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Full Version: Ash Wastes Insurrection
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Very promising naval beginnings. Will you add more details to the ships?
Very good detailing work so far, but I think your big hat ships could have a go with the detail frenzy on their big hats and hulls as well. You're almost there, so carry the project to the goal.

Bloodbeard Wrote:
I've never played Manowar (heard it a lot though).

These little warships take me back to a time before warhammer, boltguns and dice.

A time of model planes and ships. Long hours in the shed buolding boats, eagerly putting them into the stream and ... often wathing them sink.

Good work.

It's a bit the same for me, although I didn't present the enthusiastucally over-glued vessels to a body of water. In second school class I, and a one year older neighbour, did build a large boat out of scotch tape and cardboard to put in the pool. It capsized. Big Grin

It's looking better and better. Will you add some details to the hull and the side plates of the cannon? A lifeboat somewhere would be nice as well.
Nice temple project! The stair is at the same time fitting for Chaos Dwarfs with that stepped suppert and for Chaos in its odd construction.

Have you planned to add frescoes (like of Bull Centaurs) to the walls?
Nice frescoes, football team and helmet CDs. Good luck with the Artisan's entry. Happy

I don't know how well green or grey stuff adher to the material you're using (MDF?), but have you thought about making press-moulds of skulls, Lamassu faces or similar details, and copy them over and over again on the temple? Such small architectural details helps bind scenery to the detailed miniatures we use.
That's insanely cool. Happy
Great job on that siege giant!

Abecedar Wrote:
Pity I won't be able to use him as a GH slave, him being on the website already.  Just means he is on the backburner again, while I concentrate what little spare time I have on other slaves.  Mind you I'm not sure how I'd be able to add the "war-machine" component to him.

I missed our local club night last night (bloody work again) but some chaos kits-n-stuff was brought in to be sold and my son (bless his little cotton dwarfy sox) bought me another (my second) metal hellcannon for $30.00AU

Yeah, he's on the site already in a painted state, so that's a pity for the contest. Perhaps you could have mounted rocket launchers on his shoulders? Wink

Good luck! I always paint the bases simultaneously with the models. Since they are messy, they're usually the first part to get finished.
I'm a fan of all your warmachines and the hobhound pack. Good job and great variety!
Good porters miniature, and the same goes to say for the Hobgoblins and Hellsmith. Well chosen colours. Happy
Nice collection of heroes, and those are two nasty fist weapons on the siege giant. Well done, mate!
Nice warmachine and beasts. I like the colour scheme on your army, seeing it up close on the infantry! And that siege giant is fantastic. Happy
Well done, Abecedar! The army looks neat on the pictures, and the cotterie of characters is just lovely. Congratulations to the new medal. Takes Hat off
Very well done Blood Bowl team, Abecedar. Great choice of colours and miniatures. Also, nice Hobgoblin unit!

I could get around to do your flayman before I jump on Madhatter's special order again, but it'd still be a long wait for the emissary. So unless you're very eager to have a flayed one done and sent to you ahead of the ambassador, please expect a wait of quite some months. Don't worry, it will be done. Happy
Impressive entry! It had my vote. It's just as brutal and weird as you'd expect the Chaos Dwarfs to be. The side banners are a nice touch, and the banner bearer himself is certainly Chaotic, but the stretched-up flayed Slayer steals the show. It's so well done, especially with the ropes attached to the skin. Great in every way. Flayman tutorial updated with it. Happy
Yep, your army is better off now with its new banners. All three models look good and brings a colour coherency of standards to the collection. Well done, Abecedar! Takes Hat off
Good work on the Orcs! I like the look of the unit. And nice collection of sea monsters, with bonus points for adding waves to their bases. Well done and keep it up. Happy
Neat Greenskins! I look forward to see what you come up with next. Not least the boats. Happy
Good work! I could see all the pictures before and can see them now as well. The basing looks neat, not a bad idea. If you think it's too monotone you could perhaps add some blood stains or black, brown or greenish puddles or stains to the metal in some corners.
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