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Full Version: Bas' Big Hat Blog
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FYI, the 'shovel' on the front is called a 'Cow Catcher'.

Just though you might want to know.

The train is looking awesome so far, cant wait for more.
Screaming bell base is more appropriate... (if you want to use it in tournament...) You can find one on the GW website...
I'm a big fan of your cannon conversion, Bas. Can you tell what pieces you've used for the sides of the chassis? It looks familiar, but I can't put my finger on it.

If I had the money, I'd buy all sorts of warmachines just for the bits and convert up some crazy inventions!
Flaming hats!  Or flaming faces on the hats!  Or super-tall hats!!  Or hats with trophies hanging on them!!!  Or...

Grimbold Blackhammer
Fine wolf riders! Perhaps you could add wicker pavise shields to the front of the movement tray, akin to this:
Or this:

The square Goblin wicker shields might work fine, although you will probably get problems with ranking up the champion behind the pavise wall due to the oustretched axe hand. You could also consider adding bowstrings if possible to complete the look of the archers.
Wow, that's a great sculpt! you are getting better and better.

I think lamasu beard but I'm not sure.
Amazing sculpting skills you have!
I agree with Skink, pointy mustache would be perfect.
Looking forward to the next update!!
They are looking so much better that the original! great work
Another look through to gain inspiration and its great stuff
That green skin is nice because it isn't totally over done!  Can I ask you to post the recipe?

Grimbold Blackhammer
seriously awesome stuff. Love how you are getting a very unique feel but it still looks as like you are using just 4dr ed models.
Top stuff!
well, I dont know how to put it correctly, but its kinda sexy. damn what an army. you really gave your own spin on the big hats. very impressive. those Kadaai look stunning. but for me the coolest thing is how those painted markers turned up. (I think I have to repaint mine now....)
Great stuff, army pics for the win.  Really like the BSB.

How many points is that? Somebody give him an army metal.

Threadbare Wrote:
How many points is that? Somebody give him an army metal.

Its at least 2400+ points as we were on a tournament yesterday and he brought this army (and that was without the hellcannon, deathshrieker, earthshaker and Bullcentaurs)

You're K'daii looks awesome!  And the colours are perfect!!  *teasing*
Fabulous entry Bas!!!!! I loved it! Loved the green stuff work, the concept of emerging from the ground and especially the glow deep in the eyes and mouth! Great stuff!
Good entry. Try to replicate him in Ogre shape, willya?

bas_2312 Wrote:
It wasn't the most flashy idea, but to me it's the most Chaos Dwarfy model. I just love it's pose and the arrogant look in his eyes, everything a Chaos Dwarf should be.

You have good taste! That model is awesome.

Speaking of flashy... looking at the picture again, it seems like the photograph lets the miniature down; it looks like your camera's flash has washed out the colours.

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