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Full Version: Ash Wastes Insurrection
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Don't know why but i chose a Great Taurus to get finished next, when I have a couple of dozens warriors half painted .


Looks like the wings the need more shading to high-lite the ridges but IRL they are a fraction more defined.

And the Warlord isn't new. he's the rider from my slave giant.  He's actually intended to ride lots of things that i intend to make as I go along
Thanks fella's.
I'd forgotten but that Warlord had made another appearence as well.  He featured in an artisans contest where the theme was "a place where CD's are not usually seen"   My theme was a CD in a Carnival, where everything was nice and having fun - his nightmare!   and he was holding balloons and fairy floss then.

Edit notice - Just in case someone actually notices that photos are doubling up in my blogs.

originally I named my files in Photobucket with names that are too long. What happens here is that sometimes the PhP program thingie will not accept the image link because its location name becomes massively long.
So I've copied my folders in Photobucket and given them shorter names.  Now before I delete the old (long name) folders I'm redoing the link addresses to all my photos in previous posts.
Big job but it seems to be the only way I can do it.

Once I'm done I'll delete the older links etc
Well that job is done.  All my photos (bar one that I know of), in this thread at least, have been re-linked and not lost.
took a fair few hours but I'm happier now.  A few replies that included pics in the quotes earlier on have lost the pic link but that's no real biggie.

Next job is to catch up on adding pics of completed units in my thread in the showcase section, which had been neglected since 2013. I totally forgot it existed.
And also catch up on everything that needs to be in the relevant Image galleries.
Thanks again all for the votes in that last scribes contest.
So to fix my painting withdrawal symptoms, I jumped onto my second lammasu to give it a quick make-over and to finally be table top presentable.  No rider as yet, though I'm pretty sure there is one in a box somewhere.

Yeh, It does look a bit bare.   The Great Taurus I finished recently got a bit more love. I took the time to make better cracks in the base for the 'lava'.
guess I got too exited and prematurely ej.. posted it.
Thanks PM. The beard was originally a plain red with the black face,  I just hit it with a light white drybrush then several layers of Orange wash.
basically the same way I've done my recent banners
Finished terrain?. Mein Gott, I'm not giving up but I've really dug myself a hole with the big Ziggurat.

Anyway. Now that I know the subject for the latest Golden Hat, I will unveil a small unit that was started alongside the ladies I did for the last one.
I thought I might as well make these guys my berserkers for Kings of War.



I didn't ever get to collect a whole ten of these pirates, but one Marauder Troll slayer, one of Delaney Kings Bederkin Dwarfs and old CD Rambo fit in I reckon.
Only have to decide what the standard banner deserves and they'll be fully done
I wasn't expecting a GH before XMas so I'd decided to do a muster of all my painted and un-painted models.  
The plan was to see what I needed to fill out the painted ranks and sell the rest.
I'd really like some of the new stuff out there but justifying it when these aren't done is a bit of a stretch.

So instead of painted stuff, here's a pic of most of the Chaos Dwarf models waiting to be seen to. Note this doesn't include the Hobgoblins yet

just a list of what is there -
still in bags FW Inf Guard (13); FW fireglaives (13); Mantic Blacksouls (40)
Bull Centaurs (8); Lammasu with manticore wings & 4th Ed Sorcerer (1); Bederkin Dwarfs (14);  Clams ewal dwarfs (14);  Titan Dwarfs (37);
3rd Ed all types (120+);  4th Ed Plastic Axemen (12);  4th Ed metal Axemen (21) 7 BB's (30);  4 Earthshakers;  Grenadier evil Dwarfs (21)
1 x Sjoerdos & 1 x Atom Taylors Ass Cannons;  1 x Hellcannon;  2 x Destroyers;  Mixed Characters (20);  Mantic Great Winged Halfbreed
and finally 3 x tenderisers and whirlwinds in various states of dissarray
@ PM  =  I feel your pain

Just a little update, Everything on the painting table is on hold for the Golden Hat. This little fella didn't make it through to the finals.
I think the Quartermaster thought he wasn't Chaos Dwarfie enough for a GH.  I'll get some more pics when I'm home next. The other ones I had were not any good

And so my Blood Bowl squad has grown by one.

I took some more pics of him this morning.  I'm reduced to using my phone now-a-days in stead of my proper camera.


Thanks fella's.
Yep.  It is a "Deathroller" but merely a vanilla dwarfie. I don't think CD's had it as a rule
Thanks PM. My Blood Bowl experience is limited to two introductory games against elves and skaven I think, before our only serious player left the area.
Just a single lonely "Hobgoblin" to show you today.  I found another Grenadier Orc that I hadn't fully finished previously.
And on a quick rough count, he is about the 385th figure I've painted for my Dawi Zharr army.  (I'll fix the count if and when I can be bothered).

Thanks PM.  

Some one here, years ago, had a formula for what a painted model s equalled what in terms of size etc.
So I used this one (whilst stuck at a siege, that turned into nothing, for hours late last night).
Single models = 1, HG on Woofs & BC's = 2, Lammasu & GT = 5, small war machines = 5, bigger war machines = 8, large Inf = 3, Giants & Destroyers = 8.
So my count was a wee bit off.  using the above formula it comes to 539.

In my other rare spare moments I'm trying to get my unpainted Hobgoblins lined up for a photo and to decide who gets painted next but interruptions are causing it to drag on.
Worked late again so its too late and I'm too tired to get any proper progress done on the GH Entry.
So here another partly completed applicant for the position.  Well a possible mount but I had no idea who to put with it or how to kit it out to be useful.
@PM  -  What makes you think I am not entering the GH?

@Zanko  -  I thought you would like him.   This one is shy a couple of pieces, namely the mortar and the mortars orc firer.
It is a RAFM model from 2005 according to the box.  "Hartha the Death Machine" Orc War Triceratops.


And yes, that is a second one. Brand New, Mint in the Box and shrink wrapped
Yep solid metal. The Dino and top platform are cast in one piece. If I remember right the side armour plates are separate and so is the front armour plate on top.
So I'm pretty sure I'm only missing the mortar and the boss orc.  I think I have both horns.
I have a nice old Dwarf "bombard" cannon which might fit and I now have dreams, I mean ideas, of making a howdah style arrangement for it to put troops on.
I'm now definitely liking the howdah idea for the Triceratops as a plan, but god knows if I'll ever unwrap the other one.

And back to the other plans brewing in the cauldron.  I've finally managed to line up all the Unpainted Hobgoblins and usual Hobgoblin wannabees.
(Please note this does not include any citadel goblins or night goblins with grandiose ideas).

As it stands there is the following awaiting attention.
25 x Woof Riders.   A mix of Grenadier, some Citadel 4th Ed and a couple of Oglah Khans boyz.
20 x Sneaky Gitz.   18 Citadel 4th Ed with 2 Reaper Orc Headtakers in for fun.
20 x Citadel 4th Ed archers
5 x Citadel 4th ed Axemen
4 x Citadel 4th Ed Big Bosses or Bosses
2 x 4th Ed Bolt Throwers and 1 more 3rd Ed HG Rocket Launcher
21 x Mixed Models. 6 Old Citadel I think Urak Hai, 3 TSR AD54's and 12 other odd ones
36 x Grenadier Orcs
31 x CM9 Chronicle Hobgoblins
22 x Citadel FTH = Fantasy tribe Hobgoblins
10 x Chronicle Hobgoblins
and lastly those brightly coloured one which are 35 x Grenadier Goblins.  (272 roughly)
I may not bother with the main troops of them but their bosses or 'Great Goblins' are very nice
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