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Okok, so Bolg keeps telling I should just start a new thread for my Necromunda stuff... So here it is. First a recap from the old thread, and after that some new stuff.

bas_2312 Wrote:
Since I'm distracted once again from working on my Chaos Dwarfs, I decided to change the title of my Halfling Blog to make room for more random stuff.

I wasn't really in the mood for Fantasy, but I was looking forward to painting some more scifi mini's. Re-watching Firefly might have had some influence in that. Well, Bolg has an impressive Necromunda collection, and I am going to start an Escher warband. While waiting for the mini's to arrive (which they just did) I started to work on some scenery. Well, here's the first batch of WIP terrain:

First I started cutting up loads of plasticard into these neat little sets:

And after a little TLC and a whole lot of plastic glue (I think I actually got a little high of the fumes...) this is the result:

What do you guys think? You like it? And have any more suggestions on more terrain? Let me know! Happy

The last few days I've been slowly working on the terrain, and actually finished some, but I didn't get a chance to make decent pics yet.

Yesterday my Escher gang made her debut... and two Gangers immediatly got captured and sent to the Slavers. Good start gals! But the others got to wound a couple of guys so they start getting some experience.

Here's a bad pic of the battle. On the left are some of my Gangers, and on the right is a pile of downed Orlocks! Happy

I'll update with some better pics soon!

beefcake Wrote:
Those cargo containers are awesome. How long did it take you to make them?
So perfect as they can be stacked any way you want.

I don't know exactly... Just put on some movies in the background and time flew by ;p

Another day, another update! Last week during the battle Bolg and me noticed that we lacked some small cover and barricades. Well, here's the first part in my quest to fix that problem.

Loads of little crates who can be used seperatly or attached to something else as a barricade. I still have to work out the details but this was a nice start.

Admiral Wrote:
Excellent scenery! I like the crates and containers and think they're a good terrain choice for Necromunda. I wish GW would give their Specialist games more coverage. After the major Hobbit effort, of course. Lotr needs to regain its place.

beefcake Wrote:
I'd also like to see specialist games get some more of a look in. Necromunda and Mordheim, definately great games.

I wouldn't count on it... The Necromunda rulebook will even be removed from the online store next month (although you can still get the pdf from the site).

And while I'm working on some more barricade stuff, here's the first painted terrain piece! It's a little unusual, but I finally get the chance to build a scifi vehicle so I have to take it.

So here's my ganger Betsy showing of her shuttle.

And one with flash since I really can't take pics..

So what do you think? What should I name this thing? ;p

Another little update!

Last night I was supposed to finish the mini's for the Brush Slave. The only problem was that a Pringles can was standing on my desk and looking very inviting. So here's what I did with it:

I should really paint some of my scenery, but building is so much fun! (but my Brush Slave entry was finished in time!)
No love for Necromunda on this forum?

Last night I spend some more time working with plasticard and finishing some crates. This is the result:

Up next: A painting marathon to finally finish some of this terrain!
All very impressive. You must buy plasticard by the yard!

cornixt Wrote:
All very impressive. You must buy plasticard by the yard!

The guy at the local trainshop is very happy with me... ;p

The last few days I've gone through another load of plasticard, and even managed to paint something! So here it is.

I bought GW's excellent Skyshield terrain piece, but of course couldn't stop myself from at least converting it a little bit.

After this I started painting it, but it seemed a waste to use the 'legs' of the platform since then all the most detailed parts would be on a single terrain piece. So I decided to build an underside from scratch. And it all got a little out of hand after that... After 223 rivets I now have this:

I put some magnets inside so the central part of the platform can be some kind of elevator. I really like the look of the pit (and you can see where I started painting this thing):

It might be a little too massive for Necromunda, but I'm having loads of fun building this stuff and that's the most important thing to me Big Grin

What do you guys think? Got any cool ideas for graffiti or posters on my terrain?

AGPO Wrote:
This is some of the best home made scenery I've seen. I can't tell what it makes me want to do more, make a dash for some plasticard and make some of my own, or grab all my Necromunda stuff out of the loft and start gaming! Really well done! Cheers!

One question: I don't suppose you have templates for the crates and shipping containers you'd be willing to share?

Dig up your Necromunda stuff and post some pics!

