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since there not much happening this time of the year
Come on and let see some of your snow pics.

Here is mine this is from the day after Christmas

My cat buddie
Don't have snow here but my wife and I love your Kitty-Kat
I didn't take it. just found it online. the thread was just a good excuse to show that pic to someone.
Here's a picture taken on my way into work Monday morning.


It's on a road called Long Hill above the town of Buxton in Derbyshire.

It took me twice as long as normal to get into work that day but I made it much to the surprise of everyone in the office.


Too dark for piccies now. Was lovely but kinda cold day here. This is from late October, first snow had just fallen. It was +5 like 3 days before. Trees still had most leaves on though rapidly turning yellow.

A nice scenic view of "downtown". 14th century cathedral in the background. Don't think many as old cities are as poorly developed so close to city centre. It's quite fascinating actually.

Looking out from my front door over "campus" (more correctly "The Student Village").

At my parents it snowed pretty much every day in December. There were several meter high piles all along the road and we were literally running out of places to shovel it. It started to look like everything had been carved out from an glacier. I forgot to take pics, it would have made for a great "oh yeah you think *that* is snow" pictures. Just before newyear's it suddenly went +3 and everything melted in a few days. The first day it was impossible to get off our street as 30cm of packed snow was just watery slush. My parents were going on a cruise and the taxi company just said "We ain't sending cars to your street anymore, call the city and complain on their plowing..."
On a related note this what I spent time doing during Christmas instead of painting models:

cute snowman, the other looks likely to be a holy terror at wrapping you around her little finger any time she wants to!

no snow again today as its only 33 C (91.5 F) here so far.

Da Crusha Wrote:

They forgot the carrotTongue
we're going to get more snow today maybe i get some more pics

there's never snow where I live, we gotta drive a couple hours for that.

Yodrin Wrote:
But where would you put it.......??


it all depends.Here, this show where a guy would put it and  where a woman would put it
Hey can some of you that got the big snow post some pic. i never seen snow more than 30"
agggggggggggggh  more snow today 8 to 12 "
Ugh!  I moved out of Canada to get away from snow.  I'm going to the beach...

sheogorath Wrote:
Snow here in Ohio too.  I thought it was supposed to be Spring?!  Oh well, time to work on Chaos Dwarfs...

Another BuckeyeTakes Hat off

A lot more snow over the other side of the pond as well.  It's drifting a lot more than any year I've been aware of.

Someone here has seen a snow drift of 14 feet.  Extremely rare in the UK to see stuff like that outside scotland and high ground.

In my garden it's about 4", with a drift up to about 1.5 feet.
Slaves TO HERBY  for mini kitty
here is a picture of the famous fountain of youth..  i guard it well

Samanos Wrote:
hmm havent seen snow 2 years now since I moved in Australia...
really miss it Sad

I said the same thing when I lived in Hawaii.  When I moved back to the mainland, I said, "What the heck was I thinking!??!?!?"  Wink

This is Virginia this morning-- it's been snowing all day.  Happy Spring Break!  :p

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