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Full Version: Ash Wastes Insurrection
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Crawling pace on the Ziggurat. But some minor progress.  

A test sample of the rocks I intend to leave scattered around most of the ziguurats base as a layer of added defences.

And something I'd done to the statue but no one had commented that his eyes looked odd.
I've drilled them out and up through his base for a LED light and here's a glimpse of the effect,

Thanks Admiral. I should have known 'you' would have noticed and wondered.  Never assume I do the smart thing.

Kamphre Wrote:
Wouah, nice effectivement with the led !
How did you manage to drill this holes ? I assume they're not straight inside the statue ?

Yep, straight in towards the centre ( well roughly, they is a bit wonky so far).  Then I drilled up the centre from the bottom in gradual sizes.
Final size is about 1/4 inch, just enough for the LED to sit inside.  There is a bit of leakage but I should be able to fix it

I used a 'Tea Light' LED candle and trimmed the size down so it would fit into the hole I had.  They are cheap and easy to get. You can see the rim of the battery, so this size tea light is down as small as it will get unless I dismantle it etc. There is also a pin hole up through the centre of his hat just in case I can do something up there as well.  Not sure if a cheap tea light will be strong enough for all of it.

Probably won't do lighting on the ziggurat for this one as disassembly would put it in the trash can, now my tabletop one is another kettle of fish all together.  When I get back to it that is.  You can see the start of it back on page 3 of this blog.   Thoughts of LED's have occured with it.
Another question for you all.  I've intended to fit this turret to the front for a while now.

1.   Does it look too big?
2.   Would it be better if I removed the side barrels and recessed it a bit?
3.   Would it look more in place if I shortened the brace / arms?


And I have no idea why every so often one of the photos appears here big.  It has been edited to the same size (300x300) in Photobucket
Edited 2 hours later and it (the picture) is not big anymore
So a little bit more done.   Keep the comments coming...

Some teeth and filling on the gate.

The initial re-construction work on the turret position.

Turret and gate painted up.  I keep forgetting to show you that the gate actually slides up into the tunnel roof

The crane is in its first stages at painting, You can also just see some of the "sewerage" pipes a bit better above the rocks
I have thought of adding some bulls head sillouettes maybe.  Its the cutting of multiples of anything out in some semblance of uniformity that I have trouble with.
At present I'm just winging it as I go along.
Thanks fella's. Its when I start painting because I think its nearing being finished that I get impatient
We have just had our "Fathers Day" here, and I had a great one. Here is some of my loot.

A Mantic Supreme Ironcaster and a Mantic Supreme Ironcaster on Great Winged Halfbreed, amongst some Harley Quinn goodness.

And this post was my 3000th.
Now that the Artisans entry is in. I got a tiny bit done on the MoW fortress.
Just some detail work on the sewer pipes for now.

I poked some fine copper wire into the pipes to give me a frame for the outflow.
I don't think I'll use glass beads for much again, they break easy. Maybe I'll just be more careful.


Then some colour to see how it looks.
The green is just some old Citadel "Bilous Green" watered down.
The green rocks I painted with two coats of Carronberg Crimson.
Thanks all.  Tonight I'll do a couple more pipes in different shades to symbolize other refuse etc.  
And I'm trying to get an oily slick effect in another spot
Some more work to show on the ziggurat.
To start with a couple of pics of the main gate

First of in the Up position.

And in the Down position,

EDIT - and lookinh at the pic it needs a touchup
Now the sewer pipes.

This is the main set of three Toxic waste ones with a bit more paint.

The four along the rear wall

and the others on the left rear corner
Here on the right hand side near the base of the right "horn" pier. is a little side gate.  It doesn't physically open like the main one though.  Its where I've chosen to try and simulate an oil slick.

And and lastly a pic of the rocks in various colours.
The rocks I use a lot are a type of fish tank filter gravel that once used i give a real good rinse and then leave to dry.
I just put a different wash on each one and see what I liked the best.

As an Admiral, I know your not expected to known all the little mechanical details pertaining to your navy.
Sir, It is simply a system of pulleys chains and gears is used to raise the gate up onto horizontal tracks in the roof of the cavern.
(Helped of course by the invisible fingers of the creator.)
A final update before I have a break from this project.  I've tidied up the base edges colour and redone the bottom walls colour but you won't see that in the picture much and of course I found other bits to clean up on higher levels so that's the obvious paler patches.  I took this shot from the observation balloon to see if that gave a better idea of how it looks.

You can see the oil slick a bit better and some of the other effluent outflows.
Thanks Tjub.  I'm a bit at a loss on what to do to it next so I'll do something else for a while
I know most of you think I don't have enough models yet, and I guess that's what a mate at our local club thought too.
I missed last night club meet due to work and my son gave me a present from Chris this morning.  He'd been to MOAB in Sydney on the long weekend
and thoughtfully bought me these.  40 Rank and File Mantic Abyssals, 2 Characters and an Abyssal Halfbreed.


Admiral Wrote:
Excellent work so far, and great touch with the oil slick! I didn't make out that the gate was raised horizontally into the roof because of the side were the bottom sawline is found. Very good design! Best of luck when you return to this monster sea fortress. And I support the idea of an admiralesque fresque. Big Grin

Thanks Admiral.
It could have been designed better, maybe executed better would be the term.  It is hard to get under the ledges to do anything with the wall on each level

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