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What's my plan for this year going to be? That is the question.
Well I think I'm over the AoS Kidney Punch and I'll stick to the hobby process itself and if I get a game I'll be happy with that.

Last year it was finish whatever I had started to paint (excluding undercoated models).  I failed by a total of about 8, 4th Ed Bull Centaurs but it was the first year ever that I had painted more than I'd bought.  Probably because the buying part dropped very dramatically.

So this year I've decided to finish anything else I've started plus any spur of the moment stuff and CDO contests of course.  That will include any and all undercoated models, half built terrain, add shields to any model that is lacking one and should have one and re-do a couple of contest entries just because they need it.

So whilst rearranging my painted CD's I thought I'd make a list so as not to forget things this year.  And its looking quite painful.

First of is the Dawi Zharr items.
110+ 3rd edition warriors and fire teams
20+ Wolf Riders because my army lacks any of them except some Khans
Approximately 200 shields for Hobgobs and CD's
A second hellcannon and a second destroyer.
The 8 Bull Centaurs and a under construction WiP Bull Centaur Hero
MoW Island Fortress that is under construction, a MoW "Grappler" inspired by Admiral (I think)
and the CD's Allies. Which is a Norse Fleet.
Final CD things are to re-do my First Destroyer, the Arcane Fulcrum from the Artisans Contest and finish building my Home Base Ziggurat.

Warriors of Chaos have the Warshrine to be finished and 26 Citadel Snakemen to be my WoC Chosen at least.

Necromunda has 28 figures awaiting attention. 16 Necromunda Cultists and 12 Regiment of Renown Cultists

Saga has a 60 model Amazon themed cavalry/peltast mix that needs to get done as well.
having them done would give me two, maybe even three 6 point armies to choose between.

Then there is the terrain,  a bridge,  my large Saga Hall, and some Viking / Human Village buildings

I think just writing this post was enough work for this month

(Edited - 11 jan. I forgot a few things and had the citadel snakemen number wrong)
As the first step in this years projects, I've finished the three Black Orcs that required some work.
So thats the Grenadier #941 "War Troll Champion" whose right arm was bought damaged, no right hand. I finally decided to do a weapon in his arm as a homage to the pale orc "Azog"in the LoTR Hobbit.
and two Bryan Ansell's "Arralack, Ogre Champions" both of whom had lost the heads of their maces before I got them.



I'm also happier now that I've made the details in the ogres hats visible
Thanks mate. Greenskins is where I started. I might add painting some of my green potential slaves, I mean Allies,  to the list for this year.,
Not much from me this month (February) CD wise as I've decided to start a "How to get things finally done" work system.  
At the start of a month I'll choose a project to concentrate on and attempt to devote the majority of hobby time to it until it is finished.  
So this February is for my Saga Amazon Ladies.

I can and do get to cheat a bit though.  As the Amazons have reached the stage of being painted it means they have to stay at home in safety.
To that effect I have a prospective K'Daii Fireborn and a large pack of WoC Wolves and Olde Chaos Hounds getting all the prep' work done on them, and even some basic painting, whilst I'm at work.

I haven't decided what to focus on in March yet.  Possibly finish my Man O War as my new squadron has arrived from Ze Admirale.
Thanks for the encouragement
I have done something else this last month, I'd merely forgotten about it.
Many moons ago, I had completed these four olde Hobgoblin Rocket launchers

Back then I'd made the launcher bases themselves 50mm.   Well I have rebased them, purely by cutting some off, into 40mm bases so that they now each of them can fit into a hobgob unit as a unit filler.
Yep it is. It took me a fair while to think of using them as such though.
OK. Its the start of March and I'm now 53 years old. This month I think my focus will have to be Chaos Dwarf's as the latest Golden Hat is gunna be due and I'd like some troops to get done.
I might make that a routine. Focus on CD's every second month and on something else in between

Last month I dedicated my main focus to my Byzantine Amazons for Saga and I didn't quite finish them.
The twenty Cavalry and 25 foot sloggers are painted but the Levy needs their weapons. I want to equip some with slings so that will be a make it yourself job.
I will then have to Army Painter "Dip" them, though I paint it on and then Dul-Cote them.

