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Full Version: Ash Wastes Insurrection
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OMG, thats a lot of figs!!!!!
Nice unite, and nice colors!
This is coming along nicely, looks great!!
Great job!
Looks really good Abecedar!!!! And I envy that JuggernautWinkWink Great work!
Very nice set of Khans, great work!
That giant is freekin awesome!!!
Wow, great idea and it looks awesome!!
Yea, coolest giant ever!!! Great job!
GRATZ, an impressive display of models!!!!! FAntastic work!!
A very nice conversion and fits perfectly in style with the rest of the squadron.  Could see those grappler's coming down and completely crushing/sinking smaller vessels in a single crushing blow.
A great entry.  Well earned!  There are multiple interpretations for the scene that you created.  I didn't see the lines as tracks but as roots or underground tendrils as you describe.  A great detail.  I also thought the sand rats were supposed to be young lizards to the adult that had been captured... feeding opportunistically on the orc.

If the orc has been there a while... as it looks like he may have... then partially burying the weapon would also have been a cool touch.  Had my vote!

Wow! Looks like a great start.   Will be keeping an eye on this.  How detailed are you plannong to go with the walls of the ziggarut? Epic terrain projects like this make me want to take up ManO'War.

Abecedar Wrote:
And superglue, skin and swear words. 

Had to actually laugh out loud.   So true.   That is a combination of materials that I suspect all of us scratchbuilders are very familiar working with.Cheers!Cheers!

I concur.  The change is an improvement and more attuned to the true culture of chaos-dwarfishnessosityisificationitude.  Really!  Cheers!
Awesome job on the female Immortal unit.  I love how you have combined so many different models together and made them work very well as a whole unit using the scheme.  Well done!  

The ziggurat is also coming nicely.  The upraised hands on the statue will work well with the flames.
Wow.  The copper wire for outflow is a rather brilliant hack.  I suspect you will see others copying the idea in the future.  The end result looks great, and suitably toxic!  Curious to see how you are going to do the oil slick.

Admiral Wrote:
Who need heads when you have hats?

that's what Hashut taught us! Takes Hat off

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