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Full Version: Ash Wastes Insurrection
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I love the calls out to the Scot in me, plus it's just such a cool conversion. Takes Hat off
Nice! I have always thought that any sensible Bull Centaur unit should always be led by Hthark the Unstoppable. Love the classics Takes Hat off
How cool! Very very nice, and how fitting that your boats are made from wood (as Warhammer boats should be) Cheers!

I have always loved Man O War...we Chaos dwarfs always had the coolest ships

Bloodbeard Wrote:
These little warships take me back to a time before warhammer, boltguns and dice.

A time of model planes and ships. Long hours in the shed buolding boats, eagerly putting them into the stream and ... often wathing them sink.

We used to build large aircraft carriers out of popsicle sticks and scrap wood and launch them in the local pond. One group of friends on one side of the pond with their carrier, and another group on the opposite side of the pond with their carrier. Both sides would then take 25 cent Airfix plastic Zero planes (covered in glue), light them on fire and toss them Kamikaze style at the other guys carrier, trying to torch it. Lots of smoke, yelling, burnt fingers and annoyed neighbors. There was even one case of an unlucky frog who had made the poor decision to jump up on deck of a carrier right at the moment that a Zero was seconds away from crashing into it.
Last carrier standing would win.
Sadly, the same could not be said for the frog who went down with the ship Sad
He was posthumously called Admiral Frogbert.

Bassman Wrote:
Awesome navy! Longing to see them painted, look really promising.

Agreed Takes Hat off
Man O' War has always been one of my most favorite GW games

I really like the chain kilt...and I am always impressed by your scratch built conversions using the most interesting variety of parts and bits. The plastic sprues are perfect Takes Hat off
Beautiful siege makes me want to try making one for my army as well. I love the idea of slave and sacrifice runes branded in his skin...quite a while back I had thought about making some slave/sacrifice tattoo's for some slaves, but your idea of it being branded is infinitely better! Makes sense that the Chaos Dwarf masters would use hot metal branding irons.
Well done Sir Cheers!

Abecedar Wrote:
the 65 metal 4th ed's with Lava style basing I'm struggling with

I always dread doing bases, I tend to put them off for as long as I can...but doing 65 all at once?! Auugh! Shock

Holy Hashut that is quite the shopping list of projects! No rest for the slaves Hashut!

Abecedar Wrote:
I've tried orange with gold trim on a lord but the gold disappeared.  So now I'm thinking orange and black with only smaller details in hawk turquoise.

I think orange and gold are just too similar on the color spectrum of 'warm' colors, like you said, they disappear when next to each other. Painting some black like you mentioned is a better bet, always good (at least I think) to mix up warm and cold colors to make a contrast.
Looking forward to see what you come up with Takes Hat off

Bunch of good looking guys there Wink

Abecedar Wrote:
The ones that remain are mostly based to size on 75 x 50 but not flocked etc and need more work in other ways as well before being finished.

I think I maybe should return them to 50 x 25 base size for use in Kings of War.
Any opinions?

I would go with returning them to a 50x25 mm base...not only am I a big fan of Kings of War, but I think the vintage 4th edition BC's (due to their smaller size) just look better on a 50x25 mm base. Just my opinion naturally Happy

All the little details really add a huge amount to the model Takes Hat off.  Take a break and the come back to it and build tiny weapon mounts (and sculpt tiny admiralesque winged  bull and runic details across the entire model; that's right he's just become an adjectiveCheers!).  But seriously.  This piece is looking amazing and Im looking forward to seeing what you do next when you come back to it.
That is a serious lot of hobgobs!  Look forward to seeing your howdah conversion. For the 'Death Machine'.  Sounds like a very cool idea!
Have to say I'm really digging your He-man cat model.  Would have been another great option for the mounted figure GH competition.  The stripes look great.  

As for Lord Kvacked Up... The giant skateboard was a very amusing and unique entry and your story just makes it even better.  Looking forward to additional volumes to his saga. Cheers!
They look great!  Really liking your base, and how you have based the crew with the cannon.  Also dig the unique cannon angles.
Nice haul, and a good use of the troll models for golems.  Very interested to see how you chop up and convert those other trolls as well!  I think they need big hats to go with those armor beards.
Your Airship is looking amazing.  Love the slightly asian inspired flag.  Looks great.  Nice use of grid on the upper deck platforms.
This is a really great collection of models and what you have done is looking great as a cohesive army.  I really like your use of different models in the same unit to quickly swap what the unit represents.    Cheers!
Nicely done.  They capture the rocky stone golem look well and I very much like the flames effect on the middle model.  Well done and a great add to your army.  They are Privateer Press Hordes Trollblood models I believe.  Cheers,
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