers. for your next project, maybe start on the Destroyer, seeing your other conversions I'm really looking forward to that.
nice basing (:

Now get back to work on that destroyer!
Vents flaming? Hell yeah! It has also got pipes on its back right? Some flames coming out of those would be great as well. Finally, I'd put flames on its hands as well. For the simple reasons that it's going to hit its enemies with those, and "flaming attacks" must come from somewhere (Note: by this I don't mean that the hands are actually on fire, but that they are EXTREMELY hot)...
Looks cool Happy! And magnets for the win!

Kera foehunter Wrote:
Nice use of an old flame canon and blood bowl cds   That thinking Happy

Agree! That Magma Cannon is ace!!!

...dynamic. Which is something seldom seen in a CD army. Love them so far!
I'd certainly LOVE to see one of those Flying at them Happy. The unit looks great as it is.  Actually, the visual feedback is that they are not missing 2 more models...

Bas i need help! Following your example i bought an old Dwarf Flame Cannon to make meself a Magma Cannon. What is that metal thing that you glued at the gun's mouth? Also, I recently got hold of 50+ Hobgoblins (that ain't cheap I tell ya) and I'd like to know how you Painted your Hobbos' skin. Cause I totally dig that color Cheers!
lovely Magma Cannon Happy! Can't wait to get busy with my own.
Lovely sight. I'd like to see some close-ups of those Fireborn (which look INCREDIBLE) and Infernal Guards.
Beyond the obvious "OH MY GOD THOSE ARE BEAUTIFUL!" factor I actually have 2 questions for you:

1) I dig the way you paint metal. The Fireborn look ace. What's your recipe?

2) BULL CENTAURS!!! How comes you haven't posted pics yet????
SweetHappy! And I can't wait to see the standard. What about that Taur'ruk? Pics pleaseHappy.
You got my vote dude! That things is beautiful!!! I'm flattered that you followed my advice regarding the body and the back Happy.
Opperdwerg Bas!

Takes Hat off

Amazing work!
Sweet model Bas! Always like all your updates. You working on anything new? know that you still haven't posted photos of your big BC unit + Taur'ruk right?
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