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Very nice army, and GZ on best painted mate!!!

Now lets see some smooth bannersHappy
its a bit lego for me

fairoaks024 Wrote:
Another vote for 'like it!'



+1 Takes Hat off

Bas, dude this is awesome! You are going to win best painted for the BOTC again. You have my vote!
Nice magma, god job!!! I wote for Destroyer beeing blurryHappy

bas_2312 Wrote:
Hahah yeah, I can't show the Destroyer yet... You'll have to wait until the Golden Hat! Happy

Bahhh Sad

Very nice army, looks great. your BSB banner looks bad ass......

I want those markers as well lolHappy

God luck tomorrow!!!!!! Burn some shit......
Awesome army Bas! @ Bolg can I get those markers too? I'll paint em wrong side up :-)
Ver nice army photos. Like how manny blurry Destroyers there are around now HappyWink
Love that Destroyer, and amazing paint job!!!
Congratulations on your Golden Hat win, all of the entries were very cool, but yours really was outstanding Happy look at your entry and I knew that it was a foregone conclusion that your Destroyer was going to win...if only Las Vegas roulette was as easy to predict as your winning entry Takes Hat off
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