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Full Version: Ash Wastes Insurrection
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Thanks Carcass.   That is an absolutely brilliant idea.
I chose my name as a shortened version of Abecedarian, which means learner.   But every so often someone thinks my name is Abe Cedar.
You could do worse than Carcass as a short version
Despite the evil machinations of the Administrators (by creating such interesting contests) meant to delay the growth of all our armies. I have finally finished the KoW Horde base for my Decimators with their attendant Gnoblar ammo carriers.



Start of June Progress Report.

Bugger all to report this month.  Whatever projects are on the bench are still there.

All efforts have moved to the airfield and the construction crews working there.
Thanks everyone.  I really love the old school models and paid for it.  I'm glad I got that many before common sense kicked in.
hello fellas, it has been a while due to the photofucket debacle and a large dose of modelling fatigue from the airship build.  I was actually off-sick from work for almost the whole of June and got to spend lots of time on the model.  Even with all that time I didn't get it finished.  I just kept making what I wanted and thought it needed.  The crew I did in two days of panic as I was one of those who didn't read that crew were expected.  I chose FW Infernal guard as i didn't have any of them done yet and i thought I did well cutting the guns of them.

Anyway so I'll restart with just the entry pics of my airship as a test run with Imgur

Sunday 23rd = Okay so the images don't show from Imgur, only the links. I'm guessing that isn't how I'm supposed to have done it.

Monday Morning = Thanks to Admiral and Enjoysrandom for the advice. I'll keep trying.
Got Imgur working it looks like though I didn't do anything different.
I'm trying Google drive too as it is reportedly easy and I already have an account with google

Monday Arvo. =  Looks like with the boys help I've got my head around this new stuff.
I've gotten the post above sorted now with google drive so I reckon I'll continue with them.
Now that I'm back up to speed I'll get back to posting.
i wanted to do a big build using cheap or even free stuff.
I'll start with the first steps in the build and work my way along.

Here's the first stage. the bit in the top left is the first dirigible.  I didn't like it so that bit was discarded.
The other piece and its two interior walls was going to be the whole gondolla but it ended up being just the middle level

Here is the start of my next inspiration for a balloon section

I cut strips of cardboard and wrapped them around a plastic bottle to make however many of them the same size.

tjub Wrote:
Nepp, no pics at the moment. Tongue

Bugger, I can see them. Anyone else not seeing them?
I won't bother posting anymore until this is sorted

Hopefully I have fixed it with some more advice.
Someone please tell me they can see them.
Here is some of the next stages in the GH Airship build.

I thought that using balloons to keep the frame round was a good idea whilst I stiffened it up with some thinned PVA. It worked as well as my fabrication of the frame allowed

Here's the bottom third of my gondolla. Built like the rest of the airship, out of backing cardboard from my work.

And here is one of the propellors.  Same cardboard again, in three layers and I made a bevelled forms out of ply to try to give them a twist as they dried.  I did buy some toy propellors, the type you shoot up into the sky but I didn't like them.
Next steps.
I had to build the rear balloon frames separately, as I needed more length, then I did the same as for the front sections.
Ballooned and stiffened them before spray painting.

I wanted an outside crew deck on both the bottom and middle levels of the gondolla originally but settled just for the one on the middle level.  It was a little bit tricky as the shape tapered upwards so i had to make small braces with an angle to make the platform flat.

And here is all the main pieces before I started assembling it
Building the middle level and making into it was something I was happy with took a while.  This is really only the first stage of detailing it.

Once I was happy how the gondolla was going to look, I had to sort out my balloons.   I originally envisaged individually bound K'daii inside the balloon framework.  In the end I settled for pictures of daemons pasted on the inside and I used teddy-bear stuffing to keep it pressed outwards
Next I had to join the two / double balloon sections together.  this did not go as smoothly as I had envisaged and I won't repeat the language that was frequently employed.

I ended up having to add the two broad bands around the join.
You can also see one of the alligator clips, that I used a lot, to hold pieces together whilst the glue dried.
In this view the balloons are upside down.
These are dragons. They costed $2.00AU ea at a cheap shop.  So far i've only found a use for their heads.

The Flame cannon from the lower deck is where I used the dragon head.

The flame cannon barrel is from a disposable needle from work.
The gears are out of Hashut knows what toy that I dismembered
The main magma barrel base is from bottle caps and bits.
The coil chamber is a supa-glue lid with copper wire wrapped around it.
The base is a 2lt juice container lid and the platform just cardboard.
the decking was my first idea using plastic strapping. i didn't particularly like it
These pics show the cockpit ensemble. The gear levers for speed control, the two control consoles, one already installed.
The ladder constructions are for the upper decks

In this view, you can see the two control stations. The right hand one for the engine room with its three speed gears, one for each propeller and a single speaking tube to the engine room.
The left hand station has 5 speaking tubes for differing offensive armament locations

you can also see the cupboard (for want of a better word) and the non-slip decking.
this is just plastic fly-screen glued down onto the cardboard.   I much preferred the fly-screen decking to the plastic strap made decking that I tried on the magma cannon decking
Here is a view of the upper deck with the top-aft gun platforms. it shows the upper decking and one of the cross over platforms.  the guns are minimally customized empire deck-cannons that I've had lying around for a few years.

Thanks Admiral.   I am slowly getting back to it.
This is my vision of the crew for my airship.  For the competition pics I could only get 11 crew ready.
I used forge world fireglaives and two Daemonsmiths
And also shown here is the rest of the prospective crew.

I was thinking of making the basing for the Airship crew to match the decking. I started on the Airship captain
I do desperately need some feedback on the basing here though.

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