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Full Version: Ash Wastes Insurrection
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Its time to do a start of the month update (a week late I know)
Of the list from january I've only finished the 15 Crossbows, The two earthshakers and their bases
It's been a wee bit slow this last month for lots of reasons.  I did get some work done on some homebuilt buildings though as well.
I've been working on "The crowd of red things".  The Gargoyles are being difficult. I've never painted anything daemony before but I'm
starting to get a bit happier with how they are coming along.

@ Murkwood.   It is a totally mixed bunch with ..........

7 of them being Citadel C48 gargoyles.   http://www.collecting-citadel-miniatures...yles_-_C48

1 is a grenadier dragon Man #M46

The 'male' upright small bodied one is a Ral Partha Gremlin from 1979
The one without wings (missing) on all fours is a Chronicle CM15 mini from 1981   http://www.collecting-citadel-miniatures...tors_Guide

The other three (female daemon?; the smallest one hunched down and another that looks like a Dragon Man but with more armour) are ones I'm not sure of.
Thanks fella's,
Many ideas are already bouncing around and taking up valuable space in my head but I hadn't though of Fireborn.
Oh well, its the start of the month update time. To be honest I have fiddle-farted around for various reasons and haven't achieved much.
I have gotten the gargoyles for KoW finished ( I think).



Edit: -   and I haven't finished the now that I look at the photo's.  Shields need some work and I forgot to do the female daemons hair

I did get a lovely surprise just in time for my birthday.  My Daemon Cannons by John Pickford from Kickstarter turned up yesterday.

And I'm really sorry for the photo quality nowadays.  I've only got my phone now as I've busted the zoom/focus on my proper camera
We are holding off on a proper pressie until we go to the big-smoke in a few weeks.  A new camera was the plan, but I also may want to take up archery and buy the gear for it.  Can't afford everything.
I think I'll try to build a light box and cut down on the caffeine.  Better lighting and less shaking might help
Well my birthday weekend went south after Friday.  Decent storms (for us anyway) Not like you northeners get. It put some rain into the roof where it shouldn't have been and all other plans got thrown out.  We were going Platypus sight-seeing down in Bombala.

Anyway I took some time out and built a Light-Box, on the cheap of course.
A basic cardboard box (as per the internet) to start with, no proper white card board inside yet. With a frame for the lights that sits around it.

The lights frame folds up to save some space.  I'll tidy up the wires now that it seems to be working.

And here's a couple of test photos of a bunch of MM90's WipP's (20 all up at the moment) to see how it looks.
They are just some Halogen globes that I had enough of to do the job.
I need daylight bulbs I reckon
I've only got a Samsung S7 phone now and may not be buying a new camera for a while.  I don't have photoshop. I just take the pics upload and crop / resize them.
Now that I have the box I can adjust things. Maybe the bulbs need upgrading and maybe the translucent paper needs to be a different type.
And definitely something to stop me shaking when I take the pics.
Not so weird at all. I was usually to lazy to set up my tripod so that's how I used to do it with my proper camera.

I've yet to get better bulbs but I've adjusted one of the test pics inside photobucket a couple of times
Just a wee update on my MM90's shields, Still work to do on the models themselves as well.
Got no idea if they'll actually let me rank them up in the end.



I thought I'd try to add some detail and spikes by adding another layer to the shields but in the end I didn't like it no matter how I trimmed them.
I ended up just keeping the two diamonds on the bottom end of the test peice and cut the rest off

Slowly getting somewhere with my 3rd Ed' Blacksouls unit.  I've gotten some painting done on the shields and fitted them.  here's some WiP pics of them as I set them up on their KoW Horde base.

I know they are MM 90's but as that series don't have a standard and musician I'm inserting some from the 3rd ed command ones that I have to make
Here's the KoW Decimator Horde in a more completed state.  I'm not sure of using the Titan female Lord as the boss but I'll see.

The spaces along the back need some filling in so I decided to make some spare rockets and some slaves to pass them forward.


That's one pair roughly ready.  I think two more rocket racks and however many gnoblar slaves with differing poses that I can fit in
Thanks Admiral.  For some of the Slave/Gnoblar poses I'm thinking of trying might have to flip the original carrier upside down.
For the next pair, I'm thinking I might make it so that two of them would be carrying it on their shoulders and it might be more functional that way.
Thanks fellas.   I thought of putting war debris on the tray but thats not normally my kind of thing, mind you any 'lava' style bases weren't what I was doing to start with either.  
I don't know about it being the best idea of the year but thanks for the ego boost
Once the dratted artisans was over, I decided that I would concentrate on finishing my second Hellcannon.
So without any more delay, here it is.



And to prove it is actually a second one, here they are together.

I've kept them detachable from the bases, as I believe that if they go on rampage it should be without them.
Its the start of May and I've had an idea.  
My Ash Wastes Insurrection is an alliance between a number of clans and up until recently it was a bit of a mish-mash of differing models.
Anyway, for the foreseeable future I'll be concentrating on evening out the two clans armies by getting an equalish numbers of troops and war machines ready for both clans.
Most of my war machines are 4th Ed or Forgeworld so I have to balance things by coming up with 3rd Ed style equivalents etc.
Ass cannons will be the equivalent of hellcannons and so on.
I'll probably go down the path of slightly lower tech for the 3rd Ed Clans war machines.  I'm already using my Juggernaut as an Iron Daemon.
Also as the 3rd Ed clan is now slated to be from a mountainous region it might make it easier for me if I also go for a more man/slave portable tech as well.

How about a list to help me organise my thoughts.
Hellcannons = Ass Cannons  (Sjoerdos and Atom Taylors)
Iron Daemon = Juggernaut
Dreadquake = Earthshaker = Ass Cannons  ( Old School miniatures)
DeathShreiker = Death Rockets = ...... I have a low tech / portable idea for this one.
Magma Cannon =   no ideas yet

I'm already using my whirlwinds and tenderisers as bull centaurs and the swivel guns and mortars as part of the blunderbuss units
I don't have a skullcracker and if  I do ever get or build one it will be a long way off anyway.
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