I don't have any templates. I just work out how large the stuff I want to make can be with the materials I have ;p

Today I'm going to build some scenery with a friend, so I will update this post later tonight with some pictures Happy

Well AGPO, where are those pics? Wink

I just finished the first two containers and really like the way they turned out, so I wanted to show them off! Happy

So here's Betty with the containers:

And for completeness sake, the first three mini's from my gang who were my Brush Slave entry this month:

Hope you like it!
No love for the last update? I'll just have to keep trying Wink

So here another update. The last weeks I've been trying to work on the massive landing platform, but with summer finally arriving I didn't got much painting done. But thank the nerd lords as the last couple of days the weather has been terrible (typical Dutch weather...) and I've finished some stuff! So here it is.

The landing platform is finished, except some graffiti here and there.

Here my Gangleader showing of some of the details:

And here are the containers and scaffolding:

And here's where I could use your advice. After the landing platform, I'm left with these things. What could they be used for?

Finally a little sneak peak of my next project.

Thanks for watching! Happy
Not a real update since I haven't been working on my Necromunda scenery (I have some cool plans though!), but I wanted to build something with plasticard and here it is. I really like the way it turned out, you might say it's hard to overstate my satisfaction.

(And a crappy pic from the side to show her body)

Right now she's hanging from my desk lamp, but eventually she'll get some kind of structure to hang in and judge all the gangs on the table ;p
It's been a while, but we've started a new campaign and it's time for an update. It's hard to fill two Necromunda tables, and we noticed we have a severe lack of obstacles and low terrein. So I've been working on that.

A set of crates, barrels and other stuff. I will probably add some graffiti to this.

And a WIP for another random piece of terrain.

And finally the Gang I'm currently using!

Just snapped a couple of shots during a game against Bolg. Unfortunately I forgot to take more pictures since a whole lot of bullets were heading towards my ladies, and my leader Molly didn't survive it... Sad

Here are the ladies taking up position to rob a Delaque warehouse.

Everyone was grabbing cover since the Delaque boys were everywhere.

My Plasmagunner took the high ground to shoot down some Delaqua scum and steal their guns. But she didn't count on a Heavy Stubber seeing her from all across the board...

Admiral Wrote:
Very good Necromunda terrain, there! The tabletop is suitably cramped with scenery and it also conveys a sense of grand economy going on.

If I were you I'd try to include something to further this sense (such as a crane or even a monorail or strange railroad, or factory machines). Also I'd try to bring some more 40k into Necromunda with a few more Imperial propaganda posters, something that reminds of the Ministorum or the Redemptionists - say a shrine with candles or a hanged heretic - and maybe some Chaos cultist graffiti.

Thanks! I'm working on some new pieces right now that you should really like! Happy But I'm not going to add more 40k since I don't like the grimdark aspect. The plan is to make the table look more like a civilian area than the crumbled cathedral look most 40k scenery has.

And now something I'm really happy with.. so:

This should be a lot easier than cutting all that plasticard Happy

beefcake Wrote:
Cool!! Is that a solid resin brick? Could I suggest making an insert so that you don't use so much resin? That way you could make probably double the amount with the same amount of resin.

Yeah it's hollow. A solid brick would cost me waaaaaay to much resin to even try this.

YOYOYO! I'm B to the A Basracus, and I'm here to de-pimp your ride!

This week I got a call from some Escher girls who wanted to get a little more action in their ride. Of course I was willing to help them out!

Well, noone here likes pimps it seems... Ok, here's a more picture filled update Happy

So I've recently started to work on some Dark Future cars. They're themed to match my Escher gang. Here's the first one (the one from the video above):

And here's another one I just finished:

Hope you guys like this post more than the last one ;p
Awesome stuff. I love Necromunda. Well done.
Thanks for the replies guys Happy The game is really fun and easy, but the real fun is in the fact that you get to play with your old toy cars again! ;p

And since our group is about to begin with a new Necromunda campaign my gang needed an update. We all get to take one of our old gangmembers and use them as the leader for our new gang. Since the star of my gang was my Juve Meatshield, she gets to be the new leader. Here's how she looked in the previous campaign:

But she's a little older and wiser now, and of course a leader needs to looks a little more striking, here's Meatshield 2.0!

Glad to see you are on Yakromunda now too! Big Grin I've been hanging around there for the past month. It's a pretty sweet place.

Your terrain looks great. Love the crane! Reminds me of an old article in White Dwarf for Inquisitor. Happy

Will you be making a concrete grey board to go underneath all the terrain pieces?
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