How come if I want to paint anything with a Thinners or Turps base in the house I get kicked out?
But when the wife does her nails (thinners and acetone based)  she gets to stay inside.  Its Not Fair!

Fuggit Khan Wrote:

Abecedar Wrote:
OK. Its the start of March and I'm now 53 years old.

I'm 52, you and me are probably the oldest farts here on CDO. Dang, over 100 years between the two of us Cheers!

Awesome.  The Curmudgeon and the Eye rule!

The last Golden Hat was fun.  It gave me the impetus to build my version of Admirals "Grappler" and then paint his new MoW squadron to boot.  The pic of the Grappler is in Admirals "The Tale of Three Ships"

This sketch is my first effort at planning it.  The matchstick construction is an effort at making a working grapple arm

Here's a few WiP pics of the pieces.  I ended up using the claws from a "Doc Ock" action figure for the grapple arms

The ribs down the side of the hull are staples

Pre painting stage.  The conning tower is the adjustment knob from a water hose nozzle

And the final entry

The blue superstructure is actually much darker in real life being Necron Abyss
Thanks everyone.  
I have been told, here locally, that an Orc ship has something like a grappler.  I thought to my self, that it would make it easier to create some house rules for it.
The little half-round pieces on the superstructures, I envisaged as enfilade positions to cover the boarding parties.
Maybe, just maybe to my own surprise, I managed to get a whole unit painted within a month.

First Section the 3rd Ed mortars and crew.
I had to scratch build two of the mortars bases as I'd picked up the barrels somewhere separetly.

Second Section of 3rd Ed Blunderbuss's, is the Bazooka's and their Loaders

Now the Command Section.


This unit has been together from the early days of the clan.  The many battles and far more numerous barrages from their guns has rendered them near deaf.  This and their individualist nature has made them very difficult to control in battle as they often don't hear the commands.  Even their latest commander, the Lady Bjarni, has had trouble getting them into line.

One night at a "meet n greet" for a visiting dignitary (prospective customer), they as usual were ignoring all around them and were just drinking and yelling at each other loudly much to their Lords embarrassment.  The dignitary, having a more than full measure of pomposity and self importance, kept trying to raise a toast but failed repeatedly. In desperation he raised his crystal goblet and soundly rapped it with his dagger.  The resounding high toned notes range out through the hall that was more used to the sounds of rolling thunder and grinding stones.  To everyone's amazement the Blunderbussers all shut up and listened.

Now as to the Musician.   The Dawi Zharr of this clan have always thought that there was something not quite right about this bloke.  Maybe it is his choice of musical instrument?  But his chosen mode of musical expression was the saving of this veteran unit, who now can hear and even obey directions in battle (and elsewhere).

My second, H'Thark BloodBowl Star player, has been given an accessory base to enable him to join the ranks in battle if needed.


valhallanguitar Wrote:
Wow! Love the classic army. The blunderbuss unit is killer.

Thanks 'THM' and ..
Thanks Valhallan'.   The older models are a bit of a passion.  
You should take the time to trawl through all the army blogs (even those that are sort of defunct now and don't pop up in posts) and see what is there. That is what I did upon joining and even though it took me days, but well worth it.

I've redone a unit filler that I'd made a while back.  it was for the one and only painting comp I entered on the "Da Warpath" forum.
here's the original.  It had a 4th Ed Hobgoblin Bloodbowl as one of the whip wielders.

I removed the Whip wielding Bloodbowl player him and he is now the Emissary to Lord Fuggit Khan.
I replaced him with a spare 4th Ed Leader. Re-did the base and the slayers shorn-off beard.


Thanks Admiral.  Its becoming a mission in life.
For that painting comp we had to include the "Zogging Rocks" label to prove it was new pics.

Trying to get cotton or something the same colour as the slayers hair for the shorn of beard was actually pretty hard.
Another small dent in the "Not finished and done Yet" list.

Here is 3 Bull Centaurs that had needed some more work and a final decision on the style of base.

Thanks Admiral.   Aaaarh!
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