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Full Version: Ash Wastes Insurrection
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I've done pictures of some models for comparisons.
The 4th Ed plastic warriors are my first efforts at painting and I wanted a gritty dirtied look for them as the fluff was they are from a dusty / rusty area.
Quite a few of them had turquoise high lights but I sort of wasn't overly happy with it.
The 4th Ed metal warriors are from the same Rust Plainsclan but they haven't been out patrolling lately.
I tried a couple of different base colours and washes for varying orangey / red effects on them.
The 3rd Ed Models are my Dark Fold Clan and after getting some of old Boradors models with green armour I decided to keep that (in spirit at least)
and give them orange accents on the helmets.
And lastly my 3rd clan which evolved from the Airship build with a darker brighter orange for the scale mail, most other metal gold and the blue breastplates.
As I build them up in numbers, they'll include FW, Titan, 4A Minis and others.

Thanks Pappa.   It was sort of part of the idea.
Thanks Carce'.   Its Tamiya X 13 Metallic Blue.
I thought I'd ask for your opinion on this.
Grimbold thought i had too many colours on my main metallic areas and of course I started to wonder.
So here is a pic of one guardsman with Silver Shoulder guards and another with the same/similar areas painted blue.
What do you think?

Now I've gone and done it.  Finished the Airship crew that is.  I've re-done the shoulder guards in the metallic blue and gone over the rest eliminating minor slip ups.

Here is my entry for the last Golden Hat.  It is a Rackham model.

Just add some tusks and there you go

Something for the Blood Bowl people.  I got these from Eureka miniatures.  They're the "Dwarfettes".  Potential customization

I really like this little Cutie.  Standing there so sweet and innocent.

But look what she has behind her back!
I also ordered these little blighters from Eureka.  In the past I've got lots from them but I didn't know these existed.
But thanks to Tjubb and his search for smaller than normal dwarfs (15mm) he told us about these.

I give you the Eureka mini's 10mm Chaos Dwarfs and 2 great Maw cannons.

Thanks fella's.  Not much painting or modelling in the future for the moment.  I barely got the Gunnery team finished.
Carpel Tunnel is a real bitch
Lack Hats?  I can barely see their heads
Some small progress on my BB Dwarfettes.  One of a number of grandiose schemes for the Golden Hat #29 that in reality I would never have gotten done in time.
I have sort of figured out what they are supposed to be as players and will try to tailor the uniforms to signify  that.

Minimal customising for me.  I want to add tusks of course and spikes onto round rivets/discs  and hopefully really turn them CD with their "make-up"
No real progress on the painting front.  I t has been a really hard few months but now my daughter is married and her wedding party(s) are over I can begin to relax from that.  Otherwise I'm laid up in bed with a crook lower back whilst actually being on sick-leave for a carpal tunnel operation and still not believing how stupid I was to bump a finger into a drop saw and how lucky I am to still have 10 fingers. Well 9.85% is probably a closer figure.

Anyway.  I'm still having problems with my new clans colours.  This problem is a bit of a holdover from everything I had before as well.  I want to keep an orange base on my scale mail as a standard. I've changed to a Translucent gloss as it makes the orange pop. But with the orange gloss applied I lose the definition on the red trim

so I did this guys armour trim in black but the skirt trim is still red in the last GH and it sort of disappears

Here is how they look at the moment.  I'm just struggling to get happy with them

And I found a crappy photo of something else I didn't get finished for GH 29. It will be a trophy one day.

I have no idea where the model comes from.  I have heightened the flames a few mm though and made the base
Since I've gotten a kick start into KoW, I've made a start on my Mantic Great Winged Half-Breed.  Bloody thing keeps falling over but I can't fix it to the base yet.
So here are some WiP pics.  My main problem is getting a blend from the body colours to the pinions and wing membranes.

Another thing I'm working on is a suitable "Third Ed" model to fit into my KoW army as a Heavy Mortar instead of the the 4th Ed Earthshaker I'm currently using.

This old "Goblin Machiniery of Destruction Cannon is my current favourite for the job.

of course a suitable crew for it will have to be devised.
I thought I'd take a group shot of what goes into my KoW armies and also give me direction into what needs doing as a whole.
The list is pretty big as it turns out.

The green bucket is hiding my unfinished golems
I think I'll start with those that don't need any work.
Here are my two Grog Mortars and the two Dragon Fire Teams

Of course my two Hordes.  The models are a mix of MM90's and 3rd Ed Bazookas
So I can just change whomever is in the front ranks to depict Blunderbusses or Blacksouls.

My three troops of trusty Gargoyles.

And my BSB, two Ironcasters and my Ba'suu the Vile.

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