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Hi guys,

At the moment I'm starting to work on my Chaos Dwarfs again to update them to the Tamurkhan list, and I thought it would be time for them to get their own blog. They've featured in my Big Hat Ogre blog before, and here's a pic of what the army looks like at the moment.

So they're painted at basic tabletop level, and I've decided it's time for an update. I need to add some units for the Tamurkhan list, but I'll repaint the other models for my list too. I'm kinda spoiled, because I don't like to play an army at a tournament if I don't at least make a chance to win best painted. So here we go!

I'll start with some new stuff, and after that slowly will repaint the older models. This week I've stripped a unit of 50 Hobgoblins, so they will be next... well... that was the plan untill I recieved my Iron Daemon. I don't really like the basic model, so I started to convert it to be more train-like. The crew will also have to be sculpted, since unfortunately the newer sculpts don't match my classic Big Hats.

So after all this text the first WIP pic.

I've rearranged the wheels on the Iron Daemon and added a showel (how the heck is that called in English?) to the front. I think I'll leave of the cannons since I don't really like those... And then the back will need to more details because it looks too empty right now. What do you guys think?
A small update. It's starting to look more like a train. I added the cannons after all, but I lowered them a little bit.

So, is it train-like enough? I will add some more bits to the cabin, and of course some greenstuff and plasticard detail, but the basic construction is complete I guess.

Bolg Wrote:
I love WIP Shots!! this is starting to look very cool!!!

Is that the base you are going to use?

I'm not sure. It's an oval base and I like the way it matches with the warmachines, but we'll see...

Thorne Wrote:
I'd have said it looks more like a tractor ..... Wink

Must be the Halfling farmer thoughts still flowing through my brain ;p

Hi guys,

I need your help! I'm really into building stuff at the moment, and thanks to the recent Golden Hat my Chaos Dwarfs start to look very interesting again. So I wanted to finish up my Iron Daemon. The problem is I really want to put it on a legal base. I like the look of the oval base, but during gaming it can be confusing. So here's my question to you: Would it be ok/legal to put an Iron Daemon on a Chariot base? I don't have a Screaming Bell base lying around, and have some cool ideas for the Chariot base, but I want it to be legal...
The iron daemon doesn't really have a legal base size, so don't worry about it.
Now that the Golden Hat is over, I can show you guys the first painted model in my updated Chaos Dwarf army: my Hellcannon!

I rebuild the chassis to match the Big Hat models more, and got my  inspiration mostly from the Death Rocket. The base might look a bit silly to some of you, but I wanted to put in on an oval base to match the other warmachines. This way it can match my other warmachines once I remove it from its 'movement tray', but it's also on a legal gaming base. All in all I really like the way it turned out, and it really motivated me to work on my Chaos Dwarfs some more! Happy

JMR Wrote:
I'm a big fan of your cannon conversion, Bas. Can you tell what pieces you've used for the sides of the chassis? It looks familiar, but I can't put my finger on it.

Bassman Wrote:
How you made the carriage? Plasticard?

Yeah, the carriage is all plasticard, but it's based on the Death Rocket carriage so that might be why it looks familiar.

Hi guys,

It's time for a CDO brainstorm session!

After some time I finally worked out an army with the Tamurkhan list I like, so I'm really motivated to work on my Chaos Dwarfs again! In my army I've included a unit of Ironsworn (the Special choice warriors) as it seemed like a cool modelling opportunity. The only problem is I don't really know how to start on them and I figured you might have some ideas. I want to use the normal Big Hat warriors as a base and I'm going to replace their weapons with something smaller. After that I'm stuck. It would be cool to do something with their hats, but I don't know what.

So here's where I need you, tell me all your great ideas!
Well, I've made my first Ironsworn, and it's ready to be painted. With the summerweather I haven't really been in the mood for painting however, so I decided to put together another essential unit for my army; my Hobgoblin Archers:

I used some of the new plastic wolves as unitfillers, and I especially like the look of this guy:

So they can be used in battle, and are ready for some paint. Oh, and I had an issue you guys could help me with. I use these guys with shields, but there's not really a cool way to attach shields to the mini's. I figured I could maybe add something to the movementtray to show they have shields and make them WYSIWYG. Any ideas?

