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Cow Catcher

Damn this is incredibly cool ! What a great language...

Anway, this is a pretty huge and nice army, i'm looking forward to see your next additions Happy

Sweet stuff dude Takes Hat off

Nice Iron Daemon conversion mate.
Tend not to like Big Hats that much, but that Warmachine is amazing Happy
How about a hat with a mask, like the DR crew.
Cool cannon dude love it.
Painting, painting...

I have just fall in love with that filler. Brilliant
Great army shot at the start wish I had so many hobos. it so far.

bas_2312 Wrote:
I started work on its beard. I have to say I really like his mustache-less look for now.


I started work on its beard. I have to say I really like his mustache-less look for now.

i think it is because your work is really, really cool.

But i'm sure a moustache would make it even greater.

bas_2312 Wrote:
Finally I've something new to show! It's been a while, and my Destroyer is still in the same state, but I've turned my attention to some Hobgoblins. So here's a unit I'll never use: Hobgoblin wolfboys!

That looks completely amazing Bas! Funny thing is I just finished my first of them today as well. Pirate

Bolg Wrote:
They are looking so much better that the original! great work

Completely true. I love the action and motion of these wolves. With some riders it might not work as they are too 'stern' but the hobos are perfect for them.

I think you just convinced me that I need them, too. Great work.
I really will have to get these wolves, they are much better than the original ones.
Love that basing!
Lol, the  Khans are my next project, too. But I will still have to obtain more hobgobs to even come near that amount.

bas_2312 Wrote:
I really need to finish some Chaos Dwarf Warriors, so of course I decided to build a unit I'll probably never use ;p Ten Hobgoblin Wolfboys incl. command.

My tactic at painting as well.
I thought come one, finish thise set of Black Orcs... and started on some more MM90s and my Kludge.
On the other side, if you have no fun painting it won`t turn out good and the lead pile is high enough for diversity.

Really great looking army !

The magma canon is real weel designed, but the K'Daaï are just amazing ! Incredbly looking, very very well painted, and the proof of some very strong ingenuity. I will never be skilled enough to make the same, and will forever be jealous of them.

Your army, yet modernly painted, i really respectful to old concepts.

Keep on this way and burn them all !
You make my fingers itch to start with more of these Bighats even if there are still a lot of 3rd ed. ones waiting!
Perhaps one or two in between even if I thought I start painting my LoA ones...
Amazing sculpt, congratulations again.

Without the good paintjob it would just have been really cool.

Just great Takes Hat off
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