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Full Version: Ash Wastes Insurrection
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That's some very clever use of green stuff, it really adds so much to your Siege Giant. I especially like the added touch of the should add rivets like that across his forehead too Hashut!
Best siege giant I have ever seen!
The metal wire impaled through his cheeks, the custom armor and hand weapons, the lash marks on the top of his head and yes, the converted Chaos Dwarf Lord all all wonderful. This is a model I can look at over and over, and keep seeing new little details. Awesome!
And I'm surprised and happy to see you took the plunge and sawed up/converted a 4th edition have truly started your path down the darkside Wink
I like your 'DUS' unit fillers, they remind me of large wombats, which makes them all the more cool.
And I am always happy to see 4th edition guys painted up in the classic colors, they are quite nice, I think they would of made wonderful emissaries Takes Hat off
Very nice GH entry Abecedar, yours was one of the ones that I felt really fit the End Times theme Cheers!
It was also a bit of nostalgia, I had that old Grenadier model back in my early college days...I can't remember whatever happened to it, but I do recall it was a beautiful model. You certainly have an impressive collection of vintage models Takes Hat off
A Diamond Army Medal!
Congratulations man! Time for drinks at the local brew house Cheers!
Well done on the second unit of 4th edition warriors, always warms my heart to see the classics Happy
Not really sure why the second pic won't upload/display...but I do enjoy the image of the howling kitten Hashut!
I loved your entry...and quite an interesting choice of materials you used. A terracotta pot (no wonder it looked like real stone!) and a rusted lamp.
I would of never guessed a rusted carriage lamp in a million years Takes Hat off
And what is the base made of? It looks like a chipped brick? Whatever it is, I love it Cheers!

Abecedar Wrote:

Look at all that beautiful vintage goodness <3
Love 'em! Takes Hat off

Beautiful Hobgoblins <3 ...and some very nice bases too. It's interesting to see the evolution of your bases over the past years.
And Hobgoblins with blonde hair, I think that might be a first Cheers!
Another great entry from you Mr Abecedar Takes Hat off
You got my vote...a nice conversion in tribute to Admiral's wonderful tutorial, and it's wickedly gleeful in a proper Dawi Zharr way Cheers!
Plus I'm a sucker for the nicely done Chaos Dwarf death runes on the ribbon banners Wink
Wow! Those are some very nice standards...I'm at a bit of a loss to decide which one I like the most. As Admiral said, they have a nice cohesive look to them, despite being three completely different model styles...I'm sure that was not easy. Great conversions, all of them Cheers!
Always cool to see greenskins and Man O' War stuff Cheers!
I especially like your dragon turtle...what model is that? I want one!
The seashell/scorpion custom model is clever should get a small cane toad as your next Man O' War monster Wink

tjub Wrote:
Never actually played Man O War, is it a good game or just big out of nostalgia?

Both I think Happy
It's not a particularly fast paced game, but really fun when played with good friends and good drinks. The game rules and mechanics are well thought out...maneuvering your ships is important for guns, ramming and boarding parties...always fun when bad rolls sink your own ships Cheers!

Abecedar Wrote:
more blood was spilt.  This time the daemonsmiths "tools" were annointed with their lords blood to aid in their designs

The true sign of an avid hobbyist/modeler is how many scars have been sustained over the years in pursuit of our hobby Cheers!
Hashut is pleased that your Daemonsmith has drawn first blood Hashut!
I loved your AC entry Mister Abecedar, a very clever entry, and bonus points for the gutted had my vote!
Takes Hat off

Abecedar Wrote:
no right hand. I finally decided to do a weapon in his arm as a homage to the pale orc "Azog"in the LoTR Hobbit.

A nice homage to be sure Takes Hat off
Very nice models Abecedar (and the bases are very cool), you seem to share my fondness for greenskin models Hobgoblin

Abecedar Wrote:
OK. Its the start of March and I'm now 53 years old.

I'm 52, you and me are probably the oldest farts here on CDO. Dang, over 100 years between the two of us Cheers!

Abecedar Wrote:
How come if I want to paint anything with a Thinners or Turps base in the house I get kicked out?
But when the wife does her nails (thinners and acetone based)  she gets to stay inside.  Its Not Fair!

You could fight fire with fire...paint your mini's with her nail polish Wink

Abecedar Wrote:
I ended up using the claws from a "Doc Ock" action figure for the grapple arms

I was wondering where those bits were from, clever! They work perfectly!
A really cool entry Mr Abecedar, it was one of my favorites from the start...well made, original concept and the ship fits perfectly in the Man O War fluff Cheers!

If I remember right, I think the Orcs had some sort of grappler ship combined with a hammer?

Abecedar Wrote:
It had a 4th Ed Hobgoblin Bloodbowl as one of the whip wielders.

Ha! Zogging Rocks! Cheers!

Abecedar Wrote:
I removed him and he is now the Emissary to Lord Fuggit Khan.

I recognized him right away Wink
...thank you so much for sending him to me, he's a great emissary.
And the shorn off beard on the slayer is a brilliant little touch

Abecedar Wrote:

That is an impressive amount of weapon team dudes!
You know? I kind of really like them with just the plain white helmets. I can't place my finger on it as to why, but I like them!
A great choice of colors for the swivel guns too Cheers!

Very cool entry Abecedar!
You rival our very own Bloodbeard for creative use of odds and ends to make great models Cheers!
The trails/roots in the ground is a brilliant and well executed detail...but my favorite detail is the dropped weapon, ever so closely out of reach of the poor Orc Sick
Congrats on the Gold Medal Cheers!

Carcearion Wrote:
I'm with TheHoodedMan for the center piece, a big old sacrificial flame pit is the way to go.

Yep, a sacrificial flame would be cool...also counts as a lighthouse Wink
Admirals sculpt of the reanimated statue would be perfect too

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