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Full Version: Ash Wastes Insurrection
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Enjoysrandom Wrote:
Holy Hashut! Abe that is some nice work!

Thanks ...  Your advice (and Admirals) has been pivotal to me restarting. My head literally freezes when techno / internet shit changes and I was struggling.

Missed this one in the previous stage of construction.  I had to make a third / upper level of the gondola for it to mate with the the balloon section, and give enough room for the propellers that I wanted

I later justified it as it became the magazine and connecting areas from the gondola and upper platforms
Things are progressing very slowly with me finishing the Airship.  I have a list of things i want to finish or add to it.
1.   Cannon slide rails to bring the cannons in and out of the Gondola
2.   Bomb slides and/or rails
3.   Cargo Hatch chains
4.   Cockpit canopy
5.   Upper deck gun platforms on sides
6.   Upper deck platforms chain railings
7.   Rivets
8.   Crew  -   Another 16 or so FW infernal Guard.
9.   Crew  -   Basing to suit the machine.

Here is my efforts so far at designing a slide that will get the cannons out as far as I want

These two don't work so I'm still designing in my head.  

Here is the start of the guard chain railings.  The two twisted wire things are my first Idea.  I wanted a spike on top to pin skulls too and a ring to run the chains through.  I'm using wire pins and stuff from a bead shop.  These two worked fine but the next 8 all snapped.  so a change of plans I simply bend the pin and glue some cardboard "brackets" to provide stability and shape.  So those are my first efforts at that type.

And as to putting the rivets on the Airship, I have so far made 900 by cutting very short some dressmaking pins.

I'm not sure if I'll need more than that or not
As to the basing of the crew,  I really think I might base them to match the airships decking

The decking by the way is just household fly-screen glued onto the cardboard.
OK we'll try this.  I'll do the same pic from both imgur and google drive.
So please tell me which one works for you and which web browser you are using

This is a WiP of the shelving that sits at the back of the Cockpit.

From Imgur

From Google Drive
C'mon people.  300 odd views and only 1 person has helped me by telling me which images they can see.
Okay.   Round two.  I have changed all the pictures from post # 543 over to "Imgur".
So Please tell me if you / anyone cannot see them.

So now here is the Airships flag.  I cannot remember (and I couldn't find it) who made this as a banner.
I stole the idea (thank you) and free handed it from memory.  I liked it and also hoped to throw some mis-direction into the competition.

It is removable for obvious safety reasons during transport
Thanks all.  
I just noticed that I haven't shown the airship's base and stand yet.  I really haven't decided what way to go with it yet either.  so here it is.

I'm not sure if it is too high or not.   I haven't actually measured it come to think of it.  I'll do that when I get home next.
I've also gotten weapons and arms etc on the remaining crewmen.  Except one poor lonely soul, somehow I ran out whilst chopping and changing bits.
I've mixed my spare command models into the unit to give some differing range of poses for the unit.

With the two spare banner poles, minus the bulls heads, I have decided to turn two of the regular troopers into signalmen.  
They will stand, either on the very top of the balloons or on the troop platform on the gondola.
One either side so they can relay messages to troops on the ground via a range of gestures.

I measured the base plate.  It is 420 x 220 mm with the little ziggurat 170mm square by about 80 mm high.
At the moment the support shaft is holding the airship about 500mm up in the air.

Speaking of the support shaft. I used a stainless steel rod and it is removable.

The cost of building it wasn't too much.
0.00    Stainless steel rod - free from the tip
0.50    Base Board.  6mm MDF from stuff in the shed
0.00    Cardboard -  recycled technically but free from work
0.00    Pillow stuffing  -  free from discarded pillow.
5.00    Empire Swivel Guns x 4
0.00    Main Cannon parts.  from bits and pieces and scraps in the shed
2.50    Flame Cannon.  Dragon head from a cheap shop plus bits of scrap from the shed
0.00    4 x 1ml syringes.  free from work.  Out of date stock.
2.00    Sand castle mold - little ziggurat on the base.
60.00  Army painter coloured undercoat sprays - 2 cans
30.00  30 x 1.00 tubes of cheap arse superglue.

So the cost of making the airship was about $100.00

If you add in the cost of the crew that I am going to use, it doubles.
100.00    Airship Crew.  FW Infernal guard
Small update on the Airship Crewmen.  I've only been doing base coats when I had some time and I've had to stop doing them for the moment to get some stuff ready for a game of Saga.
here's where I'm up to at the moment.

Re-Boot 5 oct 2017.  I think this was the image that was supposed to be here.

I just looked up some receipts.  I bought the FW models in 2011.  So that is almost 6 years before they really got to see some care and attention.
Another month has flown by and no photographic evidence to show for it.
I've been slowly nibbling away in an effort to finish the Airship's crew but the slavemasters have stymied me with the latest contest.

Also I've decided to rationalise my armies and that means re-organising my clans into a more me friendly arrangement.
Just so that I can afford to get some of the new models and other good stuff.
Thanks mate.   If I was more organised it would be easier.
I made a home made photo box but it wasn't very user freindly so i bought one of those new LED ones you see on facebook.
Don't believe the adds when it all looks so easy.  It doesn't want to stay open for me.  It might need some "Help" in the magnetic side holders department and i haven't gotten to try it out yet.
After some number crunching today, I've come up with the current totals for my Clans.
Rust Plains Clan  ( GW 4th Ed ) = 6250 Pts
but it does need about 8 blunderbuss's to be painted (due to my reshuffle) to be considered fully painted.
Dark Fold Clan  ( Citadel 3rd Ed ) = 4948 Pts
It does has a few holes in its roster
Far Crags Clan  ( Other Models )  =  1792.5 Pts
There is of heaps of holes in its roster, so lots of work to do.   It is my "Airship" clan for the moment.
All of them have no Wolf Riders other than Khans, which is a glaring oversight.

So my Grand Alliance (AKA: The Ash Wastes Insurrection)  totals out at 12990.5 Pts roughly.
I'm trying figure out how many points it would reasonable to allocate to an Airship, and I would like it to be a plausible.
Would anyone have any ideas?

Here is what I've tentatively decided already.
Basic Airship Crew.  Command (3) + 7 ordinary crew  (in my very Large Airships case).
So 10 crew at 15 (basic warrior pts) each incl Command  =  182 Pts.
Magma Cannon = 145 (LoA) including own crew
Death Rocket = 100  (LoA)   including own crew  (equivalent under construction)

But it is the cost of the Airship itself,
the two Broadside cannons, including own crew, (maybe 100 pts each for them)
and the four swivel guns, including own crew, that I cannot hazard a reasonable guess at.
Thanks Heaps Tjub.  I have found that thread and I have a copy of the generals compendium but didn't even consider it.
Now that the latest comp is over I can get back to my plans for world domination.

Here is the current crop of Airship crewman awaiting some TLC a few weeks ago.

And here is the finally finished original crew of ten Warriors and a Daemonsmith from the Airship I built for Golden Hat No 17.

The last three photos are in my new fold up LED light box, hence the different colouration.
As this ones are slated to be the start of my next clan, I went with some different colours.
I'm trying to keep an orange theme on the scale male throughout it all.   With them I chose a metallic blue for the breast plates.
Maybe I should change the shoulder guards from silver to blue?  And maybe change the neck guards?
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