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Full Version: Ash Wastes Insurrection
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you have one of the biggest army I ever seen!!

Oh my God!! you have a CD Juggernaut!!
That is an awesome collection I'm very envious.

you seem to have a large pile of Tenderiser and Whirlwind bits down at the front as well.  [shifty look] If you've got any spare bits you don't want drop me a PM [/]


Lol, all in all my long lost twin especially when regarding the win/loss ratio of those few games, though I really envy you that juggernaut.
Even if my approach at painting is more chaotic than yours. I don`t even think about army lists when I select what to be painted next.
As always, I love to read here.
And that repainted Khan is really a show.
Poor ones, instead of lavishing at foreign courts now they are sent to the front.
What is "DUS"?
Great btw.
Yes, I remember the Kell. Have read CJ Cherryh years ago, but as far as I remember only the first part of the trilogy.
Great to incorporate them as unit filler, will have to think about something in this line.
Perhaps something from Cthulhu? No, to much chaos, to little technics.....

Abecedar Wrote:

@Dagabriel.  The books are english language versions of course but would you like me to send them to you.
Having read them three times now (I think) I'm unlikely to ever read them again.

Thx, found them for e-reader and started yesterday with them...

One of the entries I admired, too.
Love that miniature of the skelephant, have to look for one, too.

Paintjob and that weathering are superb.
Base was the one thing that gave it a malus and the misty pics are really  a major improvement.
Impressive ! Well done Happy
Aren`t they doing that all the time?
The year of Hobgoblins continues, great work!
Nice looking team, congrats!
Big Grin
Nice looking BSB's!
Good work!

I have a bunch of cigar boxes filled with old Grenadier and Ral Partha figs, among others.  I need to dig those out, pull them down off the top of bookcases, and see what i can use for my CD army!

Methinks I had quite a lot laying around, why go buy more?!?
Keep it up man!

You're not done yet!  From your great blog, and others on here too, you got me GOING AGAIN!!!  Got the creative juices flowing, the lava melting, the greenstuff in the microwave to get workable (after it dried up a bit!)!!!

Yeah! I guess the similarity of Fuggit Khan's beast and He-Man's Battle Cat is not just a coincidence.  Wink

Very cool. Cheers!
Yep, really good stuff! The square arrangement worked fine to my eyes, by the way.

Great minis and painting to go along with them. Keep at it, Abecedar. This is getting impressive! Cheers!
Ah, that explains the familiar shape! A conversion schematic. Nice. Looking food so far.
You shall flay the Slayers, not yourself, Abecedar. Tongue

Take care!
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