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Full Version: Ash Wastes Insurrection
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Now those are nice. Well done!
Great entry! The first painted escort boats posted anywhere so far, and a cool version of the Grappler ship. True to the Man o' War style. Once again, your naval scratchbuilding knows no limits. Takes Hat off
Well done! Greenskin brutality captured in miniature format. You certainly aren't kind to those BFSP Dwarf Slayers. Wink
They look particularly good in your colour scheme. Well done!
An excellent entry, with clever use of simple materials for an impressive effect. All the details were worth the effort, and you can clearly see the Orc is wriggling to get out of the plant's death grip. Yet the biggest selling point, so to say, are the plant tracks in the sand. They lend a vivid sense of movement to the scene, as do the Orc cleaver left behind in the struggle. Keep it up Abecedar!

The weapon teams are shaping up nicely. The orange helmets have the right zing with highlights.
Wow! Impressive work. What do you plan to have on top of the ziggurat? A turn-table artillery piece? A big statue/idol? You have to post pictures of your entire naval collection once the island fortress is finished. Cheers!
The colossus will be set on fire! Cheers!

You could keep the statue as a loose or magnetized part, to allow you the option of arming the island fortress with big guns instead.
The change is an improvement. The switch from rounded to horizontal steps suits Chaos Dwarfs very well. Good work so far, and keep at it Abecedar!
A great unit of female Chaos Dwarfs, with a fantastic standard and great miniature variation tied-together very well with a coherent paintjob. Very good source collecting of miniatures there! The end result is striking, with lots of details like the drum and mite held by the champion to discover. Clever use of mirrors as well! That's a unique and memorable Immortal unit.

Promising ziggurat progress!
Good detail nevertheless!
Ahahaha! I had assumed that the drilled-out eyes were to be painted glowing like a lighthouse. This is brilliant, Abecedar. Big Grin
Now this it getting brilliant. I adore the attention to smallscale details you lavish on this ziggurat. They all add a lot, small as they are. Keep it up! Any plans for fresques, chaos arrows or other wall ornaments?
Loyal to the details to a fault. That's the spirit, jolly fine one! Cheers!

Great idea to use copper wire, and the end result looks great. I'll have to nick this idea for some project or another down the road. Inventive as always, Abe.
Very good, the front gate in particular is fantastic, but if it is in an up position (as opposed to being lowered into the water) wouldn't it stick up above the beams? At least into a gate pocket, perhaps with some visible mechanism? Or maybe it's a Daemonforged mystery or a segmented carport. Wink Anyway, splendid work, keep it up!
Excellent work so far, and great touch with the oil slick! I didn't make out that the gate was raised horizontally into the roof because of the side were the bottom sawline is found. Very good design! Best of luck when you return to this monster sea fortress. And I support the idea of an admiralesque fresque. Big Grin
Great warlord, paintjob, base and all. The whip adds movement and depth to the model. Great addition!
Nice work on your sacred monsters, Abe. This army will be something to savour when photographed in its entirety, especially with finished terrain. Takes Hat off
That could be enough for a full Hobgoblin army along with what you already have painted. It's lousy to boot on tabletop, but you know you want those backstabbers!
Nice work, particularly on the battlecat Fuggit Khan (he's become a viral phenomenon in our armies!). The mask and armour gives it an exotic look which helps underline how strange the Chaos Dwarfs and their henchmen seem in the eyes of other mortals.
Kvack is the Swedish (or rather Scandinavian) version of "quack", familiar to every single reader of Donald Duck over here. It adds a lot to the lord's name. Big Grin

And do your workbench look like a slaughterhouse?

Abecedar Wrote:
Last Time I Bled for my Hobby  =  29 Dec 2016 2100 Hrs, the times before that 28 Dec 2016 @ 1523; 27 Dec 2016 @ 2015;  26 Dec 2016 @ 1331

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