Up next: maybe some paint? Or some more assembly? Or maybe even the Destroyer I started to work on?
Still not really in the mood for painting, so I started work on my Destroyer. So here's the first WIP:

It's going to be a statue of a Big hat warrior with flames like Forgeworlds K'daii, and it's going to be huge!

Of course it will get a nice curly beard, and I think I should place the hat a little lower... And what do you guys think, mustache to make it look like a big Chaos Dwarf warrior, or no mustache like the Lammasu?

Bonus internet-cookie for the first one to guess where I got the hat from!
I started work on its beard. I have to say I really like his mustache-less look for now.

For now I'm working on its hands so I can work out the pose. After that I'll probably fix the basic shape, so the fun detail stuff has got to wait for a while...
Hi guys,

Just a little update to show I'm still working on this.

At the moment I'm working out his basic body. I have an armature and have spend half a pack of Milliput on his body so far. This is going to be a huge guy..

I'm going to keep the body a secret for now until I've worked out the proportions, so here's a small part of him. High five... erw.. three..!

Finally I've something new to show! It's been a while, and my Destroyer is still in the same state, but I've turned my attention to some Hobgoblins. So here's a unit I'll never use: Hobgoblin wolfboys!

I just love the new Fenrisian Wolves.. they add so much movement to the models! Here's a comparison with some of the older wolves just to show what a difference it makes.

(I'll make some better pics later in the sunlight...)
Thanks guys! And now for some more Hobgoblins! I've actually had a unit of 30 Archers finished for more than a month now, but since I entered them in the Brush Slave and Golden Hat I wasn't allowed to show them until now! I still have to make a picture of the entire unit, but for now here are the Brush Slave and Golden Hat pics:

Up next might be some actual Big Hats! ;o

Skink Wrote:
Fantabulous job on these!!! Why don't you post pics of the 30 men unit???

Also, what's the current status of the Destroyer?

Well, officially I still have to finish the banner, so they're not done yet.

The Destroyer is still very WIP.

Here are some more pics! Happy

The shields on the movementtray are magnetized, so I can remove them when I want archers without shields, or move them to the other side of the tray when I want to change formation.

Here are some Khans I've also finished:

And the upcoming projects:

50 more Hobgoblins

And 40 Chaos Dwarf warriors

Hope you like it! Happy

Skink Wrote:
Agree with Tjub, the shields are amazing! You said they are magnetized right? How you did that? I mean, they are too small to hold a magnet aren't they?

I added a little clump of Greenstuff to the back, and camouflaged that with the normal basing.

The magnet is under the sandy part ;p

BABIS Wrote:
and what about the hidden Valten? lol

It's a tribute to the older unit.. Or well, it's just a recycled unitfiller ;p

Guys, it's time to ask for you help again!

Last August I started work on a K'daii Destroyer. Half a year later it still isn't finished. The big parts are plotted out, but now I have to add the details. And that's were I'm stuck, and because I'm stuck I don't feel like working on it. So yeah, that's where I'm standing, and I was hoping maybe you guys could help me out Happy

So here's where he's at:

[Pics removed]

The arms will get a coat of flames, so there's still a lot of work left, but the part I'm struggling with is the main body. I don't know how to fill in the big area's. And I really want to add some details to emphasize how big he really is. Can you guys help me brainstorm and finish my monster?

So CDO, please fix my K'Daii? Happy
Little update. Nothing new on the Destroyer yet, but I've started work on something else. I really need to finish some Chaos Dwarf Warriors, so of course I decided to build a unit I'll probably never use ;p Ten Hobgoblin Wolfboys incl. command.

So here's a crappy pic:

Awesome work. Great army shots!

Loved your entry. Happy
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