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Full Version: Golden Hat #3 - Voting Thread
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Below are the 10 Entries received.  In the spirit of non-biased voting, each of them is given a number.  Pick which one you like the best, and cast your vote.  All votes will be made public, and thus we shall know if people are creating accounts to vote for themselves, etc. It would also be appreciated if you tell us why you voted the way you did.  

We have some very high quality entries this time around!  Well done to everyone.  Casting a vote will be hard for me!
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Entry #1

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Entry #2

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Entry #3

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Entry #4

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Entry #5

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Entry #6

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Entry #7

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Entry #8

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Entry #9

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Entry #10

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Cast your vote now!


All very cool entries.  I am jealous I wasn't able to toss mine in, but they all give good inspiration!

I liked 8 the best.  The mongol-look is very classic to me.  And I also hope that is the look the hobgoblins will go with when we ARE re-released.  (a push away from the cartoony look).

I'd love to see a guide on that modeling too.. It looks almost identical to the DOW hobgoblins.
Entry 1 is awesome. Good colour scheme, good look all round etc. I would of preferred 7 with a more greenskin look although i know all hobgoblins dont have to look like that. All of the entried are excellent in their own way but my favourite is 1
Xander but where is my entry?
I send it to you do you remember?


I vote 8. He's just what I always wanted Hobgobs to look like. Mean, evil Mongols. Great model.

- Tallhat

Lord Archaon Wrote:
Xander but where is my entry?
I send it to you do you remember?

Ack, sorry dude, your PM had been pushed to my second page.  I do get a lot of PMs... :/

Click on the pictures for zoomed in versions.

Entry 5 gets my vote. It has the feel of the 5th Edition Hobgoblin models but still has that darker edge to it that 7th Edition has. And the Wolf is simply stunning.

Traitor King Wrote:

Hi everyone, don\'t forget to get cracking on your Golden Hat #3 Entry!

Dont know if this is the right place for this, but maybe this could be changed to 'Dont forget to vote for your favorite Golden Hat Entry!'

Since thats not the name of this thread in the first place its not very relavent

Let the record show that Revlid changed his vote to Entry #1.  I have adjusted the poll.
Some great painting and ideas there. #2 is good, #6 is very fun, love the colour on #7, #8 seems far too independent to be a slave, got to love the squig-bunny on #1.  Too many to choose from!  I'll think about it.
You forgot my entry again... Is it on purpose?


- Kyte
I vote for #1 because, although it looks nothing like I imagine a Hobgoblin to be, or how Hobgoblins have ever been depicted anywhere, it has a Burtonesque charm that I can't get past. Also, beautiful painting, especially metallics.

EDIT: Otherwise it would have been #8.
EDITEDIT: Also, these small pictures really suck. Sad My guy looked so much better with large pics.

Kyte Wrote:
You forgot my entry again... Is it on purpose?


- Kyte

Crap, I did??? Shock

Please re-send it to my PMs.

Kyte Wrote:
You forgot my entry again... Is it on purpose?


- Kyte

I just checked my PMs.

I dunno Kyte.  The contest is supposed to inspire new creations... it's not really for entering models you have already made...

It's a tough choice for sure. There are a lot of good models here.

For me it came down to either #8 or #1, either model I'd be proud to call my own (as I would their creators' respective armies actually), but I voted #1 in the end for its originality.

I did also want to mention that the wooden handle (of all things) on Entry #7 came across as being especially well painted. I hate painting wood. The rest of the figure is also very well painted and it may actually be the best based figure out of the 10.

Now that I am sure that I won't win, I'll post my mini-blog of my entry.  I never expected to win but I didn't want to influence the voting at all.  There are some astoundingly bold entries, some of them look almost sculpted from scratch and outside the competition they would be getting huge amounts of praise.  Other ones have relatively simple conversions that worked very effectively.  The effort that went into all of these deserves a beer at least!  In the end I went for #7 because it is much closer to how I'd like my Hobgblins to be.  I'm sure that if something other than a Gnoblar head had been used then it would have received a lot more votes.  The shading and highlighting are wonderful, the pose is great.

It's always a small shame that the top 3 entries get 95% of the votes, not matter how well done the 4-6th entries are done.  Might be nice to see how the entries would have done if people marked them out of 10 like on coolminiornot.

