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Full Version: Ash Wastes Insurrection
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What an army!!!
What's the strange thing between the juggernaut and the Reaper Krung beast please? It seems to be something done with sprues, but not sure what it is.
Congratulations from me too. 8000 points is a really impressive achievement.

What next though? Do you really need any more? I guess we all know the answer to that... (Of course yes!)
Wouah, nice effectivement with the led !
How did you manage to drill this holes ? I assume they're not straight inside the statue ?
Love the crossbows!

So the Marauders are next right Tongue Wink
You paint a lot faster than I do...!  Nice job!!
I generally like a lot of your stuff but I find this batch confusing.  I am seeing four different colored metals so I'm not sure I understand these models.
The orange is a very bold colour. So is the blue. They also contrast immensely. This doesn't have to be a bad thing, but in my opinion such contrasting colours need to be used sparingly.

I'd go for the silver shoulderplates and I'd also try to use the silver in more places to help tone the model down a bit. I would use the silver as the "default" metal colour, then add the blue to unify your clan and use gold only for details. So the elbowguards for example I'd do silver, maybe even the helmet. I'd also definitely look at the gloves as well as I find them distracting right now. They could be a dark, dark brown, maybe with silver metal bits.
By the way, when I say silver, I don't mean super shiney silver, but simply a neutral metal.

Hope this helps!
This one made me laugh!  Good job!!
I am so jelly right now! Hashut!
Some small progress was made before the latest contest has taken over my focus.

Made an attempt at adding some details to the side panelling.  First efforts with squares weren't right so I think I have settled on the toothy triangles
I think I missed this update as well from Artisans 26.

It is loosely based on the Dwarf Battleship from GW's Dreadfleet box that I intend to / am converting.
And just having had Fathers Day here I have gotten some help from my son for my up-comingpainting efforts.

And I have made a new assistance tray for painting as well.
Yep, my new super-goggles are definitely setting a new level.

An amazing new level where I can see every little mistake as soon as I make it.
Yep they are.  The black case sitting next to them in the pic is for the other 4 lens.  Real easy to interchange too.
The led lights are good too.  They weight a fair bit more than my old head band one.
Started off just to make something from it.  I'd already stolen and used its little submarine.
So far I've stripped out a lot of its guts and at present I'm planning on cages etc to indicate it is a slave transport sort of
Here is how the slave barge looks so far

And the rendered artists impression............... for Artisans 26
Golden Hat 33 is done and dusted.  This time I limited my options to only two models to choose from once I started painting.  I ended up choosing the Bezhukh model as being more fitting for my idea, the other was a "thunderlord" that needs some minor conversion to be more Dawi Zharr, so I didn't use / or finish it.

The Khurganova sister, and her dog, is just one I wanted to paint for fun so it was on the immediate cue as well.
She isn't quite finished yet
Here is the GH 33 entry as it stood.
When ever some one asks who I'm playing? I always say the "Good Guys", so its my little joke with myself really.

The halo is removable as you should have noticed from the previous post.

The wings are from a Yowie (kinder surprise type thing) chocolate egg and toy of an Australian Pink n Grey Galah

and originally the model was inset into the top piece of the pedestal but then someone (namely Admiral) said the sky is the limit
and I just had to add the wings.

And the pedestal(s) are just high density foam
I saw myself in the back-ground knitting a bag
Oh Dear, I've done it yet again.
Just a wee bit tired and was using my Circular Saw ... again.

I'll have to update my signatures stats
So no renovations for a few days and maybe I'll actually get some Hobby stuff done.
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