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Another vote for 'like it!'


Your hellcannon is great, I like this new chassis !
Awesome iron Deamon conversionBig Grin! I love your big hat army (especially the giant)!!! Wish that I had a collection like thatWink[/i]!!!
God... I think we might had the same idea man.. that means that Hashut is indicating the path..
Anyway i've seen your works... simply awesome... i'm looking forward to see the updates..

Singleton Mosby Wrote:

bas_2312 Wrote:
Finally I've something new to show! It's been a while, and my Destroyer is still in the same state, but I've turned my attention to some Hobgoblins. So here's a unit I'll never use: Hobgoblin wolfboys!

That looks completely amazing Bas! Funny thing is I just finished my first of them today as well. Pirate


and what about the hidden Valten? lol
God! those wolf raiders look great!
Very cool stuff!
what is the "fortification" between the hellcannon and the rocket? Wink
I love it!!!
Holy Smokes Bas-man! You sure know how to design in plasticard Takes Hat off

I think the latest two poses you showed looks ace. While being slightly cartoony, they now look like they are fighting!

It that a Chaos Dwarf inside the head, acting as a crewman? (Couldn`t tell from the picture)
have you considered to add some exhaust pipes to the armor suit? Wink
Magma Cannon turned out great! It's got a lot of character
your army looks so good ^^ one of the best here on CDO.. for sure!
big hat lovers Wink

so... how do you carry your army? usually the converted models are very fragile..
Easily one of the most awesome (awesomest??  Happy  )  Destroyers I've seen. <add teasing>
The best fire paint job I've seen in quite a while!
I'm not a fan of the big hat style, but this guy is so cool and it looks just like a destroyer should : A big fire daemon stuck in an impressive statue/armour body!
Forge world should take a look at this Golden Hat edition before releasing theirs.

The only thing I would add on yours is a glowing effect from the pool of lava beneath him, but everything else is perfect!

Great model... fantastic lava painting!
Do you have any wip pics of the fireborn unit. Absolutely love them, reminds me of the badguy from Sonic the Hedgehog.
best destroyer ever TongueP

bas_2312 Wrote:
but to me it's the most Chaos Dwarfy model. I just love it's pose and the arrogant look in his eyes, everything a Chaos Dwarf should be.

so true Takes Hat off you had my vote Cheers!

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