Mini-blog of my Hobgoblin Hero for Golden Hat#3

Part 1 - Construction
Finished the sculpting on Sunday, giving me a week to paint it.  The base model is an ordinary BFSP night goblin with a bow.  I replaced the bow in the left hand with a shield from a Desert Dog since it was the smallest shield I had - bigger shields just looked odd - sculpting a handle for him to grip onto.  I completely replace the right arm with the commandar arm from the plastic Dark Elf box, cutting the sword down.  I chose this arm because the hand was closest in size to the right hand, goblin hands look huge in comparison.  Only after I had stuck it on did I realise that the left hand is actually a lot bigger than the right, it just isn't noticeable because the hands are so far apart.  I sculpted a bit of armour onto the left arm to match the right.  The normal feet were completely removed and I sculpted on some new ones.  I had orignally planned to make the shoes a bit pointier but I guess my sculpting skills don't stretch that far at the moment.  The quiver on his back had the arrows removed and replaced by a dagger, and the hood was turned into a traditional Hobgoblin hat.  In total it took me four greenstuffing sessions to complete, and I used the surplus (there is ALWAYS a surplus) each time to finish my neglected blunderbussers, mostly done while watching Family Guy and South Park (just 50 episodes left on my DVR to see...)

Part 2 - Painting
I didn't manage to get hold of the paint I wanted so I used what I already had.  I had intended to paint his skin an orangey-brown to mark him as a Hobgoblin as opposed to a Goblin.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get any paint of the right colour and it was hard to mix what I had into the right colour.  It would also mean I'd have to repaint all my current HG models, which I don't fancy - especially if I can't mix the right colour for just one model.  So green he is.  I've gone for an almost classic GW Hobgoblin colour scheme, the light brownish clothing and red hat.  Armour under the clothes is hinted at by the metal on the arms.  He looked too plain so I planned to add detail on the edges of the clothes, but ran out of time.  Finding a colour scheme that matched the rest of the model was difficult.  Too much red could be overwhelming so I had to make it more subtle.  I origonally had lots of gold but it really didn't suit the beige clothes so I had to repaint that, and the clothes had to be repainted because the brown wash I put over it made it far too dark.  This meant I had to repaint 90% of the model in the last two days, and had almost no time to base it.  Plus I have very little time each day for painting as it is.

Part 3 - Finishing Touches
The base would have been the standard light green that the rest of my greenskin related armies have, but I can no longer get that shade in a form that covers well (the manufacturer waters it down so much now that it takes at least two coats).  Bestial Brown covers really well and matches well as a contrast colour so I might go back and redo the edges of all my other CD models I have converted so far.  
I've named him Wazgab the Skinna, using my own name generator programme (more on that soon).  

I would have added a sash if I had more time for sculpting.  I have to be more patient when sculpting, so many times I would finish one part and move onto another, only to squash the part I had just done.  In this case I didn't really have the time for patience though!  I took some pics of it before painting but only a couple turned out okay, but these weren't in the best positions, and I forgot to try for some more before painting.  My white paint was not responding very well to the moist air here.  Despite now living further from the coast than ever before, the humidity is so much higher.  I'll have to adapt my (admittedly rusty) technique if I want to paint my hordes.  The black works much better though!  The GW employees here undercoat using the grey foundation paint then put a single coat of Skull White over the top - if undercoating with just white you need at least three coats to get a consistant shade.  As if I'd ever do a High Elf army anyway...

The extra height he gained from new feet and standing on a rock made him taller than the other BFSP Night Goblin models that I will be using unconverted as Hobgoblins (except for handweapon conversions and a HG colour scheme) but he is still a little short next to the 4th/5th ed HGs.  Got some new paint for the rest of the HG unit so it should be pretty quick once I start.

Overall I am pleased with his stance and the conversions I did to him, another week of painting would have helped with making him stand out a little more, rather than him just looking like a standard Hobgoblin, but I would probably have started a week later anyway.  I will spend a bit more time on him once I've got the HG unit done so he can be used as the unit leader and look like one.  Maybe some horns added to the hat, more decoration painted on.
i voted number 8, because it is well sculpted, beautiful painted and looks like a real new-school hobbo-leader!
I had a hard time choosing between 7 and 8, but the steppe Khan won. My vote goes to number 8. Beautiful painting job and the Hobgoblin is...well, how Hobgoblins should beHappy

Canix Wrote:

cornixt Wrote:
It's always a small shame that the top 3 entries get 95% of the votes, not matter how well done the 4-6th entries are done.  Might be nice to see how the entries would have done if people marked them out of 10 like on coolminiornot.

That would be a good idea i voted for 8 but all are really good and deserve a mention for being wonderful takes that fit really well with there creators armies.
For my very simple conversion i ended up posting an earlier WIP picture because after another days painting i just couldnt get a clear pic(after over 30 attemptsShock) using a tripod too!
Takes Hat off to all i say

start begging Xander to write some php/sql scripts for that kind of voting Wink

Awww i wanted 1 to win but its 15 votes behind. *cry cry*
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