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Full Version: Ash Wastes Insurrection
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Good progress on shooting, and that is one vast collection. Keep up the good work!
The shields add a whole lot to already good base models. Keep at it, mate!
Yes, the step back was wise, but so was the willingness to experiment! Keep at it, you creative and inventive scratchbuilding master.

Something else to consider, would be to add rivets to the shield rims. Drilling shallow holes in the plastic at pre-measured and marked out spots, and gluing in tiny plastic beads from water filters or suchlike would work wonders.
Very nice touch with the rocket ammunition and porter slaves. Inspiring attention to detail and scratchbuild.
Best bazooka unit ever put together! The Gnoblar attendants are what make them truly shine.
I can see one single picture, namely the last one in post #543. All others are dead. Strange enough, since you linked all images in the same way.
I can see them all. Neat start on the airship!
Nice construction. The detailwork is quite remarkable. I hope you'll continue to touch it up. Happy
Solid work plans, Abecedar! Keep at it.

@Pappa Midnight: Fuggit Khan had the same problem with Enjoysrandom's pictures, which were linked via Google Drive, as are Abecedar's. Whatever the pattern here, some members cannot see the Google Drive-hosted pictures. Do one have to have Google Drive/Google account to be able to see it? Or is it more random than that?
That thing is enormous! Nice base architecture. You could go to town with architecture or flora and fauna or dioramas on the base. It's a free canvas. The signalmen are clever conversions!
Good work and nice colour scheme on those FW Chaos Dwarfs. You have such an output that you actually get around to paint your vast collection. Good pace there!
Bold colour scheme. Of the two, I prefer the left. I can't help but wonder how the orange scalemail would look like with some scales picked out in metallic blue to form a zig-zag pattern. That said, I liked your metallic red scalemail combo with blue armour better.
Good colour scheme! Striking impression. Nice Rackham fire team, and an ever growing collection! Adding the 10mm Eureka CDs to the list.
Who need heads when you have hats?
Nice overall! Where are the gargoyles from?
The struggle continues! Good choice on changing colour on the skirt edges. Both blue and black shoulder guards look good.
Wow, the 10mm mortar wagons turned out great! Missed that deft piece of scratchbuild until now. Great work on the slave mine as well! Truly impressive collection, and good choices of minis. And good colour scheme for the airshipmen! Takes Hat off
Impressive build! A worthy winner for sure, and a spectacularly worthy vision of a Chaos Dwarf altar. The Brazen Bull is surrounded by a lot of details, and it clicks together really well. Carcearion's obelisks add a lot to it.

Bravo! This is golden stuff for sure. Takes Hat off
Nice work! Simple and effective weapon swaps.
By the Bull God! Insane, and glorious! Great collection and hobby work!

Great to hear the megalomania doesn't brake for anybody. Cheers!
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